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I’d like to welcome you all today, a day of momentous importance, to give a final address to the Student Council as candidate for the office of Vice President. This is not a position to be taken lightly and definitely one not to be wasted or abused. I came to this school only knowing one person. I’ll admit, I didn’t have many friends my first few months here. I had come from a tiny private school and had to adjust to this grand institution. However, that fourteen year old boy from St.

Augustine is not the same man who stands before you today, asking for your vote. Today, I an aspiring leader of the Supreme Student Council. No longer will the ideas of creative students be ignored No longer will the complaints and grievances of students be brushed aside No longer will we remain an isolated community, but become a leader to the schools around us. No longer will be a separate clique from the students and it WILL become the voice of the people.

Many of you are just regular students. You never get involved in school spirit events or any activities of the like. It’d be interesting to know that until this campaign started, I was the same as you, never joining any class council or a related group. I wholeheartedly understand every reason you have not to care and with that understanding I know exactly how to get all of you involved in our school not yet done.

Bosworth DQ1

There are a range of creative, relevant, effective, and practical professional development sessions including lesson studies, teacher inquiry/action research, coaching, and professional learning community (PLC) meetings. Of the strategies described, choose two that you think will work best in your school community? Explain why.
apa format; at least 150 words; at least one in-text citation with reference page

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