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What are the characteristics of communication? -the sharing of experience -process of creating a meaning between two or more people -intangible -ever-changing process 2. What are the components of the communication process? -communicator 1 :Sender/Receiver -communicator 2:Receiver/Sender -Feedback -Time 3. In communication, the content is what is being intentionally conveyed within a message. When we say that there is also a relational dimension, we mean that an added meaning is attached to the message by how the message is sent. 4. What is interference?

Be able to describe and recognize examples of the two different types of interference. -Interference is anything that distorts the information transmitted to the receiver or distracts him/her from receiving it. Ex. Noise during a cellphone call 5. Know the transactional model of communication. -this emphasizes that you change as a result of the communication event -also its emphasis on the extent to which the two or more people involved create a relationship as part of their communicating. 6. What are the levels/contexts of communication, as described in the text and in ecture? What types of activities occur in each different level?

Be sure you can give an example of each. -Interpersonal communication-basic unit of communication -Intercultural communication-communication between members of different cultures -interviewing-a communication transaction that emphasizes questions and answers – small group communication- the process by which three or more members of a group exchange verbal and nonverbal messages in an attempt to influence one another -public communication-public speaking -mass communication-communication that is mediated organizational communication-the flow of messages within a network of interdependent relationships

Be able to Justify which method would be used in a research Content analysis Survey Experiment Content analysis – systematic analysis of content of communication messages Very defined and specific Goals i To describe touch type (or frequent) content ii Compare content across various locations iii Assess image of particular group Limitations i Need a representative sample of the population i Need clear, specific definitions Survey research – Examines what people think or do i Assesses attitudes and behaviors in populations ii Assesses relationships between variables i Need representative same ii Needs clearly defined questions iii No control of results iv Cannot make conclusions v Relies on self-reports Experimental research – manipulates variables One group is treated, other does not i Control other variables ii Measure effects & outcomes iii The goal is namely causal conclusions iii. l Independent variable & how it’s affecting the dependent variable Limitations Needs random assignment ii Environment isn’t natural 8. What is perception? What are the three steps of perception? Definition: the sensory experience of the world Brought to your through your sense: Seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching Seems automatic but is actually an active process Three Steps 1 . We SELECT (stimuli that are intense, repetitious, or unchanging)

Why and how are databases essential to consumer-focused marketing?

Why and how are databases essential to consumer-focused marketing?.


Use standard essay format and must have at least 3 paragraphs (ie Intro, body and conclusion). Responses must be double spaced using a standard font (ie Times New Roman) and 12 point type size. use A.P.A. style citations Please ONLY reference Public Relations: A Values-Driven Approach 5th Edition, 2012 ISBN-13: 978-0-205-81180-9 Authors: David Guth and Charles Marsh Publisher:Pearson

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