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Sustainable Energy Future: Opportunities and Challenges Essay

Sustainable Energy Future: Opportunities and Challenges Essay. Abstract Chul and Majumdar1 (2012) critically discuss the importance of reliable energy resources in the growth and development of a nation. While energy plays a vital role in the prosperity of any economy, its accessibility and affordability have been a major issue of concern. The spate of economic growth witnessed during the industrial revolution era was largely witnessed owing to the availability of energy as a major resource factor. This calls for sustainability in the energy resources required to spur economic growth. The authors posit that several clean energy alternatives exist in the current century. A case in point is the generation of electric energy using water and solar. Besides, they argue that microbes can be engineered to generate biological fuels instead of overreliance in fossil fuels. The perspectives offered by the authors defend the fact sustainable energy can also be realized if the green energy initiative is embraced across the board. In particular, the authors mention that key sectors such as those that deal with transportation another production of energy should be put into focus because they immensely impact on sustainable energy across the globe. This research study goes on to demonstrate the fact the present energy landscape is under threat, and hence, there is an urgent need for policymakers to undertake several research activities on sustainable energy. Evaluation The main purpose of the authors is to discuss the available opportunities and prevailing challenges that face the energy sector. Chul and Majumdar1 (2012) articulate that during the industrial revolution era, there were myriads of opportunities for growth and development. In other words, the availability of various forms of energy was a major impetus in the growth process of early industries. The affordability of the sources of energy was also a major gain during the industrial revolution era. It is interesting to mention that the 21st-century era is marred by uncountable energy challenges that ought to be addressed. As it stands now, the global population seems to have surpassed the available energy resources. the seven billion people are overstretching the conventional methods that have been used for a long time in the production of electric energy. The modern transportation infrastructure is also overwhelmed bearing in mind that liquid fuels derived from petroleum are the main source of energy. This trend has altered the global energy landscape. The authors think that unless the current energy-use trends are reversed, the world’s energy landscape may undergo complete alteration to the detriment of human life. The article has been constructed around both primary and secondary research. Both qualitative and quantitative data form part and parcel of the study. For example, illustrations in the form of graphs and charts assist the audience to understand the thesis and content of the article. The authors have equally employed adequate use of statistics to support the arguments presented in the study. Examples based on the development and challenges of energy since the 18th century provide critical insights into the research article. Chul and Majumdar1 (2012) have indeed done their job well throughout the article. For instance, the introduction is concise, and vividly outlines the contents of the article. Second, a comparative study of the past and present energy demands creates a clear picture of the prevailing challenges. Finally, several alternatives for clean, safe, and affordable energy form the epitome of the research article. Apart from the current challenges in the energy and transportation sectors, the authors appeal to logic, ethics, and emotion of the targeted audience. These explain why I agree with the proposals presented in the article. Reference Chul, S.Sustainable Energy Future: Opportunities and Challenges Essay
Time value analysis The time value analysis can provide the healthcare manager with the necessary information to make important decisions concerning financial strategies. The calculations of future cash flows at specific times are used to determine the attractiveness of alternative investments. The major limitation of the time value analysis is that a small change in cash flow may result in a distorted assessment of a potential investment. Incremental cash flows should be estimated with great care to consider only those that could change if a project or investment is accepted. The time value analysis of the Pensacola Surgery Centers will explore the company’s investment opportunities. The company has $50,000 in cash to invest in marketable securities. The option to invest in a bank certificate of deposit (CD) that return interest after 6 months to five years. The earned interest would be reinvested at its maturity date. The future value of a one year CD that pays 10 percent annual interest will total $55,000 at maturity (Table 1). The future value of a one year CD that pays 5 percent or 15 percent will total $52,500 and 57,500 respectively. The other considerations are the bank’s procedure of compounding the interest. The BankSouth offers a one year CD at 10 percent interest that is compounded semi-annually. This effective annual rate of 10.25 percent will yield a higher total of $55,125 that the annual CD. The Bank of America offers a 10 percent Certificate of Deposit (CD) $50,0000 Investment 10% Annual Interest 10% Semi-Annual Interest (10.25% effective) 10% Daily Interest (10.52% effective) 1-Year CD $55,000.00 $55,125.00 $55,257.79 5-Year CD $80,525.50 $81,444.73 $82,430.42 Table 1: Certificate of Deposit Summary. CD that compounds daily. This results in a higher yield of $55,258 with an effective annual rate of 10.52 percent. The BankSouth will likely offer a competitive rate on its semi-annual compounding CD of 10.3 percent to yield a total of $55,283. The effective annual rate becomes 10.57 percent. The Pensacola Surgery Centers can place $50,000 cash in a five year CD, and have the potential to significantly increase the earned interest. This will not allow other investments to utilize these funds during this five year period. The five year CD with interest compounded annually yields $80,525. The semi-annual interest CD totals $81,144.73, and the daily interest CD yields $82.430. The surgery clinic has the financial goal of having $200,000 available for the purchase of a patient billing system in five years. If the clinic invested a lump sum in a one year CD with 10 percent annual interest, it would need to deposit $124,184.26 today. Another choice would require the deposit of $100,000 in a five year CD with an annual 15 percent interest to result in the necessary $200,000 in funds. The Pensacola Surgery Center may consider the option of an ordinary annuity to build the funds necessary for the computer application. The ability to make yearly payments to the account rather than an initial lump sum will decrease the amount of cash flow deterred from other investment opportunities. If five annual payments of $32,000 are paid at the end of each year, the present value result is $121,305 with an annual opportunity cost of 10 percent. The increase to $138,543 will result if the interest is compounded semi-annually. The future value of the annuity that pays 10 percent interest annually is $195,363, and decreased to $176,820 if compounded semi-annually. The annual interest necessary to accumulate the necessary $200,000, by making the $32,000 yearly payments, is 11 percent. Alternatively, the annual payment of $32,759.50 with 10 percent interest is needed to reach the $200,000 in funds. If the payments are changed to $16,000 every six months, starting six months from today, the future value would total $254,999 with 10 percent annual interest (Table 2). The future value of the payments with 10 percent interest compounded semi-annually yields $201,246. The $16,000 semi-annual payment schedule will accumulate the necessary funds for the capital expenditure. Annuities $16,000 Semi-Annual Payments Future Value 10 % Annual Interest Future Value 10% Semi-Annual Interest Ordinary Annuity $254,998.79 $201,246.28 Annuity Due $280,498.67 $211,308.59 Table 2: Future Value of Annuities Summary. The annuity due type is when the payments are made at the beginning of the period. This type of annuity will result in the maturity one period past the final payment. The present value of the same five annual $32,000 payments will yield $133,436 with an opportunity cost of 10 percent annually. The utilization of a 10 percent semi-annual interest rate will result in $145,470. The future value of the annuity if 10 percent annual interest is paid yields $214,899, and with 10 percent semi-annually the result is decreased to $185,661. The annual interest rate of 8 percent is needed to accumulate the required $200,000 funds with the yearly $32,000 payments. The reduced yearly payment of $29,781 is needed for an annuity with a 10 percent annual rate. The change of the payments to $16,000 every six months results in $280,499 in an annuity that compounds at 10 percent annually. This is decreased to $211,309 if the 10 percent interest is semi-annual. The annuity due with semi-annual payments results in a greater accumulation of funds necessary for the computer billing upgrade. The Pensacola Surgery Centers would like to lease out extra space at one location for the term of five years. This venture will cost an estimated $40,000 in initial renovations. The net present value (NPV) of the estimated lease cash flow totals $58,618 (Table 3). The future value of the five year lease cash flow is expected to total $76,223 when invested at 10 percent annually. The present value of this total yields only $47,329 (difference of $11,289) when compared to the NPV calculated initially. The inconsistency of the time value analysis is due to the incremental changes that may become magnified with end results. The manager must use reasonable judgment when interpreting these calculated results. End of Year Net Cash Flow 1 $12,000 2 $14,000 3 $ 2,000 4 $16,000 5 $20,000 Table 3: Estimated Lease Cash Flow The further analysis of the lease will determine the dollar return on the investment and include the cost of the renovations. The return on investment (ROI) of the lease cash flow and the renovations total $39,390. The percentage rate of return utilizes the internal rate of return (IRR) calculation. The expected rate of return is 16 percent which exceeds the 10 percent opportunity cost by 6 percent. The ROI calculations support the clinic’s financial investment in the lease agreement. The contingency plan if the clinic is unable to accumulate the $200,000 necessary for the computer improvements will require them to borrow the funds. The loan will require yearly payments of $63,094.16 for four years at 10 percent interest (Table 4). The total interest plus principal paid at the end of the loan is $252,376.64. The business will be able to deduct the yearly interest payments on their income taxes for a total of $52,376.64. $200,000 Loan Year Payment Interest Repayment of Principle 1 $ 63,094.16 $20,000.00 $ 43,094.16 2 $ 63,094.16 $15,690.58 $ 47,403.58 3 $ 63,094.16 $10,950.23 $ 52,143.93 4 $ 63,094.16 $ 5,735.83 $ 57,358.33 Total $252,376.64 $52,376.64 $200,000.00 Table 4: Loan Amortization Schedule The utilization of time value analysis aids in the financial decision making processes of the business’s investment management. The calculations attempt to represent the opportunity cost of these potential investments. The discount rate used to conduct the analysis should reflect the risk associated with the investment and the risk of the organization. Good decisions are based on the understanding of the business’s financial strategies, and the appropriateness of the analysis to these objectives. The post completion review of investment decisions should be conduct to assess the processes and results.

Orphan Wells Association v. Grant Thornton discussion

Orphan Wells Association v. Grant Thornton discussion.

Please create a thesis statement and topic outline for the given case. Refer to the attachment for the case and format the outline the same way as the given example. Attached below is the case, an example of how the topic outline should be, and the guidelines for the project. For this part you will only have to complete a topic outline and a thesis statement. For the entire paper I will have to create an argument so please try to state that in the topic outline. Everything needed is given in the attached documents.
Orphan Wells Association v. Grant Thornton discussion

Assignment – Creating a Small Business Too often, entrepreneurs brimming with optimism and enthusiasm launch businesses destined for failure because their founders never stop to define a workable strategy that sets them apart from their competition (1). Overview With this assignment, you have the opportunity to take your creative ideas to the next level and begin to develop a strategy that will form the foundation for a successful business.

best essay writers Instructions Write a 3–4 page paper in which you: Develop an idea for a prospective small business and select a name for the company. Identify its key competitors and summarize the strengths and weaknesses of one of the competitors. Prepare a mission statement that encompasses the purpose of the business and considers its target market. Identify the ownership form for this business, taking into consideration tax implications, liability exposure, managerial ability, and cost of formation. Include at least two references outside the textbook. For help with research, writing, and citation, access the Strayer Library or review the Bachelor of Business Administration Library Guide. This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions. The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is: Develop a strategic plan to create a new small business.

Allegheny County The Effectiveness of Surveillance Technology Essay

Allegheny County The Effectiveness of Surveillance Technology Essay.

I have 3 English assignments I need done asap. They are overdue and my course will close soon, but I’m unsure when it will close so if they could be done by 12 tonight it would be best but even if its done by sometime tomorrow it should work. My professor is pretty lenient so as long as these are done without plagiarism and meet requirements. Im about to put the info for all of this below so it will look like a lot, but each assignment shouldn’t take more than an hour if you’re a good writer. They are pretty simple assignments. One is a 5 paragraph comparative essay on Apple Music vs Spotify, the next assignment is an Annotated Works Cited which I already have the sources that need annotated, and a letter which doesn’t have to be long just meet requirements. Compare and Contrast Essay Requirements: Select two applications (apps) on your phone or other device that do the same things. Discuss their special features, explain how they are alike and how they are different. End your discussion by stating which “app” is the best. Remember, do not use first or second person references in your formal, academic writing. Students who successfully complete this assignment will be able to select a meaningful topic for writing, develop a clearly written topic sentence, design a clearly designed five paragraph essay, use the five-paragraph format: introduction, three supporting paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. Annotated Works Cited Requirements: Create an annotated works cited document with five sources for your project. Use the Noodle Tools software on the CCAC Library homepage. It will make your life much easier than it will be if you try to create your entries yourself. Always check over your document for format. Don’t trust the software for 100% accuracy.1. Begin with the full and complete heading.2. Give your work a meaning title. Do not call in works cited.3. Follow the sample for the correct spacing and formatting.4. Alphabetize the entries according to the first word in your entry.***I will give my tutor the sources and title for thisLetter Requirements: Read and analyze: Plagiarism- Musick and Patinkin. The Musick and Patinkin articles represent a real-life example of plagiarism. Mark Patinkin worked for a newspaper in New Hampshire. His feature article about Vanna White’s book appeared first. Phil Musick wrote for The Pittsburgh Press; his article about Vanna White’s book appeared second. A staff member brought the similarity between the two articles to the attention of the Press’ editor. The editor had to make a decision about keeping Mr. Musick on staff. Pretend that you are the editor and you have to decide how to handle the situration: fire Mr. Musick, discipline Mr. Musick. As the editor, write a letter to Mr. Musick that will go into his personnel file. In your letter, point out at least three specific examples of plagiarism. Use column numbers, paragraph numbers and specific quoted material. Going directly to the text is your evidence. I will attach everything needed.
Allegheny County The Effectiveness of Surveillance Technology Essay

Music Homework, 7 pages double spaced and instructions are posted below. I need it done by December 12. The writer’s Essay

Music Homework, 7 pages double spaced and instructions are posted below. I need it done by December 12. The writer’s purpose in the final draft of this paper is to demonstrate to the reader a compelling theory of the evolution of musical styles from 1450 to 1900, C.E, and to convince the reader of the importance of listening to and learning about music from these time periods. Read all the guidelines carefully and make sure to include everything that needs to be included. I need someone who has some knowledge in music history and evolution if its possible!!