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Supply chain management (SCM) has become essential prerequisite for staying competitive in the global race and for enhancing profitably (Tan et al. 1998). Gunasekaran and Ngai (2004) also indicate that global market is completely connected and dynamic in nature. In addition, firms are trying to improve their agility level with the objective of being flexible and responsive in order to meet the changing market requirements.

All of these factors emphasize the significance of information technology in integrating suppliers firms in virtual enterprise and supply chain. It is impossible to achieve an effective supply chain without good information systems. Because suppliers are located all over the world, it is necessary to integrate the operations both inside and utside of an organization. This requires an integrated information system for sharing information on various activities along the supply chain (Rezapour, Moghadam, & Dehkordi, 2009).

More importantly, Motwani et al. (2000) describe that nowadays companies spend large amount of money for redesigning internal organizational and technical processes, changing traditional product distribution channels and customer service procedure and training staff to achieve IT-enabled supply chain. Therefore, IS has an important effect on implementing SCM and we will iscuss how information systems can facilitate supply chain’s effectiveness in detail in the literature review and discussion.




Creating Your Dream Job


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Question 1: Create a job description and specification of your dream job

Job Title: Store Manager

Department: Retails Management

Basic Function: Maintaining Consumer Services, Maintaining Cash Control, Purchasing, Motel Facilities, and Store Management (Clark, 2013).

Reports To: The CEO of the concerned company, Regional Manager, and the Human Resource Manager.

Minimum Qualifications:

Preferably Master Degree in Retail Management and with minimum 2 years experience in retail marketing.

Bachelor Degree in Business Management.

Skilled in handling accounting, marketing; communication, ethics, and able to formulate management strategies for his store.

Hands-on experience of technical tools like; databases, Microsoft Office, and others.

Preferred Qualifications:

Managing Consumer Relationships.

Account Payable and Accounts Receivables.

Store/Motel administration and management.

Office Administration.

Special Characteristics:

Personal Attributes; flexible; respectful, honest, trustworthy, sensitivity and knowledge of work ethics (Grant 1989).

Skills; interpersonal skills, book keeping skills, analytical and problem solving skills, decision making skills.

Work Description:

The crucial duties of retail manager is maintaining consumer services through providing greetings and giving them proper assistance.

The manager will be accountable for the cleanliness of the motel rooms; order in the store and good performance of laundry duties.

Maintain stock, store supplies, and inventory such as the amount of groceries to be ordered, checking stock against invoices, marking the prices of products, restocking shelves, proper cash management, etc.

Maintaining complete store accounts such as proper cash receivables and correct change returns, recording prices in the logbook, managing cash register, recording of debit and visa accounts, manual general ledgers and reconciling banks statements.

Working Conditions:

The store manager will maintain the maximum hours standing and maintaining the shelves. So physical demand will be highest in the store.

The store manager will be required to handle various projects at a time and also meeting customer as and when demand arises.

Question 2: Design a compensation and benefits packages related to the dream job

The store managers are usually the highest salary getters since they are the people who take care of every crucial responsibility and duty. Apart from base pay and cash, they are entitled to receive perquisites for their extra hard work. For the post of store manager in the retail context, the following benefits and compensation package would service at a minimum:

Direct Compensation: It is the form of salary which the manager receives at his hand and it includes;

The base payment which varies because every company has its own norms when it comes to paying their managers.

Direct compensation also adds overtime salary if the manager works overtime.

Indirect Compensation: Includes perks/perquisites or benefits which are given for performance exceeding the required expectation. In this category;

Incentives like commission, profit sharing, bonus, and stock option, etc.

Last in indirect compensation are differed payments which include saving plan, stock purchase, and annuity.

The sum of the above all is total compensation in cash form. Again, the firm gives benefits-in-kind to the manager, and which is not attached to the salary directly, and these benefits include;

Protection Program – Medical insurance, Life insurance, Social security and pension, and disability income.

Payment for time not worked – Jury duty, sick-leaves, holidays, and vacation.

The in-kind benefits explained above are meant to give job security to the manager and his family so that the psychological contract between the worker and the employer strengthens the employment relationship.

Question 3: Rationalize your compensation and benefit package. Be sure to indicate the research and consideration that went into the design of compensation and benefit package.

While designing the benefit and compensation package for the store manager post, the organization has to see the return on investment which it will receive in lieu of spending in the position. The candidates who will apply for the position must possess a high-class join up of edification and related service knowledge in performance, the capacity of a store manager with such high benefits and compensation level.

It is certain that no company would like to reimburse ineffective people at work. The firm sets targets and work load for its workers sand then it designs their salary structure accordingly. So the benefits and the compensations mentioned above will not be too high for the firm to meet up. In many professional firms, the managers are also given certification training to enhance their business and credibility skills. This ensures that their analytical skills are well groomed and worthy of the post occupied.

The explained are the requirements of the company for the post of a store manager. Seeing the job outlook, one can straightforwardly substantiate the compensation and the benefit plan. The store manager is required to work full time as he is the only individual who is supposed to handle all the store businesses.

He is expected to make his store profitable and proficient, scrutinize and make the best use of the retail budgets and the product inventory, sales and purchasing, harmonize with his juniors beside with the regional head, hiring strategies required for the store, and finalizing the most lucrative agendas, etc. He manages sand maintains the organization’s software and is accountable when it comes to giving reports to the main branch on a daily basis.

From the floor management perspective, the store manager has to do rotations of merchandise in a way that the product magnetizes the patrons. Every routine store task will be examined and performed by the store manager, as he is the creative leader of his team. After all obligations have been analyzed, together with the objectives of the store manager, it can be seen that the compensation and the benefit package which has been designed is valid and worthy.

Question 4: Imagine this is the only position of its kind in the organization. From this perspective, design a performance appraisal program for the job.

In designing any performance appraisal program, the one under authority should comprehend that as per the place of duty, what are the fundamental requirements which need verification. The performance appraisal is one of the imperative and fundamental programs which are considered essential by every corporation under which there are proficient mechanisms.

There are many methods in which managers can be appraised. They include; Management By Objective (MBO) methods, Behaviorally Anchored Rating Method, Critical Incident Method, 360 Degree performance Appraisal Method, and Behavior Observation Scale (Dessler, 2014).

For the manager position appraisal, there are minority summits which the firm keeps in wits before it can review the performance. For instance; the job description: Rating one’s performance level reviewing with every worker’s performance and evaluation, and finally giving overall ratings for the performance.

The performance appraisal will include some factors in performance which comprise; store manager’s administration skills which pertain managing, planning, and handling the store issues and eliminating any arising problems; their work knowledge and that how well he understands the job phase; his communication ability as to how much he can listen to others; his decision making power, how he understands problems including how he handles them without work hindrances; his team work abilities regarding how well he can work in a team and leading members, etc.

Also, manager’s expenses management ability and skill in operating the store at the lowest cost, reporting and scheming his junior’s performance, his human resource management skill, his job knowledge, abilities to take independent actions, is he able in maintaining his own appearance changes, his leadership traits, his dependability, and lastly, his employee responsiveness.

Question 5: Rationalize your performance appraisal program. Be sure to indicate the research and consideration that went into the design of performance appraisal program.

The research and consideration which we undertook while crafting the above mentioned performance appraisal program is that the appraisal is meant for the position in which extreme effort is detected as the manager will have to maintain good tuning with his management, his subordinates, and his customers.

The attitude performance review of the manager; the innovation and creativity performance reviews; decision making performance review phases; problem solving skill and employee evaluation review; interpersonal skills performance review; team work and performance skills review, etc, all has to be prepared sand taken in to account. Further, since a store manager would be the mentor, leader, and coach of his colleagues and peers, he is expected to exhibit skill at the edge above his team members and store acquaintances. This will justify the point as to why the performance appraisal programs for store managers is a little complex and inclusiveness of more factors compared to that of other positions.

The performance appraisal is designed by the organization by keeping crucial points in consideration that it will assist the company in tightening the bonds with its employees together with achieving synchronization between the daily work performance of employees and the strategic objective of the business. The perfect target set with collective technique to permit the manager advancement and classify the obstacles for suitable removal can always assist in accomplishing both professional and personal goals more promptly and easily.

Gratifying workers according to their performance will encourage them in attaining their objectives and targets. Even a manager will feel victorious because of the enormous performance. The organization management together with its managers needs to guarantee that to achieve their target; both should have unambiguous knowledge of the roles sand responsibilities. Organization-wide employee appraisal, clear visibility and regular personality analysis will assist the manager in identifying the skills gap and corporate competency, and with assistance of performance appraisal statement, the organization can easily identify new guidance and growth programs required for the future development of its human resources. The performance management program together with its effective implementation will eventually benefit the firm, managers, and its staff.


Clark, M.M. (2013). The Job Description Handbook. USA: Nolo

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