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Subway target segmentation Young optimism People who fall in “young optimism” segment are one of the regular customers who want a fast healthy and cheap meal. This segment includes young professionals, technocrats and students who would visit during lunch time and/or dinner time. These young optimists are busy with their Jobs or studies and therefore wouldn’t be able to make their own meal at times. Since they enjoy outgoing lifestyle they’ll love to stop by Subway and eat there. Socially aware

Socially aware people are another segment that would love to stop by Subway with colleagues and mates, having a meal and discussing about their favourite topics such as politics and economy. Since they enjoy trying things that are new or different, theyd love trying different Subway food combinations. Look at me This is another possible segment. Since these people are active and peer-driven, theyd love to eat out at Subway with their mates. They basically live on fast food and high sugar content drinks.

Theyd love a big meal that is served at Subway instead of just a burger. Something better People in this segment would be busy with life and would like a fast lunch or dinner. Visible achievers Visible achievers who would mostly be business people would prefer a good meal at an expensive restaurant but restaurants are usually slow at making meals so these people would like a healthy faster alternative at times. Since they like traveling theyd be tempted to stop by Subway for a fast healthy meal instead of a restaurant.

Theological Anthropology and the Phenomenology of Disease and Illness

Theological Anthropology and the Phenomenology of Disease and Illness.

 QUESTION 1- Refer to the GCU Introduction, The Death of Ivan Ilych by Tolstoy and the three concepts of the “healing environment” found in chapters 7-9 of Called to Care: A Christian Worldview for Nursing. What is the phenomenology of illness and disease (i.e. the personal “what it is like”)? Cite references from your reading to support your answer. What is a personal analysis of your own experience with illness and disease and how several factors colored that experience? How can you relate to The Death of Ivan Ilych? QUESTION 2- What is the Christian concept of the imago dei? How might it be relevant to our unique approach in health care and why is it important?

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