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Suicide prevention

My topic is suicide prevention. The website for suggestions but not necessary to use is:

What roles do religions play in Appiah’s analysis?

What roles do religions play in Appiah’s analysis?.


After reading your classmates’ responses and considering your initial response in Part 1 of this assignment, read the article: “The Case for ContaminationPreview the document” by Kwame Anthony Appiah again. Write a well-structured essay that answers the questions: “What roles do religions play in Appiah’s analysis? Do you agree or disagree to his approach towards religion? How does it differ from your individual approach towards religion?”

Guidelines: Format: MLA Format Required Length: 1000 Words, Not Including Your Works Cited Page Double –Spaced, 12-Pt Font, Arial Or Times New Roman Font Sources: Class Readings And Powerpoint Lectures Submit your essay to Assignments via Canvas. Keep electronic receipts and/or paper copies of all submitted work. In every Gordon Rule course at FIU, students must demonstrate “college-level writing skills.” College-level writing must exhibit the following characteristics: It has clear purpose and thesis or controlling ideas. The thesis is supported with adequate reasons and evidence. It shows sustained analysis and critical thought. It is organized clearly and logically. It shows knowledge of conventions of standard written English.

It shows awareness of disciplinary conventions in regard to content, style, form, and delivery methods. Moreover, sources must be cited as appropriate. Thesis Statement: The thesis is the central idea of your paper around which all your evidence and claims are organized. Every single paragraph should be dedicated in a clear way to proving your thesis. In your essay, the thesis should be stated as quickly and as clearly as possible. In fact, many teachers will expect your thesis statement to appear in the last sentence of your essay’s first paragraph. A vivid thesis statement will announce the steps of its argument, not just provide a flat statement of the essay’s ultimate goal. Think of the thesis as a roadmap that gives directions to your reader rather than as a picture of your final destination. A good thesis should not state something that is obviously true. When your thesis is too easy to prove, your essay can become repetitive and you may feel that you do not have enough to write about. A complex thesis, on the other hand, requires you to convince your reader that your argument is logical and will reveal ideas that cannot be easily anticipated. A worthwhile thesis will always outline an argument with which a reader can readily disagree.

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Reflective case study report about gender inequality in the Advertising Industry

Suicide prevention Reflective case study report about gender inequality in the Advertising Industry.

 It’s a reflective case study report. There needs to be a brief introduction about the advertising industry and then respond to the main question which is gender inequality in the advertising industry. (not in the ads, only in the industry/workplace )

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Biol145 Orientation Reflection

DirectionsPlease write a reflection that is 300 total words or more in length. Your reflection will be in response to the following questions:
What do you think are the most important uses of plants by humans?
What do you hope to gain from this biology class?
When you are struggling with a concept, how do you come to understand it better?
Tips for SuccessPlease be as specific as you can and provide examples whenever possible to support the statements you make.
Your writing can be in a narrative style. It is okay to type things precisely as they are flowing out of your brain!
Remember, there are no right or wrong answers here.

Shiloh” by Bobbie Ann Mason

Shiloh” by Bobbie Ann Mason.

“Shiloh” by Bobbie Ann Mason

Paper details Choose one Literary Criticism Approach and Analyze the short story “Shiloh” by Bobbie Ann Mason. Include 3 secondary sources and to be formatted in MLA style.

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Insert surname4 Professor’s name Student’s name Course title Date Gun Control Guns

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Professor’s name

Student’s name

Course title


Gun Control

Guns and crime; over the past few decades, the two has seemed to go hand in hand. But are the two really associated? Guns do them really lead to criminal activities? And if so, are there any laws which restrict ownership of fire arms in order to stop the crime and protect citizens? These are some of questions which lawmakers and citizens keep asking themselves when coming up with setting on how to create laws related to gun control.

Guns are extremely dangerous and powerful weapons. They can cause harm, destruction or even deaths. People can use them to protect and defend or to threaten and kill. Any way people perceive it, guns are powerful tools both socially and physically. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention on where the gun control laws are headed, the issue which not only affects the society and the nation but also the people’s future as well (Jones, Michael & George Stone, 2015).

With the major incidences like the Sandy Hook school shooting has raised the debate on gun control as everybody blames the guns which led the troubled, man killing twenty children and six adults. Many have argued. The right of Americans to bear arms has been a right for founding fathers and holds importance equally as the constitution itself. Laws on gun controls can directly violate such rights and hence may, not be given much consideration even when such issues were caused by firearms. Although to some extend it may seem reasonable, such laws may have negative consequences which may be ironically counterproductive; and this might even result to accelerating the problem instead of fixing it. And beside the constitution has guaranteed all the citizens the right to bear firearm, this idea of gun ownership restriction in order to minimize violence related to guns would fail ultimately as given the gun control previous experiments in England and other various states.

Gun control supporters believe that in order to decrease the crimes which are committed by use of fire arms, guns must completely be banned from private ownership and this means to remove and ban guns from private ownership. However, Americans have never responded appropriately on prohibitions like during the alcohol prohibition, and such an issue could even make the problem worse. This problem can only be solved through applying the right solutions. Gun control alternatives can be for, law enforcements and the government officials to work together and take away weapons which not registered off the streets. They should also obtain warrants to inspect homes which look suspicious such as known drug houses and gang fortresses are the most possible solution to remove unregistered guns from the society.

The ability of carrying a firearm is not for only individual protection but also for protector for those people around. Gun control has always been part of the 2nd Amendment which is about the right of bearing firearms as American citizens. Although guns have been incorrectly used in the recent events and the past, such events should not stop protection of individual’s rights to possess firearms for personal protection, as the 2nd Amendment states that people are allowed. In some instances, owning a gun has dissolved conflicts before anyone who could remotely help or even the police arriving. Some people store their guns at home while others carry them. Although it is advisable to use them responsibly, individuals can always defend themselves against criminals or attackers. In response to this, the government should keep firearms legal and keep people’s future safe (O’Brien, Kerry & et al, 2013).

Work cited

Jones, Michael A., and George W. Stone. “The US Gun-Control Paradox: Gun Buyer Response To Congressional Gun-Control Initiatives.” Journal of Business & Economics Research (Online) 13.4 (2015): 167.

O’Brien, Kerry, et al. “Racism, gun ownership and gun control: Biased attitudes in US whites may influence policy decisions.” PloS one 8.10 (2013): e77552.

Taiwan Economy 5 TAIWAN ECONOMY By Name Course Professor University City/State Date

Taiwan Economy 5


By Name







Proposal 3

Abstract 3

Objectives 3

Plan of action 3

Timetable 5

Structure of the paper 5

Discussion 6

Introduction 6

Question 1 6

Question 2 10

Question 3 12

Conclusion 16

References 17



Taiwan has undergone significant economic growth and industrialization decades after it was ranked among the least developed countries in the world during the early 1960s. The transformation of Taiwan has attracted the attention of economists in studying its economic model. This proposal seeks to answer some questions outlined in the objectives stated in the next section. This paper will provide a better understanding into the Taiwan economy.


This paper provides a work proposal meant to achieve the following objectives:

Discuss key triggers of Taiwan’s development and transformation.

Discuss the pursuit of Free Trade and Liberalization policy, citing the advantages that contributed to economic growth and development in Taiwan.

Discuss the theory of competitive advantages while focussing on key national competitive advantages in Taiwan that contribute to its economic development.

Plan of action

Many economists have written various articles explaining the factors that have caused significant growth and development in Taiwan economy. Significant research has been done on free trade liberalization policy and the impact it has on economies. I will use this information to meet my second objective. I have collected several articles and books on this subject. There are also many articles and books that are available in the library detailing the economy of Taiwan. This articles and books will provide sufficient information to successfully provide enough information to meet my objectives. The following paragraphs provide details on bow I will use my sources in my research.

The first objective of my research is discussing the main factors that triggered the development and transformations in Taiwan .In order to provide in depth understanding of the transformations undergone by Taiwan, I will explain the current state of the Taiwan economy. I will highlight major industries that drive the economy in Taiwan. Taiwan has gradually shifted from traditional labour intensive industries to capital intensive industries. The service sector contributes to 73% of the economy, while I will analyse this shift of focus in the industrialization sector over the years to provide a background of economic transformations that have taken place. I will rely on articles to meet my objective.

The second objective is to discuss the pursuit of free trade and liberalization policy in Taiwan and how it facilitated its economic growth and development. I will analyse economic opportunities that Taiwan has gained by making free trade agreements with several countries. In order to provide further information on the benefits of free trade agreements, I will discuss the opportunities missed by Taiwan for not being part of some trade agreements like the Trans Pacific Partnership will be discussed (Bellows, 2015).The responses of the government in promoting policies that favour the establishment of free trade agreements. I will outline major benefits that have contributed to the growth of theeconomy in Taiwan resulting to the establishment of various free trade agreements.

The third objective of this discussion is to discuss the theory of competitive advantage.In the discussion, key national competitive advantages of Taiwan that contribute to its economic growth will be highlighted. Taiwan ranking in the global competitiveness report will be analysed according to the various categories of current competitiveness index, company strategy and operations index,national business environment index and the competitive index of Taiwan relative to GDP per capita in relation to various standards will be discussed. I will rely on The Competitive Advantage of Taiwan (E. Porter, 2001) as the source of this information.

Any additional information that is required in this discussionwill be sourced from the library system. Selected information from various sources will be used to meet my objectives. These sources shall be clearly cited.


Total time available

20 Hours


Time period

Finding and reading previous literature

5 hours

Analysing data

3 hours

Writing up

5 hours


3 hours

Proof reading

1 hour


Structure of the paper

The paper is made up of brief proposal that provides details about the objectives of this paper. Then, a discussion of three questions that are outlined in the instructions is made. Thepaperfinallyends with a conclusion and referencesection.



Taiwan has undergone an impressive growth in its economy. It has undergone an average economic development rate of 8% for more than four decades, raising it form a least developed country according to its 1960s GDP to a nearly developed nation. This paper discussed some of the economic questions about the nation to provide a better economic understanding of the country.

Question 1

Taiwan shifted its economic focus from being a resource driven economy to an investment driven economy. The traditional labour intensive economy of the country has shifted to capital-intensive and technology-intensive economy. There is greater concentration of manufacturing and outsource of service exports in Taiwan economy. The national diamond can sustain heavy investments to provide efficient modern production processes and infrastructure. This has provided efficient production standards that ensure products and services offered have a competitive advantage. The economy of Taiwan has shifted into concentrating in production of parts and components use in producing final products. These products are majorly sol in the United States, Japan and the European Union. 70% of exports from Taiwan are made up of intermediate goods. The country has shifted into production of ICT components use in development of IC gadgets. Currently, 94% of motherboards and Notebook PCs are manufacture in Taiwan. In 1973, the Taiwan government initiated the Ten Major Development Projects. These projects included national infrastructure projects for international airport, steel plant, railway electrification, freeway development, establishment of a nuclear power plant and other projects aimed at promoting economic growth. In 1978, the government established the Twelve Development Projects that encompassed physical infrastructure and basic social, welfare and cultural infrastructure (Gold,2015). The image below outlines the major government projects that have change Taiwan.

The country has ensured that land reforms are thoroughly carried out early. The government instituted land reforms in 1950s that provide for land –to-the-tiller reforms. In a bid to ensure maximum agricultural growth of the country, the government issued landowners with stock in state enterprises in exchange for their parcels of land that were given to peasants. This prompted fast agricultural growth during this period. The country generates wealth from the exportation of agricultural products that was used to import key machinery that was used to establish industries.

An important factor behind the development of Taiwan economy is pragmatic and flexible government policies. The Taiwan government institutes policies that promote an adoption of outward-looking economy for political and social stability. The government sets up policies that are timely, well-crafted and market friendly to deal with problems that arise. This is because the economy of Taiwan is highly dependent on international trade. Net exports from 2005 to 2012 constituted the most important economic growth factors in Taiwan.

Taiwan has established a stable education system ensures every citizen receives elementary and middle school education. Every citizen in Taiwan is guaranteed of basic formal education. In 1968, compulsory nine year education system was introduced. This system blended intensive class work and high levels of teacher training. There was a general increase in the rates of school attendance. A general reduction of illiteracy rates from 10% in 1980 to 2.1% in 2009 was achieved. The government has been keen in upgrading the quality of education delivered in schools, with an increased focus in incorporating digital learning. This has enabled the country develop a stock of human capital with increased capacity in research and development. Citizens have a basis for further studies in university and other tertiary education where they gain skills in various professions. The government has imported high quality technicians from abroad to teach in universities and colleges in a bid to improve the technical skills of its people. The skills gained by the citizens enable them to get employment in various industries in the country, promoting to further economic development. The image below shows the rate of formal education in the people of Taiwan from 1976 to 2009.

High rates of savings and investment rates in 1960s and 1970s contributed to rapid growth in the economy of Taiwan. In view of creating capital, the government engaged in campaigns that encourage the citizens to save money. The government proved tax breaks to its citizens with an aim at accelerating investment rate in the country. There was a decline I the rate of savings and investments in the country in the 1980s due to the second energy crisis (Rubinstein, 2016). The government resolved to establish economic liberalization policies and reduced import tariffs. This revived rapid growth in the private consumption that decreased the rate of savings. The participation of the government in ensuring the savings and investment culture is seen in its efforts to encourage the citizens to embrace the savings and investment culture. This trend has been appreciated by the people of Taiwan, and parents teach their children the importance of saving and investing. The image below shows the savings and investments rates of the people of Taiwan.

Question 2

Free trade refers to an agreement between countries that allows international buying and selling of goods without restrictions such as special taxations and limits to the amount of goods to import or export. Liberalization refers to the act of allowing freedom in laws, systems or opinions. Free trade offers customers with a wide selection of choices and opportunities that improve their standards of living. Free trade also promotes innovation caused by the flow of ideas resulting to interactions during trade among participating countries. Free trade can help reduce corruption opportunities by supporting the rule of law. The economy of Taiwan is heavily dependent on international trade. In 2012, the trade conducted by Taiwan amounting to $650 billion represented 140% of GDP (Bellows, 2015). This placed Taiwan as the nineteenth largest trader that year. Taiwan economy is rated the 28th largest economy in the world.

In 2012, 99% of exports from Taiwan were products from the industrial sector. The agricultural sector provided for only 1% of the total exports. Taiwan imports constituted 77% agricultural products and raw materials (Bellows, 2015). The large amounts of agricultural imports are attributed to limited coverage of arable lands in Taiwan and scarcity of indigenous natural resources. Capital goods constituted 14% of the imports while consumer goods constituted approximately 10% of the imports. These figures illustrate the high dependency of Taiwan to international trade.

In 2002, Taiwan joined the World Trade Organization (WTO). This led to important economic and diplomatic gains to Taiwan. Taiwan traders were granted Most Favoured Nation (MFN) treatment. Taiwan traders had access to markets of WTO member countries (Bellows, 2015). Taiwan had increased pressure to seek free trade agreements with its key markets. Taiwan has signed FTA with El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Singapore and New Zealand.

Taiwan membership to the WTO has provided it with an opportunity to conduct international trade relations. Taiwan and China were instructed by the WTO to settle its disputes according to the WTO dispute settlement mechanism (Bellows, 2015). China opposed FTA with Taiwan since it would imply that China was treating Taiwan as an independent country. In pursuit for a closer economic integration, the Economic Cooperation and Framework Agreement (ECFA) were established in 2010 between China and Taiwan. ECFA sets out a framework that is used for negotiating further on how to liberalize trade of goods, services and investments between China and Taiwan. Recent ECFA agreements provide that Taiwan will open 64 sectors to China while China will open 80 sectors to Taiwan.

Question 3

Comparative advantage is an economic law that refers to the ability of a given economic actor to produce products at lower opportunity cost compared to other actors in the economy. This economic theory states that there is a mutual benefit by each actor in cooperation and voluntary trade at all times. This forms the fundamental principle in international trade theory. Competitive advantage of a country arises from operational effectiveness or strategic positioning. When a country has competitive advantage due to operational effectiveness, they are at a position of improving how they conduct their operations (Porter, 2001). Such competitive advantage arises from assimilation, attainment and extension of best practices. Strategic positioning as a source of competitive advantage occurs when a country has a unique competitive position that is sustainable. Such a country has the advantage of performing a process or procedure in a different way to stand out.

Competitive advantage can be derived from differentiation of a product or from decreasing the cost of producing the product. Product differentiation is a non-cost method of obtaining competitive advantage over a product. Observing various sectors of the economy, Taiwan has different competitive advantage compared to different countries. This part will analyse various economic sectors in Taiwan and their competitive advantage based on their rankings based on the type of the sector.

In Taiwan, companies employ various strategies in order to gain competitive advantage. Companies have concentrated in manufacturing rather than provision of services (Porter, 2001). This is evident in the amount of products in form of goods exported from Taiwan compared to the number of services exported. Companies in Taiwan embrace rapid adoption of new technologies. New technologies provide better quality outputs that have better competitive advantage in the economic markets. Some new technologies developed reduce the cost of production providing competitive advantage to those companies over their international competitors.

Taiwan industries serve many (Original Equipment Manufacturers) OEM in Asian countries and US. OEM products have a ready market from the industries that consume these products. For instance, when Taiwan exports motherboards to the US for assembly to make computers, Taiwan companies earn revenue from such transactions. This is an important competitive advantage especially in the ICT sector. Taking the example of Dell computer Production Company, the company has a strategic position advantage that the company is a corporate with many customers and a large customer base (Porter, 2001). The Dell Company has competitive advantage in terms of operative effectiveness due to the various decisions that it can take to differentiate itself from its competitors from other countries. The company can set the prices of its products at 15% less than the price of competitors. They can include the latest updates to their machine to edge out competition. The company can obtain competitive advantage by directly selling the products through the internet, telephone and a sales team. The image below shows the competitive advantage Dell Company has.

In addition, companies in Taiwan develop a competitive advantage by seeking low cost inputs. By reducing the cost of production, they can offer their prices at a lower price compared to other companies in the international market (Porter, 2001). According to 2000 global competitiveness report, the country ranking based on company operations and strategy had two positions of competitive advantage. Taiwan was ranked position three in customer orientation and number nine according to licensing of foreign technology. This information is calculated according to GDP per capita.


Competitive Advantages

Country Ranking

Relative to GDP per Capital

Company Operations and Strategy

Customer Orientation

Licensing of Foreign Technology



Science and Technology Infrastructure

Patents Per Capita (2000)


Demand Conditions

Consumer Adoption of Latest Products

Extent of Regulatory Distortion of Competition




The objectives of this discussion have been successfully. The economy of Taiwan has been discussed according to the three questions that acted as the objectives. The Taiwan economy is moving from an investment driven economy to an innovation-driven economy by producing innovative products at the global technology frontier.


Bellows, T.J., 2015. The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Taiwan: Possibilities and Difficulties. American Journal of Chinese Studies, pp.115-127.

E. Porter, P. (2001). The Competitive Advantage of Taiwan.

Gold, T.B., 2015. State and society in the Taiwan miracle.Routledge.

Li, G. and Li, K.T., 1988. Economic transformation of Taiwan, ROC.Shepheard-Walwyn Publishers.

Rubinstein, M.A., 2016. Introduction:“The Taiwan Miracle”. In The Other Taiwan, 1945-92 (pp. 13-24).Routledge.

Comparing the Rawls and the Nozick selections.

Comparing the Rawls and the Nozick selections..

 Your paper should clearly lay out the objections to Rawls’ position that Nozick offers, and whether these objections are enough to discount Rawls in part or entirely. The thesis should clearly state whose arguments are more compelling. Your main points should offer the reasoning behind your choice. Give examples of the arguments that each side presents here, and why one wins over the other. Papers should be in APA style with a title and reference page. No abstract required. No additional sources are required for this paper, but any sources you consult should be included in your reference page and cited in-text where appropriate. this is the citation for the file: Honest Work: A Business Ethics Reader, 3rd Here is the link to the file:

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Corrections System in the US


Institutional Affiliation

Date Submitted


Corrections System in the United States

The criminal justice system in the US ought to commence with the direct observation or reporting of the crime; it needs the police officer to scrutinize the crime or any person who witnessed the damage or crime after the facts. Moreover, it shall automatically prompt an investigation by the law enforcement. Furthermore, if an investigation has sufficient evidence to establish the case and authenticate the probable cause for the arrest, then it may result in the intake at the booking or correction facility. Once the criminal is booked, the prosecution can opt to continue with a file or charge this in the court in more processing. The initial appearance for most jurisdictions may occur immediately after one’s arrest, at this level the court may be offered with the proof and the court shall decide whether there is probable cause for the offender to be detained. During a serious case, the preliminary and initial hearings are merged in which the magistrate or judge decides whether the criminal is free to go on judge’s recognizance since there is no probable cause (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015).


The topic may be discussed by addressing the position of the US system of corrections, in the narrative the system of correction is more from what it is destined to be. The system of correction does not require reform nor correct the people who are put in the correction facility. In 1994, Crime Bill, many laws are passed in which they are not beneficial. The bill had mandated the states to enact obligatory minimum sentences. The policies resulted in mass incarceration in the US, separating families for some minor violations. Besides, the policy permitted during the past twenty years children were being tried as older people. It is the most negligent and incomprehensive law passed in the United States for the crime. It eliminated certain educational programs, which assisted in reforming inmates hence making the system worse (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015). The bill assisted courts and states to develop criminal sex registration even for the children. For the past twenty years, there is sufficient evidence that the policy is detrimental than beneficial, by incarcerating minor criminals for a long period may not assist them to be better people hence not enhancing public safety.


One can start by scrutinizing the American Recidivism; this may measure up to 80 percent for un-rehabilitated prisoners with the highest criminal record. The US has the punishment of which rehabilitation practice to incarceration. From the time, 1994 crime bill was enacted; it is business as usual as the system of prison has turned out to be a large corporation. Business for this case may not operate without return to clients thus the incarcerated. Moreover, do not think the system of correction rehabilitates anybody thus it is ineffective. The population of the prison in the US is treated like animals and still expects a human being to come out of them. Therefore, how can people anticipate receiving humans considering the circumstances they live? Drugs, overcrowding, and continue to commit more crimes while inside the prison to remain alive. Thus, prisoner finishes the sentence, one leaves prison feeling angry.


Whether it is compulsory minimum sentences or not the system of corrections is a disaster in the US, it was a political mechanism which was applied by the administration of Bill Clinton to obtain access to the government. However, after Bill Clinton won the election, he never considered the promises of being tough on crimes as promised but it the stance only assisted him to win the election. At that time, the key point was high rates of crimes thus making it a tool for campaigning. It made Clinton administration appear as the only Democrats having a conservative perspective on crime. Thus, it appealed and ranked more votes of Republican (Brooker, 2013). Therefore, mandatory minimum sentences did not make any difference in the rates of crime, making as fail for over twenty years in rehabilitating inmates.


My goal as a member of the legislature concerning a proposal to eliminate compulsory minimum sentencing approaches is to be a person who assists such legislature and steer our nation forward to keep the citizens safe and rehabilitate criminals. Moreover, I would start with the argument on how bad the country’s criminal system has become the proof is the staggering perception the nation may not hide there is no need of persuading on the detrimental and how parasitic the corrections system is growing. If the country continues with this path, they may never see the corrective system being productive (Brooker, 2013). Finally, I will introduce the bill, which would result in assuming the social learning practice, by executing cognitive-behavioral plans although liberal, however, probed cost-effective and efficient over long-term and educational programs of prison.


The various roles of sentencing in the US are to get retribution, revenge, deterrence, just deserts, reformation or rehabilitation, incapacitation, and restoration. Revenge is considered as the earliest form of sentence for anybody who commits a crime where the main aim is seeking revenge because of the wrong they committed. Retribution is the financial sentence in which the victims refunded for the crimes done to them with the time they loss from their job or bills incurred due to the act. Deterrence is the old western concept in which other people’s punishment serve as the lesson to all people and prevent them from committing the same crimes (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015). Desserts focus on how the punishment worthy the criminal or deserving it. Incapacitation is now the primary kind of punishment in many serious offenses to entail capital offenses. Rehabilitation, restoration, or reformation is a type of punishment, which assumes the less punitive position and attempts to transform the mindset of the criminal before getting out of the prison and become an important member of the community.


The approach is mostly applied to the first-grade criminals who steal the cereals in a grocery stall trip. However, to simple return, the stolen items may not rehabilitate the offenders from not repeating the same crime (Brooker, 2013). The practice of assisting offenders should come in as part of the actual assistance and not enablement. The therapeutic practice of assisting offenders at the initial phase of criminality, I trust that may reduce recidivism by applying education programs and therapy drop.


Deterrence is a concept, which is means that when the person commits a specific offense the person is anticipated to serve the specific and cruel punishment, which will discourage other people from committing a similar offense. In the case of general deterrence, the system uses the examples of people’s convictions and crimes in deterring other people from the specific offense by assuming a strong position against it (Brooker, 2013). Specific deterrence applies specific examples to eliminate crimes in the society by placing specific sentences such as capital punishment to deter people from committing crimes.


The Three-Strike laws supporters may have the deterrent influence on all cruel offenses. By the fact that the policies may not end any offenders from committing brutal acts since the past two other times the criminals went into the prison and no one assumed the duty to educate them (Josi & Sechrest, 1998). Even though, there is a large lack or education and therapy in the US correction system. However, the fact the majority of violent offenses are not premeditated is a big aspect to consider that the behaviors would not reform even if one is in jail (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015). It further places the other people in jail in danger and the cell guards watching over them. The violent acts are carried out in anger, for the heat of the passion, or they are under the mind-altering drugs or substance influence. The life sentence may be saved when people take their time to assist the persons on the first grader to go.


The indeterminate sentencing at its own to my fellow senators will not work, we should put our mind together, and we should trust that the laws affect each member of the society to involve our families and their families. If one’s daughter or son commits an offense and they deserve being there, would not one want one’s child to receive the assistance they need? It is the reasons we elected senators to change our nation to a better place (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015). Let us execute indeterminate sentencing together with the cognitive-behavioral rehabilitation. Let us hold the community responsible for its future, let us reform or rehabilitate the citizens of our communities and learn from the people. We already have money with us. We spend many billions of money to keep people in the correction facilities. Why can we not spend these billions of money to keep them out?


Brooker, J. (2013). Thatcher in the 21st Century. Alluvium: 21st-Century Writing, 21st-Century Approaches, 2(4). doi:10.7766/alluvium.v2.4.03

Josi, D. A., & Sechrest, D. K. (1998). The changing career of the correctional officer: Policy implications for the 21st century. Boston, MA: Butterworth-Heinemann.

Schmalleger, F., &Smykla, J. O. (2015). Corrections in the 21st century. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education. Retrieved from https—

Dracula by Bram Stoker

Dracula by Bram Stoker.

Make this essay in a VERY simple language. it has to be clear but please make it seem like it was done by a high schooler, for example, everything clear and every question is answered but not in an advanced language. Times new roman. 12pt. THE ONLY SOURCE SHOULD BE THE BOOK DRACULA BY BRAM STOKER. for the paper, you should pick two passages from Bram Stoker’s Dracula and offer a close reading. these passages should be one paragraph. there should be quotes from the passages. The question that the passages will be chosen and that the close reading will be done is;” what is the importance of the novels from? what does its form tell us about the themes that are treated in the novel?” please choose two passages according to this question and do a close reading as asked to.thank you. here is a pdf of the book

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