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summary Report

InstructionsThe assignment description file for Project 1 (both parts) is attached to this assignment entry. The same assignment description file is attached to the Project #1 Part A assignment entry.Attach your Project #1 Part B: Summary Report in MS Word format (.docx or .doc) for grading. This file must also be submitted to Turn It In.For this part of Project #1, you will complete and submit a Summary Report in narrative format. Your report should have four major sections. The major sections are:IntroductionAnalysis of the Incident (summarize what you know about the red team’s activities / the resulting security incidents using the information provided in the classroom and in this file)Lessons Learned (what went wrong in the incident response process, what did not happen that should have happened)Recommendations (what needs to change, who should take actions, what actions must be taken to improve the incident response capability)

Cybersecurity and Driverless Vehicles.

Cybersecurity and Driverless Vehicles..

write an essay paper that is three to four pages in length (at least 1,000 words) on the topic of “Cybersecurity and Driverless Vehicles.” Discuss the security threats associated with driverless vehicles, and then discuss the steps that can be taken to prevent these threats. Use at least three online resources for the information presented in your essay must be on word document not PDF

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