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Sustainability’s and Childhood Obesity’ Relations Essay

Sustainability’s and Childhood Obesity’ Relations Essay. Introduction This paper is aimed at examining the relations between sustainability and childhood obesity. In particular, it is necessary to show how childhood obesity can affect the community; for instance, much attention should be paid to its impact on the physical and mental health of many people as well as the functioning of various medical organizations. Overall, one can argue that childhood obesity is one of the main major threats to the sustainability of society because it can endanger the welfare of many people, at least in the long term; moreover, parents, educators, and medical workers should join their efforts in order to address this problem by changing children’s lifestyles and attitudes. This is the main thesis that should be discussed in greater detail. Discussion Overview It should be noted that in many cases, researchers and policy-makers focus on the problem of obesity while examining the experiences of people who are adversely affected by the effects of overweight. As a rule, one can speak about adults who may suffer from diabetes or cardiovascular disease; however, this problem takes its origins in childhood. This is why it is important to examine the long-lasting implications of childhood obesity since it can produce catastrophic effects on society. The critical issue is that the effects of childhood obesity do not manifest themselves immediately, but they can become tangible in the long term. Furthermore, one should pay close attention to the underlying causes of this problem. This information can be of great use to many stakeholders such as parents and educators who need to make children more knowledgeable about the risk of overweight. These are the main aspects that should be taken into consideration. The relevance of the topic The relevance of this topic can be partly explained by the fact that it affects millions of people in the United States and other countries as well. Therefore, the scale of this problem is one of the reasons why this issue should not be overlooked. Moreover, various problems caused by childhood obesity can significantly increase healthcare expenditures. Apart from that, childhood obesity can significantly impair the wellbeing of a person because it can lead to dangerous physiological and psychological effects that cannot be easily minimized. Thus, this topic can be relevant to a great number of people. In particular, they need to find methods of overcoming obesity at the early stages; otherwise, it can significantly harm the wellbeing of many people when they reach the stage of adulthood or adolescence. This source is aimed at discussing various factors affecting the health of American people. Moreover, obesity is regarded as one of the main threat that can influence the health of many people. In particular, the authors pay attention to the cost of treating diseases that can be caused by obesity (Arundel Street Consulting, 2011). Thus, the writers highlight the economic aspects of this issue, especially the growing burden carried by the healthcare system. This source can be incorporated into my research because it can demonstrate the significance and scale of the problem that can pose serious challenges for the community. Moreover, it can show how this problem may evolve in the future, especially if no actions are taken by different stakeholders such as parents, teachers, or medical workers. This research is aimed at discussing people’s responses to various effects of childhood obesity. According to the article, people are more likely to change their lifestyle, if they see how this issue affects the experiences of a separate person. Moreover, they are more likely to support obesity prevention policies (Barry, Brescoll,Sustainability’s and Childhood Obesity’ Relations Essay
Risk taking behaviours: Theories. Risk taking behaviours can enable one to be explorative and creative leading to benefits that were previously inaccessible, but they can also be detrimental to the safety, mental and physical health of the individual if the risk is not assessed properly. It is in this light that examining the mechanisms involved in making decisions involving risk should be further researched. It is proposed that these risk taking behaviours are guided by mental processes, specifically intelligence level, that lead to informed and effective risk taking decisions. The current study examines general GPA attainment with the degree of risk taking attitudes and perceptions in 70 undergraduate students at York University. The methodology being a correlation design using a modified version of The DOSPERT scale by Columbia University which measures individual’s willingness or aversion to taking risks and their perceptions of how risky a situation is. In addition a general questionnaire including basic demographic data along with education oriented questions, in order to gather information about academic standing and so forth. Risk taking can be defined as undertaking a task or action that involves a challenge a person takes in order to obtain some sort of benefit, when there is an element of uncertainty involved in the outcome.(citation) These behaviours can be threatening to the individual, others or aspects of their life such as their job or relationships. In this sense, risk taking behaviours can either be a characteristic expressed by the individual, situational factors, or a unique interaction between both. Previous research indicates that commonly accepted interpretations of risk attitudes are often considered to be a personality trait (Weber, 1998) which is often referred to as the “sensation seeking” trait and is indeed a part of risk taking (RossiRisk taking behaviours: Theories
RC Family in The Room with A Coding Patient Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Research Paper.

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Project Literature Search: Family in the room with a coding patient. Proposal and Introduction, one Keywords and Literature Search document, one Outline summarizing the key points of the topic to be presented. The Proposal and Introduction is worth 15 points. The introduction will state why the topic was chosen and what the group intends to accomplish. The outline should be 2 pages in length excluding the title and references pages.The Key Words and Literature Search part is due and is worth 35 points. Steps to developing a Literature Search: *Determine your topic/area of interest *The key to a good search is the use of Key Words. Key words are those words/terms databases use to sort and categorize resources *Compile a list of at least 5 Key Words; include them at the top of your document *Use appropriate databases (CINAHL is one of the best for nursing research); search e-books; use reputable online sources ONLY *Search current references using your key words/terms—you need to have at least 5 references, no more than 5 years old, and at least 3 of them need to be peer-reviewed journal articles *References should appear in APA format *Submit a summary of what each reference will contribute to your projectYou will need to submit a 1-2 page detailed content Outline entailing the key points of your topic and presentation. This outline will serve as a guide to the instructor during your presentation. The outline is due the day before scheduled presentation (email).
RC Family in The Room with A Coding Patient Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Research Paper

The Effect of Science on Climate Change Exploratory Essay

The Effect of Science on Climate Change Exploratory Essay. According to Naomie Oreskes, policy-makers and the media have constantly emphasized that climate change is uncertain. A number of the policy-makers have used this allegation to oppose the implementation of strong measures aimed at lessening the amount of gas emitted from the greenhouses. Statements made by various organizations, about the effect of science on climate change, prove that there is a substantial discrepancy about the authenticity of anthropogenic climate change. Reports released by scientific organizations in America shows that the global climate change is majorly caused by human activities. According to the scientific organizations, highly concentrated gas released from greenhouses greatly contributes to global warming. According to a number of people opposing scientists, the present climate change is natural. Scientists printing peer-review literature concur with the reports of the scientific organizations. Politicians and economists have always criticized the work of scientists. Arguably, the impression in this context is not correct. Even though some people consider scientific consensus to be wrong, it is important to act on what is not recognized. Research should be constantly carried out to ensure that climate dynamics are clearly understood. Since climate scientists have constantly tried to explain the causes of climate change, it is important for the rest of the people to listen and understand. To support her position, concerning the scientific consensus on the effect of human activities on climate change, Naomie Oreskes has used a number of evidences. For instance, the reports released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) indicate that human activities always interfere with the global climate. Naomie also argues that human activities have affected the concentration of atmospheric components. To further support her position, she states that global warming has been caused by the high concentration of greenhouse gases. The evidences provided above are strong considering that they are not based on rumors. Arguably, human activities are always considered as one of the major causes of global warming. For instance, the combustion of fossil fuels always produces carbon dioxide gas hence affecting climate. Therefore, this validates Naomie’s evidences. The evidences provided by Naomie are based on the changes in received solar radiation and released thermal radiation. The two radiations are considered to be responsible for the earth’s energy balance. Gases released in greenhouses always influence climate by changing the two radiations. Some of her evidences are also based on the reports released by various scientific organizations. Arguably, scientists are supposed to be trusted because they have changed the world in a number of ways. For instance, they have always provided viable causes of global warming and its prevention. Their predictions are always accurate and precise. Science involves testable forecasts hence scientists will always present facts. This provides a clear reason why science and scientists should be trusted. Through pear-review, she has created new knowledge by studying what people already know and carrying out various researches to validate the claims. Naomie has collected relevant information from scientific organizations and journals to understand the nature of the physical world. Majority of the climate scientists have accepted that the development of greenhouse effect is one of the causes of the present global warming. Greenhouse activities releases high concentration of carbon dioxide which affects both received solar radiation and released thermal radiation. This gas prevents heat from escaping hence they accumulate in the atmosphere. Therefore, the accumulation of gases creates a climate change. The Effect of Science on Climate Change Exploratory Essay

IS 303 Samford University Salesforce Multiple Choice Quiz Questions & PPT

essay order IS 303 Samford University Salesforce Multiple Choice Quiz Questions & PPT.

Topic: Salesforce.comThis is a presentation that is about go to the website and do some research, write an essay for the presentation, you do need to create a PPT.project description: Research the topic you have signed up for and prepare a 10 minute presentation.Your presentation should address the following:A description of the topic item(s). If it is a technology, describe how it is used and what is required to make it work. If it is a service, describe who offers the service, how it is offered, and what is required to use it.The significance of the topic from a business perspective. That is, why would a business use this technology or service, and what benefits would a business accrue by using the technology or service.Any current or future developments regarding the topic.Prepare five multiple choice questions on the research topic for inclusion in a quiz. Your questions should be based on the material covered in your presentation.By the due date and time when the topic is assigned, submit:A file with the PowerPoint presentation slides you will use in your presentation. This will be made available to everyone in the class.A list of sources for the information in your presentation. You must have at least five sources.A Word file with the multiple choice questions for an exam. This file should not be shared with anyone outside your team.
IS 303 Samford University Salesforce Multiple Choice Quiz Questions & PPT

Ligneous Periodontitis: Literature Review

Ligneous Periodontitis: Literature Review. Abstract: Ligneous periodontitis is poorly defined, a rare form of periodontitis. It is characterized by pseudomembranous gingival lesion with accumulation of amyloid-like material and may or may not be associated with ligneous conjunctivitis. It is possibly due to type I plasminogen deficiency but the exact cause is unknown. This review describes ligneous periodontitis in detail with respect to etiology, clinical, histological features and treatment modality. Key words: Ligneous periodontitis, ligneous conjunctivitis, pseudomembranous periodontitis, plasminogen deficiency Introduction: The term ligneous periodontitis was first used by Omer Guuhen et al1 to describe a destructive membranous periodontal disease. It is poorly defined entity characterized by gingival enlargement and periodontal destruction due to accumulation of amyloid-like material. Accumulation of amyloid-like material lacks the classical histochemical and ultrastructural features of amyloid.2 Most of the pseudomembranous gingival lesions have been reported in association with ligneous conjunctivitis. Therefore, finding suggests that both clinical manifestations are related. Ligneous conjunctivitis is rare form of chronic conjunctivitis that usually affects children, girls more often than boys in ratio of 3:1 but may occur at any age.3,4 This condition is ocular manifestation of a systemic disease that might be accompanied by formation of pseudomembranes on mucosa of oral cavity (ligneous periodontitis),1,5,6,7 respiratory tract-larynx, trachea6,8,9,10, nasopharynx , female genital tract (ligneous vulvovaginitis or cervicitis),6,10 middle ear ,9,10 gastrointestinal tract the mastoid system.10 Etiology: Etiology of this lesion is not clear. Among the possible causes Type I plasminogen deficiency, autoimmune reactions, trauma, hypersensitivity reaction, genetic disorders and secondary response to viral or bacterial infections have been suggested.5,6,11 Mingeret. Al12 and Schuster13 et al have reported homozygous mutations in plasminogen gene in ligneous conjunctivitis cases. It is suggested that plasminogen deficiency plays a central role in pathogenesis of this rare disease. The fibrinolytic system plays an important role in hemostasis for controlled dissolution of fibrin clot. Two type of human plasminogen (PLG) deficiency exists:14 Hypoplasminogenemia / type I PLG deficiency: In which markedly decrease PLG antigen ≤ 1.9 mg/dl (normal range 6 to 25 mg/dl) and functional activity upto 33% (normal range 80% to 120%) Dysplasminogenemia/ type II PLG deficiency: There is reduced PLG activity, but normal or only slightly reduced PLG antigen levels.3 Type I PLG deficiency was found to be associated with ligneous conjunctivitis (80%)6 characterized by fibrin rich pseudomembranes mainly on tarsal conjunctivae and other pesudomembranous lesion such as ligneous gingivitis and periodontitis (34%).3 Autosomal-recessive inheritance of this disorder was confirmed.13 In a large epidemiologic study in the United Kingdom, the prevalence of (heterozygous) type I PLG deficiency was reported to be 0.26% (25 of 9,611 subjects).16 The theoretically predicted prevalence of homozygote/compound heterozygote was estimated to be in the range of 1.6 per 1 million people, at least in Europe.3,8 Type II PLG deficiency patients, however, have never reported developing pseudomembranous lesion. PLG plays an important role in intravascular and extravascular fibrinolysis and wound healing. It is converted to plasmin by cleavage of the Arg561-Val562 peptide bond by either tissue-type PLG activator (tPA) or urokinase-type PLG activator (uPA). Activation of PLG by tPA is the major pathway that leads to efficient lysis of fibrin clots in the blood stream, whereas activation of PLG by uPA seems to be mainly responsible for mediating PLG activation in association with cell surfaces (wound healing, tissue remodeling).14 uPA PLG activation related to cell surfaces (wound healing, tissue remodeling) PLG tPA PLG activation lead to lysis of clot in the blood stream The main substrate for plasmin is fibrin. Plasmin also has substrate specificities for several other components of the Extracellular matrix (ECM), including fibronectin, proteoglycans, and gelatin, indicating that plasmin also plays an important role in ECM remodeling. Indirectly, plasmin also degrades additional components of the ECM via its ability to convert some promatrix MMPs (pro-MMPs) to active MMPs. During normal wound healing of the gingiva, significant fibrinolysis occurs by day 3 to 4 and is virtually complete by 1 week. Persistence of the fibrin matrix is associated with the induction of angiogenesis and formation of granulation tissue.17Mingers et al12 were the first to show that plasma polymorphonuclear elastase protein levels were markedly elevated in patients with severe plasminogen deficiencies and more so in homozygous than in heterozygous patients. It is interesting to note that all patients with type I PLG deficiency have never been shown to have thrombophilia. In ligneous periodontitis, it is assumed that fibrin appearing during normal wound healing is persistent due to type I PLG deficiency. Plasminogen is the precursor of plasmin, the main fibrinolytic enzyme which plays important roles in wound healing, keratinocyte division, migration, and differentiation. Central wound healing capacity with an arrest at the stage of granulation tissue formation and excessive fibrin deposition is possible cause of ligneous periodontitis. Clinical features of ligneous periodontitis: It is presented as generalized ulcerated, massive, nodular, waxy gingival enlargement can involve both maxilla and mandible.2 Gingival swelling could be painless or painful. Enlargement is white-yellow to pinkish pseudomembranous covering teeth, with tendency to bleed. Accompanied by extensive bone loss may lead to loss of teeth.1 Histological features: Amyloid is a nonspecific histologic term for different chemical structures such as immunoglobulin light chain, serum amyloid fibril proteins, beta-2 microglobulin, transthyretin, keratin and some hormones.18 All these materials look like homogeneous eosinophilic substances by routine histologic methods and show the same three-dimensional configuration. There are two different phases of development:1 In the first, gingival epithelium showed extensive irregular down-ward proliferation. Severe acute inflammation of epithelium and underlying tissues with accumulation of homogenous eosinophilic fibrinous material around the vessels and beneath the epithelium. The inflammatory infiltrates included mostly plasma cells and polymorphonuclear leukocytes, with fewer lymphocytes and mast cells. Epithelium in acute phase showed edematous widening of intercellular spaces and contained numerous degenerated keratinocytes in the suprabasal layer in the form of hyaline apoptotic bodies. Subepithelial connective tissue is also edematous and contained numerous small dialated vessels and an amyloid like material. In second phase, the epithelium showed slight acanthosis and parakeratosis without ulceration. Inflammatory cell infiltrate is not as heavy as in first stage. There is subepithelial amorphous, nodular, homogeneous, eosinophilic amyloid-like accumulation. The accumulated material did not show the typical apple green/ golden brown birefringence of amyloid with Congo-red stain. Thioflavin-T fluorescence methods for demonstration of amyloid is also negative. Accumulation is reticulin poor and stained red with Masson’s trichrome stain. Immunostaining shows strongly positive for fibrinogen and weakly positive for immunoglobulins. Electron microscopy of gingiva shows fine filaments, approximately 10nm in diameter arranged in interweaving bundles resembling those seen in ligneous conjunctivitis. Within this network there are short bundles of thicker, darker filaments resembling epithelial tonofilaments and also fragments of cellular debris. No typical collagen fibers were found within this material.19The reason why the amyloid-like material in these cases failed to show all the tinctorial properties of amyloid can be explained by considering the process of amyloidogenesis. For materials like immunoglobulin light chain and keratins to acquire the typical properties of amyloid, a time-dependent series of events must occur consecutively.19 Failure of one or more of these stages to take place may conceivably result in the formation of a material which shares only some of the features of amyloid. This half-amyloid, half-hyaline material (hyaline-amyloid) needs more filamentous degeneration of the deposited materials in order to stain as typical amyloid.19 TREATMENT: Several treatment efforts such as subgingival curettage, gingivectomy, chlorhexidine rinsing and antibiotics were unsuccessful. Surgical excisions of gingival lesion are followed by rapid recurrence of membranous lesions. Extraction of most permanent teeth appears to be inevitable due to advanced alveolar bone loss and poor prognosis of this ligneous disease. Administration of topical plasminogen has shown good results for the treatment of ligneous conjunctivitis,20 whereas its efficacy for the treatment of oral lesion remains to be elucidated. It is expected, however that topical plasminogen together with periodontal therapy can postpone it until adulthood, when a more aggressive approach can be considered. In some cases gingival lesions become quiescent or disappear following tooth loss.2 Frimodt- Moller5 also noticed some regression in the eyelid lesion following tooth extraction. Different modalities of surgery, antibiotics, steroids, antiviral agents, beta and x-ray irradiation were found ineffective in the treatment.6 Ligneous Periodontitis: Literature Review

International Development and Global Sport Discussion

International Development and Global Sport Discussion.

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Are international Sport Development and Peace (SDP) programs anything more than a band-aid covering up the more pressing problem’s effecting people’s lives in developing societies (i.e. poverty, violence, poor education, gender inequality)? If so, why, if not, why not?RubricTopic Discussion Responses (2020)Topic Discussion Responses (2020)CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDirectly Addresses Discussion PromptRather than simply writing 300 words (500 for graduate students) on the general topic, the post should directly answer the question posed.2 ptsFull Marks0 ptsNo Marks2 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCoherent Structure and OrganizationA fully developed response that uses a clear thesis statement, is well organized, and has a logical structure: Introduction, Development, and Conclusion.2 ptsFull Marks0 ptsNo Marks2 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOriginality and Critical ThinkingResponse demonstrates critical thinking and offers original ideas/conclusions/insights. Evidence of additional thinking and originality beyond concepts and examples introduced in course material.2 ptsFull Marks0 ptsNo Marks2 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeUse of Course Concepts and MaterialsEngages, uses appropriately, and cites appropriately, the relevant concepts, theories, and information drawn from course lectures, readings, and videos. The citation of the course material should be a mixture of direct quotation and paraphrasing.2 ptsFull Marks0 ptsNo Marks2 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeQuality of Additional ResearchResponse builds upon existing knowledge from course material by finding quality, relevant, and original references/sources to offer new insights on the topic. The citation of the additional research should be a mixture of direct quotation and paraphrasing.2 ptsFull Marks0 ptsNo Marks2 ptsTotal Points: 10PreviousNext
International Development and Global Sport Discussion

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