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support an argument that the Civil War EITHER could have been prevented OR was inevitable.

Be sure to fully address all aspects of the essay prompt. Your response should demonstrate an understanding of the larger historical context, change over time, and provide specific examples to support your main point. Be sure to clearly and explicitly tie your ideas back to the main argument of your essay. Follow any other instructions on the specific questions. The essay will need to contain a sufficient demonstration of your knowledge about the topics at hand, specific and effectively utilized examples from the course to support your position, and have a coherent, formal essay structure with an introduction, conclusion, and supporting body paragraphs. You may include some outside sources if they are properly cited and help to support the other content of your essay. The essay will be held to a high standard of formal, written work. It must be properly formatted, free from major grammatical and spelling issues, and be historically accurate. It must have a clear, logical flow. Be sure to clearly demonstrate why your position is ‘correct’, as well as a clear sense of the historical context. This means showing that you understand change over time and, ultimately, the long-term, underlying reasons why the war was fought (even if you’re arguing it could have been prevented), and the immediate causes of the conflict.