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Being 16 in today’s world is a whole lot harder than it probably was 10 or so years ago because many teens struggle with academics or a social life. Life can be like a rainbow you can live a successful life with a pot of gold, a house, cars, and fancy clothing, or you can live life at the other side of the rainbow at the bottom visualizing a fantasy. Personally, I don’t measure success by the money; I measure it as to how I have gotten to reach success and the quality of the success.

The majority of people who have reached success don’t realize that there is more to success than money. For example, the journey to reach success matters the most because you meet people and experience things that mold you into someone with character. My Grandfather is a perfect example of success, because although he has Alzheimer’s he doesn’t let that stop him from bringing joy and positivity to those around him. Every time I’m with him I can tell he’s happy even though he’s not rich because he doesn’t measure success by money he has showed me that character is what makes the person successful. Nowadays character cannot really be found in people who have reached success , because they are so overwhelmed with money that they forget who they are on the inside. You can tell the difference between people who have character than the ones who don’t because people with character tend to stay true to their roots and they are the kind of people who stay humble even with the money.

The experiences along the road to success are something else that I take into account when I measure success. People in our society right now prefer to measure the success of life by how long you live and the money instead people should measure life by the quality of those years and how good those years were. You can play it safe, live to 100 plus years and do nothing your whole life and then what? Do you feel accomplished? Do you feel successful? The experiences along the way the road to success make the success seem rewarding in the end , because after facing all the “noise” and adversity you finally reach your goal all the success actually feels rewarding because of the experiences.

Success cannot be measured by money because you are the judge of your own success and how you have reached success and the quality of the success determines whether you are successful or not. In 30 years I will look back on my life and I will ask myself a question that experiences, people, and character are take into consideration.

Critical Writing Assignment on interview with the Dalai Lama

Critical Writing Assignment on interview with the Dalai Lama.

Write a 1100 word paper in which you critically analyze the perspective of the Dalai Lama as found in Module 7 of the course from the vantage point of John Hick’s position and you may role play if you choose, but your paper must take up and defend a clear thesis and the paper must include substantial engagement and specific references to both the Dalai Lama interview and the article by Hick. Dalai Lama, “Buddhism, Christianity, and the Prospects for World Religion” interview John Hick, “Religious Pluralism and Ultimate Reality article Defend a thesis and should proceed according to the following format: Thesis, Argument, Objection(s), Response(s), and Conclusion. Include citations to the primary required class readings. These and any additional sources must be properly cited using MLA format. Standard 10-12 pt. font.

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