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– Summarize the article Analyze the methods and presentation of the data. – (Are the data understandable? Are the

– Summarize the article
Analyze the methods and presentation of the data.
– (Are the data understandable? Are the data misleading? How may the data have been presented more clearly? Why do you think the data turned out as it did?)
Article to use :

Social Science Question

There is a book to asset you writing the assignment (I will send to you after accepting the assignment). In the writing you will answer each of:
Chap 1: Describe the history of welfare reform in the United States. Be sure to discuss the connection between reform and politics (10 points).
Chap 2: Discuss why low wage work is not enough to lift the families in the book out of poverty (10 points).
Chap 3: Describe the challenges the families face in securing housing. How does a lack of affordable and safe housing contribute to their inability to escape poverty (10 points)
Chap 4: Describe the three primary survival strategies used by the families in the book (10 points).
Chap 5: Discuss the unique challenges faced by the poor families living in the South (5 points)
How did this book change your view/knowledge about poor families in America? (5 points)

Module 7.

– Summarize the article Analyze the methods and presentation of the data. – (Are the data understandable? Are the Below are the questions. Here is the github link for the similar assignment you can take a reference from this. Please do in the colab and send me the jynp file…
1. Create a truth table
(a) Create three propositions. I will describe them as p, r and q but you should use the name to

describe the proposition! Discuss the truth value of each of these and decide on one that makes

sense for you.
(b) Compute the truth of the statement r ∧ p, r ∨ ¬q and r ⇒ p.

(c) Compute a complete truth table for ¬ (r ⊕ p) ⇒ (p ∨ q)
2. Be sure to comment on the following:

(a) Describe your findings in words.
(b) Properly describe your propositions and discuss what it means to combine them in terms of the

original statements.

The report will be graded by the following criteria:

ˆ Report Style – 5 points. Your report contains a title, author’s name, class it is for, and instructor’s


ˆ Clean Code- 5 points. Functions and variables are defined with descriptive names. Code can be

interpreted with minimal effort.

ˆ Logic – 5 points. Propositions make sense and logical connectiions are correct

ˆ Truth Table – 5 points. Truth table is complete and python is utilized in some way

ˆ Writing Quality – 5 point. The paper is readable, clearly written and contains a single voice. There

are few, if any, grammatical or spelling errors and they do not interfere with the clarity of the paper.

If you have any questions about this assignment feel free to email me or join in office hours.

Article Review on Mandated Benefits

Article Review on Mandated Benefits.

Article Review on Mandated Benefits 

Use the following link to access the article you will use to conduct an article critique. Beller, M. D. (2014). Mandated benefits, good or bad? At N.Y. hearing, reviews are mixed. Insurance Advocate, 125(19), 42–43. Retrieved from After reading the article, compose your critique by addressing the items listed below. Explain the main topic/question of the article. Explain and identify mandatory indirect benefits addressed in the article. Discuss factors to consider in determining how to offer and select benefits according to the article. Take what you have learned from the unit and article, and apply the concepts to your life by explaining whether you support mandatory indirect benefits and describing how they can affect you.

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