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Sustainability of building Report

Introduction The environment is an important part of every human being. This is because it is what informs the quality of life that one leads. In essence, quality is defined by the environment or the surroundings that one has (Abraham 2006). Thus, maintaining a quality environment is usually on top of the agenda when it comes to establishing the kind of area that one is living in. We live in a society that seeks to ensure that development is achieved in all things. It is worth noting that most of development projects within the society emanate from the construction which takes place within the society. In this case the buildings which are put up need to meet certain standards which are in line with the expectations of environmental sustainability as well as ensure that the quality of the building is in accordance with the stated regulations. It therefore follows that achieving sustainability is the role of the engineers (Jonker

Chemistry homework help

Chemistry homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on the distinguishes current HRD gaps from systemic (non-HRD) gaps. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper.,Distinguishes current HRD gaps from systemic (non-HRD) gaps,General Outline, Assessment, Distinguishes current HRD gaps from systemic (non-HRD) gaps, anticipates HRD needs based on organizational strategy, and anticipates HRD needs due to changes in technology, Briefly tell how you would conduct an assessment. Then based on the case provide data from the case, Design your Proposed Solutions, For example …  strategy, objectives, method (fitted to the training target—skill, knowledge, interpersonal competency, or experiential growth), materials, and media (classroom or technological.) Only use that which is applicable to your proposals., How Will You Develop Your Solution (above),Organizes content assets (developed in the design phase) to plan timely and logical delivery of all learning components with proper integration., How Will You Implement Your Solution, Such as contractor versus in-house facilitator, type of facility, use of technology, equipment, materials, scheduling/sequencing, constraints, and pilot test if feasible., How Will You Evaluate The Effectiveness of Your Solution,SUGGESTION: use the four Kirkpatrick levels—reactions, learning (retention), behavior (transfer), and also organization-level results, Case Assignment Instructions and the Link to Access the Case Reading,Case Assignment Instructions and Link,The Assigned Case – A.P. Moller – Maersk Group: Evaluating Strategic Talent Management Initiatives.,The case can be found at the following link and costs about $8.95.,Link: ,,General Instructions Overview,The outcome of this assignment is a written report/research paper.  The general paper should be an assessment and also recommendation of the Case using the ADDIE Model.  Do not over complicate the assignment.  Read the Case then follow the ADDIE Model to write your paper. It’s that easy.  Details of the ADDIE Model and the rubrics used for grading are included in the module.,This is a ten point assignment and as such should be fairly comprehensive.  I would expect about 1,000 words is sufficient., You are to use at least 5 ACADEMIC references to support your paper. Include these in your Reference section., Make sure you follow the APA guidelines and also are appropriately documented in terms of references and in-text citations.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Chemistry homework help

PLST 420 Liberty University Copyright Laws as A Lawful Device Discussion

java assignment help PLST 420 Liberty University Copyright Laws as A Lawful Device Discussion.

I’m working on a business law discussion question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Instructions:You are required to provide a thread in response to the provided prompt for each forum. Each thread must be at least 300 words and demonstrate course-related knowledge with at least 3 references properly cited in current Bluebook format. Primary sources must be used whenever possible and appropriately supplemented with high quality secondary sources. The supporting sources must be course textbooks or found using the LexisNexis Academic search engine which is available as part of the Liberty University Online Library.Topic:Steve is an amateur photographer in Lynchburg, Virginia. Steve’s friend, Diane, owns Incredible Parties, Inc. (“Incredible”), which is a local party planning business. Incredible plans, hosts, and organizes a whole range of parties including weddings, birthdays, graduation, and anniversaries—if it’s a celebration, Incredible can handle it. One of the common critiques that Diane hears from her clients is that they wish Incredible’s party package came with photographs of the party so that everyone can remember the fun they had. Diane is a big believer that the customer is always right, so she wants to hire a photographer. Diane calls her friend, Steve, and asks him if he would be willing to come photograph Incredible’s parties for a flat hourly fee. Steve could use the extra money and agrees. Diane, Steve, and Incredible do not enter into any type of contract, and the bargain is simply for Steve to take pictures for $50 per hour. Steve takes the pictures at the party and then hands the subject a business card that has a link where they can purchase the pictures online. Diane also wants to use the pictures for promotional and advertising purposes. Everything works well for a while, but then things start falling apart. Steve and Diane’s relationship breaks down, and now they aren’t talking anymore. To make things worse, Steve is refusing to hand over any pictures of the parties to Diane. Diane is outraged that Steve isn’t turning over the pictures of the parties, even though she has paid his hourly fee. In response, Steve says he holds the copyright to the pictures and will do with them as he pleases. For her part, Diane says she employed Steve and therefore she owns the copyright to the pictures and they thus belong to her. Who is right? Why? What are the issues and laws involved? If this went to court, which way would the judge rule? Explain fully.
PLST 420 Liberty University Copyright Laws as A Lawful Device Discussion

Eastern Oregon University Auto MPG Data Excel Worksheet

Eastern Oregon University Auto MPG Data Excel Worksheet.

fundamental skill in business data analysis is generating and presenting descriptive statistics. Luckily for you, MS Excel has all the tools you need. For this assignment, you are to download a text file, import the file into Excel, use Excel to generate central tendency and dispersion measures, and interpret those measures. You will be using data for gas mileage in cars.Instructions:Download the following two files: auto-mpg-names.txt and auto-mpg-data.txt. The first file provides a description of the data and the second is the data set itself.Import the auto-mpg-data file into Excel. For a refresher on importing this file, see the following:Written explanation (Links to an external site.)Video explanation (Links to an external site.)Rename the sheet with the data.Calculate and interpret central tendency measures (i.e., mean, median and mode) for the following variables: mpg, displacement, horsepower, weight, and acceleration.Note there are built-in Excel functions for each of these measures.Place your results in a summary table on a separate sheet, appropriately labelled.Place your interpretations in a text box beneath the summary table. You might want to compose the interpretations in a word processor then Cut & Paste into the text box.Calculate and interpret the following dispersion/spread measures for variables listed in Bullet 3: Range, Variance and Standard Deviation.Again, there are built in Excel function for each of these measures.Place your results in a summary table on a separate sheet, appropriately labelled. You will now have three sheets.Place your interpretations in a text box beneath the summary table. You might want to compose the interpretations in a word processor then Cut & Paste into the text box.
Eastern Oregon University Auto MPG Data Excel Worksheet

Grand Canyon Interdisciplinary Teams in Healthcare Practices Function Paper

Grand Canyon Interdisciplinary Teams in Healthcare Practices Function Paper.

a healthcare professional, you will be a part of an Interdisciplinary
team. That team will communicate together about the patient from
different points of view in order to provide the best treatment plan.You will choose two allied health specialties from either The
Association of Schools for Allied Health Professions website or the
textbook. Write a paper of 500-750 words addressing the specialties that
would interact during a typical workday in a hospital, a long-term care
facility, and an outpatient clinic. You will specifically address three
out of the following six questions in your paper:What is their function?How does it affect your specialty?How does it affect the patient?If a facility did not have a particular specialty, who would be able to take over that function?Would you be willing to be cross-trained for the function?Is there a written policy for coverage issues?Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the
APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is
not required.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to
beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for
successful completion.You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.
Grand Canyon Interdisciplinary Teams in Healthcare Practices Function Paper