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He/ She will study the annual reports of the company for the past couple of years, understand the policies of the company, study the macro-environment in which the industry is operating. The Intern may also get oriented to various departments of the company and get to know the key functionaries.

The Interns may meet these functionaries with prior appointment and understand the various perspectives from them in managing their departments. The interns will also get to know their company mentor and other executives/supervisors who will be closely guiding them during the period of Summer Internship.By the end of the orientation program in the company, the Intern should be able to clearly state his/her business objectives which would include specific and measurable targets to be achieved during the On-Job Training , break-up of targets on a weekly basis, synopsis for the Summer Training Report, etc. 2. 2 On-Job Training On-Job Training may stretch from the beginning to the end of Summer Internship. During this period, the Intern may be assigned various tasks by the organizations, which are part of the day-to-day functioning of the department within the organization.On-Job Training gives direct exposure to execution and support functions of the department.

It gives a flavor of teamwork, organizational culture, team dynamics, result orientation, organizational pressures, complexities in achieving the desired results, etc. An Intern should take this as a learning experience and be ambitious of achieving the desired targets or accomplishing the required tasks, through professionalism and business acumen. On-Job Training provides good scope for developing necessary managerial skills and positive attitude.The Interns should keep this in their mind that the future employers will assess them on their summer internship – and whether or not their temporary employer liked them enough to invite them back permanently. So work as hard as you can. At best, you may discover a fabulous new field you’d never considered before. At a minimum, you’ll get a full-time offer, which will make you more marketable to future employers.

The summer should be a time to make an investment in your future. 2. 3 Summer Training Report Each intern will undertake project/research work during the period of Summer Internship leading to Summer Training Report.A student would be assigned a specific project/research work involving project/research design, designing of questionnaires, application of sampling techniques, administering the survey, tabulation of data, application of statistical/managerial tools for analysis of data and drawing inferences/testing hypothesis thereof and finally culminating in the preparation of a detailed Summer Training Report. A good summer training report, providing value to the corporate may be the trigger for a better placement opportunity. 2. 4 Expectations from a Summer Intern – Behave as a quasi-employee of the organization.

Follow all the rules, regulations and codes of conduct of the organization. – Strictly follow the Summer Internship guidelines. – Prepare Industry/Company profile as soon as possible after commencement of the Summer Internship and submit it to the Faculty Mentor. – Have continuous interaction with the Faculty Mentor, Placement Manager and the Company Mentor. – Report constraints if any, to the Faculty Mentor without delay. – Submit weekly progress report to the Faculty Mentor. – Endeavor to secure pre-placement offer in Summer Internship Company through dedicated work and result orientation.

“Real Life Physics” – Bernoulli’s Principle

“Real Life Physics” – Bernoulli’s Principle.

“Real Life Physics” Paper – Bernoulli’s Principle Note: This assignment will be checked for plagiarism through For guidance on avoiding plagiarism, see the assignment helps. Please review the University’s Academic Integrity policy statement regarding plagiarism. Assignment Instructions Read about Bernoulli’s Principle in Conceptual Physics – Chapter 13 and the Week 3 Study Guides. You can also research the topic on the internet. Write a paper in which you discuss Bernoulli’s principle by addressing questions 1-5 listed below. What is Bernoulli’s principle? Is pressure greater or less in regions where streamlines are crowded? What happens to the internal pressure in a fluid flowing in a horizontal pipe when its speed increases? Does Bernoulli’s principle refer to changes in the internal pressure of a fluid or to pressures the fluid may exert on objects? How does faster-moving water between two ships affect the water pressure against the sides of the ships? Then address the phenomena in questions 6-9 by applying Bernoulli’s principle. Are the ships in the preceding question sucked together or pushed together? Explain. Explain why you feel your car that passes a truck closely on the highway is drawn toward the truck. Can you predict what it is going to happen if you blow air with your mouth between two empty coke cans that are about half-inch apart? Please give at least 3 phenomena around you that you can explain with Bernoulli’s Principle.

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