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Surviving Zombies

You attempt to lose the zombies by running across a frozen pond. As you near the edge of the pond moving at 4.0 m/s on the ice with a zombie is behind you moving at 3.0 m/s, a helpful survivor like yourself throws you something to defend yourself with. It has a 11 kg mass and a pretty much horizontal velocity of 5.0 m/s in the direction opposite to your motion when it reaches you. Catching or avoiding the weapon that was thrown to you causes you to slip and fall.Provide some strategies for landing that will minimize the likelihood that you break through the ice. Be specific about how you will move your body and explain your strategy using in terms of Newton’s Laws of Motion or the impulse-momentum theorem, elastic and inelastic collisions, the relation between force and stress, and the definition of ultimate strength.

Advance Nursing Roles

formatted and cited in current APA style with support from at least 2 academic source
Question 1-
These issues continue to persist in the nursing workforce because they are not adequately addressed, and quite frankly it is hard to change a
profession that has managed to stay consistent with the original nursing concepts. The answer to these issues are not a quick fix but more a step
towards the right direction. Involving nurses and actually letting them decide acceptable nurse-patient ratios instead of managers, will lead to better job
satisfaction, higher retention rates, and less desire to leave their chosen profession (Haddad et al., 2021). Furthermore, addressing the issues of nursing
shortage can include better pay incentives and bonuses, and make it easier for staff to have time off work whether for vacation or even a “Mental
Health Day”. In addition, organizational characteristics and leader behaviors that empower nurses to use their knowledge, behaviors, and skills to
control their work can improve organizational commitment, job satisfaction, and quality of care; increase trust in management; and reduce the level of
nurse burnout (Mudallal et al., 2017). Lastly, not mandating nursing to work three 12 hour shifts and allow flexibility with 8 hour or 10 hour shifts
can have a positive impact on influencing nurse burnout.
Question 2-
Issues in Today’s Workforce Culture
Chapter sixty of the book has focused on the nursing workforce and provided statistics of the number of licensed nurses, those with the potential to work, and those working. According to the statistics, there is quite a big difference between the licensed and the working nurses in the U.S, and the healthcare needs’ demands tend always to be higher than the supply, which brings about the issue of nursing shortage. Therefore, this discussion will explain how the issues presented in the chapter tend to persist in the current healthcare workforce and culture.
Several factors are the major determinants of the nursing shortage as it is not just a small matter of supply and demand. It is affected by the changes and enhancements that are supposed to be implemented to ensure an adequate and qualified nursing workforce that can satisfy the needs of the entire US population (Mason et al., 2017). In the current healthcare workforce and culture, age has been a major challenge such that most of the nurses are in their 40s. Such data is available considering that most states in the United States have established nursing workforce centers whose main activity is collecting, analyzing, and reporting data regarding the workforce data of nurses and help to strategize for resolutions.
Question 3-
Healthcare entails maintaining and improving health through prevention, treatment, and cure of diseases. Healthcare systems should ensure that society receives and access affordable, efficient, and reliable healthcare. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) (2010) advocates for Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) who want to develop a healthcare system that satisfies the demands of safety, affordability, accessibility, quality, and patient-centered care. Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) should collaborate with other healthcare professionals to ensure that patients receive a high-quality treatment, a practice that improves the population’s quality of life.
The healthcare system comprises several processes, such as administrative and clinical processes. These processes are essential in ensuring that patient-centered quality care is provided.APRNs have adequate training and implement healthcare products and services that successfully meet the needs and requirements of the patients. Business planning is an essential tool for entrepreneurs. It can be used as a systematic approach for rendering quality healthcare services for patients and at the same time ensuring that the APRNs practice to the extent of their skills and also contribute to job satisfaction (Johnson et al., 2017). The business process that an APRN wishes to follow must include research, clearly identifying the purpose of the business, developing a business profile, coming up with a sound vision and mission, and executing and evaluating the plan. It is essential that the APNs also know the regulations, business permits, policies and laws in place, and the financial aspects of the business. The nurse can also utilize their nursing education to develop an effective business plan, ensuring that the program is viable and benefits the patients and nurses.
Question 4-
In the current era, the demand for quality health care services does not meet the existing supply. In essence, quality care is characterized by a health care system that is affordable, accessible, and aligns with the tenets of the patient care approach. APNs have increasingly advocated for the expansion of their scope of practices and the need to practice independently. As per the Human resource and service administration (HSSA, 2020), the demand for primary care providers will increase by 17%. In this regard, the demand for the primary care provider creates a suitable business environment with immense opportunities for the APN. Thus, APNs with the desire to venture into private clinical practices must be knowledgeable in aspects of business planning.
APN business planning should align with the tenets of the system approach. The system approach to planning requires that the APN must consider different attributes of the entire system in order to achieve the objective of the systems (Jackson et al., 2010). In this case, during the planning process, the APN has the ability to anticipate problems. The health care setting does not exist in an isolated entity but rather an intersection of different systems. In the long run, the core objective of the health care system is to provide quality care. However, other factors such as job satisfaction, licensure procedures, reimbursement, and model of providing care are part of the greater systems with significant impacts. Hence, during the business planning process, the APN is required to plan backward and anticipate any problems.

Would you, as CEO of Axel Springer, do something about the issue of conflict minerals?

Surviving Zombies Would you, as CEO of Axel Springer, do something about the issue of conflict minerals?.

Based on the case study of Axel Springer (this will be provided on QMPlus), answer the following question: Would you, as CEO of Axel Springer, do something about the issue of conflict minerals? Argue for OR against taking action, justifying your decision and reflecting critically on the described responsible leadership dilemma using key leadership, ethical, and CSR concepts and theories from the module. You need to suggest an appropriate leadership response that is practical, realistic and reflective to your own ethical decision-making in light of this critical discussion.

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English Question

Please submit an annotated bibliography. This annotated bibliography should include the following in MLA format (this assignment will have 5 paragraphs total):1. Title the page “Annotated Bibliography” in 12 pt Times New Roman Font, double spaced2. List four academic journal articles. Include a Works Cited entry (We will discuss in class) and a short summary in your own words for each article (one paragraph per source). 3. At the end of the page, write a paragraph update on what your paper will be about and what else you would like to find out in your research.

use databases to identify profitable and unprofitable customers. Bankers say they lose money on customers who typically keep less than $1,000 in their checking and savings accounts and frequently call or visit the bank. Profitable customers keep several thousand dollars in their accounts and seldom visit a tell or call the bank. To turn unprofitable customers into profitable ones, banks have assessed fees on many of their services, including using a bank teller, although many of the fees are waived for customers who maintain high account balances. Bankers justify the fees by saying they’re in business to earn a profit. 2. The head of your school’s finance department has asked you to address a group of incoming business students about the importance of finance to their overall business education. Develop an outline with the key points you would cover in your speech and then explain why those key points are important. LINK

FOR QUESTION #1 Discuss whether banks are justified in treating profitable and unprofitable customers differently. Defend your answer in approximately 200 words or more. Use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. FOR QUESTION #2 The outline may be in bullet points. The explanation portion should be in paragraph form. A paragraph is a minimum of 5 sentences. The explanation portion of your assignment is a minimum of 2 paragraphs. LINK FOR SHORT VIDEO IN INSTRUCTIONS

Analyzing Counseling Theories,Use the chart template to analyze counseling theories. Select two theories from this week’s Learning Resources. Describe the background theory, human nature, major constructs, applications, and evaluations of each counseling

Analyzing Counseling Theories,Use the chart template to analyze counseling theories. Select two theories from this week’s Learning Resources. Describe the background theory, human nature, major constructs, applications, and evaluations of each counseling.

Use the chart template to analyze counseling theories.
Select two theories from this week’s Learning Resources.
Describe the background theory, human nature, major constructs, applications, and evaluations of each counseling theory.
Part 2: Reflection (1 page)

Describe a specific population of clients with whom you hope to work in the future.
Explain which of the two theories in your chart would be the most effective in working with this client population and explain why.
Describe the interventions you would suggest from this theory and how these interventions would assist this client population in reaching counseling goals

Capuzzi, D., & Stauffer, M. D. (Eds.). (2016). Counseling and psychotherapy: Theories and interventions (6th ed.). Alexandria, VA: American Counseling Association.

Chapter 13, “Family Theory” (pp. 339-366)
Chapter 14, “Feminist Theory” (pp. 367-390)
Chapter 15, “Transpersonal Theory” (pp. 391-416)

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Literature compare and contrast

Essay will be a 6-7 pages (not including the Works Cited page). This may seem like a tall order, but since Essay 2 is an extension of Essay 1 (and assuming you’ve properly followed the requirements for Essay 1), you should be adding anywhere from 3-4 pages to Essay 1. You are to compare the poem you evaluated in Essay 1 with a new poem. You will then evaluate your subject matter using at least 3-4 criteria (which may or may not be the same from Essay 1) to determine how your subjects are alike and how they are different on a thematic level and how the authors accomplish this. Then, you will develop a thesis based on your evaluations. The poem “The star” by Jane Taylor.
You will also need 2-4 outside sources to develop your argument. These sources need to be peer-reviewed, prestigious publications. These sources can be literary criticism, author interviews, or reflections and reviews of an author’s work.
There should be a judgment between the two pieces. Just because you feel one poem is better than the other that does not mean that the “lesser” poem still does not have merit. Make sure to look at the pros/cons of each piece critically and make sure to incorporate the key terms you’ve been learning over the past few weeks; these will help you define your criteria and judgment. I will sent my first essay and the example this essay.

choose a topic that relates to government intervention/regulation/interaction with business. It must be a Canadian topic.

choose a topic that relates to government intervention/regulation/interaction with business. It must be a Canadian topic..

Before beginning on your assignment please SUBMIT A PROPOSAL to your instructor to ensure that the content is applicable to this course. A topic and a BRIEF outline of your plan will suffice. The assignment will not be received without a proposal!!! There are two basic fundamental principles behind the assignment. The first is to be able to conduct research in Public Policy. The task of finding information will familiarize you with the various sources of information that are available. The key to a successful research project is to be able to formulate a “Research Question”. The Research Question is what you are attempting to prove or disprove. Modern research should be falsifiable. This means that you should be able to disprove certain theories or statements. It is often difficult to be able to actually prove a hypothesis. Generally you state that you can not prove that it is wrong. (Review hypothesis testing from intro econometrics ). The second principle is your ability to understand the relevant theory that pertains to your research. The text book should be your first starting point. From there you should move to supplemental sources such as academic journals, government publications, newspapers etc. The greater your understanding of the relevant issues the more effective your research will be. You will have a choice of two types of essay 1. A research topic as outlined in the above paragraph. 2. The other type of essay you could produce is a “narrative” essay where you outline the relevant research others have done. If you have any questions about the assignment or the goals of the assignment please talk to your instructor as soon as possible. The finished paper should include the following: The purpose of the paper (research question) The relevant theories Your research methodology Your research conclusions and analysis Appendix with data and any statistical work Bibliography The paper should be no less than 2500 words (not counting data and bibliography). Grammar, punctuation and writing style will count towards 20% of the final paper grade!! ! !! ! TOPICS You must choose a topic that relates to government intervention/regulation/interaction with business. It must be a Canadian topic. For example Minimum Wage Ontario. Cannabis Retail. LCBO. Pipelines. Marketing Boards. Trade Agreements. Health and Safety. Education. Mortgage Rules. Zoning bylaws. The above is by no means an exhaustive of possible topics.

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The Elements of Moral Philosophy

The Elements of Moral Philosophy.

The textbook is Rachels, James & Stuart, The Elements of Moral Philosophy 7th, McGraw Hill Publishing 2012, New York, NY Assigned Theory: Ethical Egoism Assigned Example: [Dinner] You are trying to impress your boss by inviting him over for dinner. You consider preparing veal because the meat is so tender and delicious and it would impress your boss. You could make something else but you are fairly sure it will not go over as well. You do, however, know how the calves are treated in order to become veal (look it up if you are not familiar [p107]).

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