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Subchapter S Corps & Partnerships devry tutorcom essay help Biology essay help

Defines businesses & compares purposes, formation, federal income tax issues, pension plans & benefits, shareholder liability.

This research paper describes the essential similarities and differences between a Subchapter S corporation (an S corporation) and a partnership with the emphasis on the difference in their treatment for federal income tax purposes. It also includes a discussion of the tax treatment of pension plans and pension benefits. The principal advantage of an S corporation over a partnership is that shareholders of-an S corporation can obtain limited liability and the flow-through tax advantages of a partnership. An S corporation is, however, not the only way owners can obtain those goals. To some degree, a limited partnership can achieve them. Professional corporations can be formed by the owners of certain types of professional firms such as attorneys. And, since 1990, limited liability…

a dissertation due on the 29th and really need help with my research and results section.

need help with my research and forming my results. the question i’ve been given is to compare 3 drug interventions when it comes to treating generalised anxiety disorder. so we pick 3 different drugs and compare each drug with a placebo. so we have to collect 3 papers per drug and then do data analysis where we place the data into the spss system and form a table and then use excel to form a graph showing the differences after treatment with each drug