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SU The Effects of Citation Instruction to Avoid Plagiarism Discussion

SU The Effects of Citation Instruction to Avoid Plagiarism Discussion.

The original discussion needs to between 4-8 sentences. Responds 4 sentences is good. included any references. PLEASE LABEL EACH SECTIONPART 1: From the video, Creating the Marketing Plan, answer the following:…All of you will need to use external research to write your marketing plan. All academic writing is based on references, and there is a difference in the quality of references that you will find. You are required to use peer-reviewed, academic references to support your work.In your own words, what is a peer-reviewed, academic reference and why is this necessary? How can you avoid plagiarism when you are using academic references?Search the Strayer University Library or Internet for an article that supports your statement and post the link in your discussion, using SWS formatting, for everyone to read.Read and respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts.Here is an additional discussion involving current events that should be of interest. Please read the article below and feel free to discuss this in the concept of marketing. Make sure to complete the original discussion post too!…brands and insurrection.pdf RESPOND 1A: DAVID Hello classmates,In your own words, what is a peer-reviewed, academic reference and why is this necessary? Peer reviewed, academic reference is when an article is written by an expert in a particular field then having it reviewed by other experts in the field before it is published. The material is more likely to be scientifically valid and have reached a reasonable conclusion. This high standard of writing and research results in the highest quality of scholarly articles on your subject which is considered an ideal reference source.How can you avoid plagiarism when you are using academic references?It’s ok to get inspiration when we are creating something. But, to pass the author’s work as your own would be considered dishonest. Plagiarism is the representation of another author’s language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions as one’s own original work. Plagiarism is also considered as a breach of journalistic ethics. One way I avoid plagiarism is to create an outline of any writing project. This allows me to list the key points of the project. At that point, I can conduct my research. Once my research is done, I can expand on each point of my outline in my own words.DMRESPOND 1B: MARLON Greetings class, For this week’s discussion we were asked to discuss Peer-reviews as an academic reference and why is it important. Peer-reviews are used by scholarly and academic journals to assist in the editorial process. This is important to ensure that the piece is reviewed and verified for accuracy from by one or more peers who are experts in the author’s subject area. If it were not for this process it would be difficult for scholarly and academic journals to verify all of the information being published for accuracy. This could lead to misinformation being published. I can avoid plagiarism by only using Strayer University acceptable sources within my work. Furthermore, to avoid plagiarism it is important to always include citations for work that I have used from someone else. This ensures the original author receives the credit for the work they created or published. “We refer to plagiarism as an act of submitting a document that belongs partially or completely to somebody else without due reference, and therefore misrepresents the effort that has been carried out by the submitting author” (Perkins,1).ReferenceMike Perkins, Gezgin Basar, Jasper Roe. May 1, 2020. Reducing plagiarism through academic misconduct education. p. 1-15. 2: Please respond to the following:Analyze the major pros and cons of a single-step income statement and a multistep income statement. Identify at least two critical items of a multistep income statement that is useful to creditors. Provide a rationale for your response.RESPOND 2A: TAMARAIncome statement of a business means a statement which describe about the net income of the business, so a business prepare income statement to know the net income of the business for a certain period. On the other hand, a multi-step income statement is prepared in a very detailed manner to explain and reveal many information about the net income of the business to the user of financial statements.There is pros and cons of each type of income statement, a single step statement is an easy statement in comparison of multi-step statement. Single step does not reveals so much information about the business operation it focus only on net income whereas multi step reveals very detailed information about the business operation. Single step statement only calculates net income of business whereas multi step income statement calculates gross profit, operating profit, net income. A user without detailed financial knowledge can read and understand the single step statement but user of multi-step statement requires detailed financial knowledge to understand. Single step statement is only viable in case of small business but big business always requires multi step statement.When preparing an income statement a small businesses have two options for reporting: single-step income statement or a multi-step income statement. Multi-step income statements provide an itemized breakdown for the revenue and expenses of business, categorized by operating and non-operating activities. The two critical items of a multistep income statement are:Operating income: It is computed as gross profit less operating expenses such as supplies, advertising, sales commissions, or office equipment.Non-Operating Head: It provides the incomes and expenses that are not related to the main activities of the company such as lawsuit claim paid by the business and insurance compensation paid by an insurance firm to the business.Reference: 2B: JESSICAAnalyze the major pros and cons of a single-step income statement and a multistep income statement. Identify at least two critical items of a multistep income statement that is useful to creditors. Provide a rationale for your response. Income statements measures a companies performance when it comes to finances over a period of time. Income statements can be prepared and ready quarterly or annually for review. A single step income statement is simplistic. It takes the information provided and is very straight forward. This kind of income statement is perfect for Sole Proprietors and owners that take part in a partnership. When it comes to telling a relating the information and gathering an overall picture this form is subpar. It does not dive as deep as other statements and leaves out important information tat could be useful in planning for the future of any business. A multi step income statement provides an itemization of money movement. These types of statements would help business structures like corporations. Two important pieces of information that can be gathered from a multi step income statement are gross profit and profit margin. These numbers are in turn related to the investors in a picture that portrays the overall health, profitability, and sustainability of a company. A few things to consider that can be seen as a weakness to this structure would be the time that it takes to itemize and the margin of error. Being able to transact then putting that into the statement can be a long process. If the data and transactions are put into the wrong area on the income statement the numbers and the story the numbers tell will not read correctly. This could lead to investors and analysts not getting the correct information. Even though the itemization process can be long and tiresome the end result tells a more complete story of the business. Creditors and investors want to see the potential of the business moving into different seasons. Events such as elections, epidemics, and simple changes to laws can change a way any organization does business. The analysts, creditors, and investors want to make sure the business will be viable and profitable for a long period of time. The information provide on the multi step income statement helps but those individuals look more specifically at the gross profit and operating income to better determine the future of a company and the steps that they will take.
SU The Effects of Citation Instruction to Avoid Plagiarism Discussion

Glendale Community College Moment of Awareness Paper.

Please begin by describing a moment of awareness when
something strikes you and you feel a sudden new level of understanding, or conversely an
unexpected level of confusion, disturbance, anger, or loss. Describe and explore the feelings
that emerge from your moment of awareness. Then, notice and describe how those feelings
become thoughts, ideas, opinions, convictions, or intuitions. Finally, describe how those
thoughts trigger and result in actions, instantaneously or across time.I need 2 pages double spaced and it does not have to be professional with titles or topic sentences its just a personal thing.Note* This writing is meant to be as personal as possible and can take the form of
notes, mental and emotional leaps, flashes of inspiration, questions you suddenly want to
examine, or a flashlight that lets you search out and peer into dark spaces in your life. Please
write in a way that connects you most fully to your feelings, to impulses, to your thought
processes, and that lets you see your actions from the inside and from the outside.
Glendale Community College Moment of Awareness Paper

A healing physical environment, a culture of radical loving care and integration of technology are all key components of a healing hospital. These three very important factors must be taken into consideration for a healing hospital to be successful. Instituting these three components and integrating them into a hospital can be very challenging at best with many barriers which need to be overcome. In this paper, a discussion of the three components and investigation of the challenges and barriers that healing hospitals must conquer will be presented. One component of a healing hospital is creating a healing physical environment. This means a quiet environment so patients can sleep which enables their cells to regenerate much faster and accelerates the healing process (Eberst, 2006). To promote a quiet environment, physical changes in the hospital may need to occur if they are not already in place. A few examples of physical changes are carpeted patient care areas, putting a silencer on cleaning machines and instituting a policy of no overhead paging unless there is an emergent situation (Eberst, 2006). The quiet environment also has a secondary advantage of creating a stress free environment for patients, families, employees and all other health care personnel (Eberst, 2006). Another component is fostering a culture of radical loving care which is considered the most important of the three. Radical loving care occurs when all employees join together and commit to creating an environment of caring focused on each and every patient (Chapman, 2003). For example, a patient turns on their call light and the administrator or a maintenance employee is walking down the hallway, the administrator or maintenance employee sees the light and immediately, without hesitation, goes into the patients room to see what the patients needs are. This is the true concept of radical loving care where each patient is everyone’s patient. This approach encompasses the healing of patients by not only meeting their physical needs but also their spiritual and emotional needs (Eberst, 2006). The last component is integrating technology into the hospital. First, it is important that we find ways to provide patients with more privacy and security (Eberst, 2006). This will allow them the preservation of their dignity during their hospitalization which can be a very stressful time for some patients (Eberst, 2006). Also, it is beneficial to provide patients with some in-room entertainment such as offering educational materials related to their specific problem, music and other activities (Eberst, 2006). Furthermore, having technologically advanced equipment is advantageous to the patients as it can speed up the process when getting test results in areas such as radiology, lab and so on which in turn helps to decrease the patients anxiety (Eberst, 2006). Instituting the components needed for a healing hospital can be challenging with many barriers that will need to be overcome. First, there is the challenge of bringing the physicians, nurses and all other staff on board with the philosophy of a healing hospital (Ananth, 2009). It is imperative that there be open lines of communication between all staff members and that all staff view each patient as theirs, not hers or his (Ananth, 2009). Furthermore, when hiring employees, it is essential to look for people who are willing to go above and beyond for their patient’s and peers as well as having the appropriate skills necessary for the position in which they are applying (Eberst, 2006). Building a team who supports the philosophy of a healing hospital is imperative.when creating a culture encompassing radical loving care. Developing this culture will take the healthcare workers back to why they became healthcare workers in the first place (Eberst, 2006). This culture is based on a holistic approach to healing which involves meeting the patient’s physical, spiritual and emotional needs (Eberst, 2006). The employees need to understand that they are invited into the lives of their patients during an extremely stressful time in their patient’s lives and that they can make a difference with each encounter they have with that patient or the patient’s family (Eberst, 2006). Furthermore, there is the challenge of creating a healing physical environment which presents a financial barrier for most hospitals to overcome. To promote healing, it is important that the hospital is able to provide a quiet environment. There are several ways a hospital can accomplish this such as having all hallways carpeted, putting silencers on cleaning machines and allowing no overhead pages except in cases of emergencies (Eberst, 2006). However, these interventions can be costly if the hospital does not already have carpeted hallways, silencers on their machines or alternative methods of communication already in place for the staff as they would not be doing over head paging (Eberst, 2006). The benefits of a quiet environment not only creates and promotes an optimal healing environment for patient’s but also provides a calmer, stress free environment for employees (Eberst, 2006). Lastly, it is important for the healing hospital to integrate work design and technology into their hospitals for employees and patients. It is important to find ways for staff to work more efficiently, provide additional privacy and security for patients as well as providing technologically advanced equipment that expedite test results (Eberst, 2006). For the staff, implementing an electronic medical record system will allow more efficient access to the patient’s medical record. By providing additional privacy and security for patient’s, this preserves the patient’s dignity (Eberst, 2006). As for the technologically advanced equipment, it enables quicker test results which will decrease the patient’s anxiety that often occurs with long wait times for results (Eberst, 2006). There are many other things that can be done in this area but it is important to remember that the costs of these changes are a huge barrier to most hospitals. There is a bible verse that fits with the philosophy of a healing hospital, Jeremiah 33:6. This passage is about health and healing of the people to enable them to enjoy abundant peace and security in their lives. The healing hospital supports the aspects of this passage. Care providers facilitate the healing of patients patient’s physically, emotionally and spiritually which gives them a sense of security and peace Jeremiah 33:6 (King James). In conclusion, for a healing hospital to truly be successful all three components must be instituted and the barriers and challenges over come. Healing hospitals focus on all aspects of the patients needs and create an environment that is conducive to optimal healing. Every employee has a unique opportunity and the ability to have a role in the healing of all patients. The healing hospitals philosophy is centered on the holistic aspects of care and promotes care not only for the patient but also encompasses the family. All hospitals should consider instituting the philosophy of the healing hospital as it provides compassionate care to patients and excellence in the services they provide as well as increased staff satisfaction.
1,250–1,500 words. Help me study for my Management class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Effective communication is more than something that the project manager must schedule. It is more like a means of doing business. The project manager will not only need to communicate with his or her staff; he or she will also need to communicate with his or her supervisors and with the primary stakeholders to report back progress or obstacles. It can be argued that the most important quality of a project manager is good communication skills. Without effective communication, the project manager risks the disintegration of the project rather than integration of the project.
Using what you know about your stakeholders, develop a communication management plan for the IRTC project. This should identify the project stakeholders who must be reached. For each group of stakeholders or individuals, describe the communication mechanism, the frequency of communication, the format, other parties involved, the initiator’s responsibilities, and the recipients’ responsibilities. Explain your rationale for your plan.
Assignment Guidelines:

Address the following in 1,250–1,500 words:

Use a Stakeholder Register to identify the project stakeholders that must be engaged for the IRTC project.
For each group of stakeholders or individuals,

Describe the required communication mechanism.
Explain the necessary frequency of communication.
Explain the communication format.
Explain whether or not there are secondary stakeholders involved.
Explain the responsibilities of both the initiator and recipient.

Summarize your final communication plan, and explain the rationale behind it.

1,250–1,500 words

Alternative Therapies in Postmenopausal Women

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Introduction Menopause, or the condition that occurs as a result of ovarian function declining and serum levels of estradiol and progesterone decreasing in women between the ages of 45-65, is one of the nine leading causes of depression in America (Schub T., et al. 2018). The symptoms of depression are debilitating for all people that experience them but for women who are experiencing them as yet another effect of living with menopause, they can truly wear on the person even more. With over 27 million American women between the ages of 45-65 experiencing depression and its symptoms as a part of their daily life with menopause, nurses need to be able to offer better ways to alleviate the indications of symptomatic depression for these patients (Schub T., et al. 2018). That is why I endeavored to research in postmenopausal women, what is the effect of alternative therapies such as meditation and yoga and aromatherapy on the symptomatic depression they experience compared with hormonal therapies? Significance The significance of this study is to find which kind of treatment, alternative or hormonal, works better for women experiencing depression as a symptom of menopause. The symptoms of menopause differ for every woman, but all effect the patient’s daily life. The most common symptoms are pain during sexual intercourse, insomnia, excessive tiredness, loss of hair, mood swings, and depression (Schub T., et al. 2018). The most common symptoms of depression are intense feelings of sadness, helplessness, hopelessness, anxiety, feelings of apathy and disinterest in activities, and thoughts of suicide (Uribe L., et al. 2018). All of these symptoms have an intense and immediate effect on the patient’s quality of life, which the nurse can have an effect on and improve. Review of Literature Article One The first article I researched was A Study to evaluate the effect of Yoga on Insomnia among Postmenopausal Women in Selected Rural Areas at Vadodara. The reason I chose this article was because insomnia is an over-lapping symptom of both depression and menopause that causes a decrease in quality of life due to tiredness. The study was quantitative and used a pre-experimental design with one group pre-test and post-test. The independent variable was yoga and the dependent variable was the experience of insomnia in post-menopausal women. The conclusion was that the intervention of teaching and then having women implement yoga into their lives changed the incidence of insomnia in post-menopausal from 55% to 35%. This article supports the possibility that alternative therapies, such as yoga, can have a positive effect on the symptoms of depression in menopause by itself without the need for hormonal therapy. Simple teaching of alternative therapies that can make a big difference in a patient’s quality of life is an important thing for nurses to add to their normal practice. The ways that this could be implemented into nursing care is to offer learning resources and group classes for patient’s to practice yoga in a way that would best benefit them. (Patel R., et al. 2015) Article Two The second article I researched was Conventional or Natural Pharmacotherapy and the Prevalence of Anxiety and Depression during Menopause. The reason I chose this article was because it measures whether the addition of hormones to pharmacotherapy used to treat depression associated with menopause made a difference in the patient’s experience. The study was multi-centered and conducted in gynecological clinics. The patients were separated into study groups depending on whether they were in pre-menopause, peri-menopause, or post-menopause. The results of the study showed that from all three groups the women that had hormonal therapy along with their antidepressants experienced the most relief from their depressive symptoms. This article supports the statement that hormonal therapies, such as supplemental estrogen and progesterone, are most effective in treating peri-menopausal depressive symptoms. The only issue with this therapy is availability. Because estrogen and progesterone are hormonal therapies, they must be prescribed and are able to be taken over the counter and they can be expensive as insurance will not always pay for them. (Kopciuch D., et al. 2017) Article Three The third article I researched was Mindfulness training for coping with hot flashes: results of a randomized trial. The reason I chose this article is because it measures the effect of mindfulness, or meditation, on hot flashes, a common symptom of menopause that can contribute to the symptomatic depression that menopausal women experience. This study was a randomized trial that used a pre-test and post-test to measure how much the women felt that the routine of meditation before bed and every morning affected their experiences with night sweats and hot flashes. The results showed in the post-test which occurred three months after the intervention there was a 21% decrease in intensity. This article supports the possibility that alternative therapies, such as meditation, can have a positive effect on the symptoms of depression in menopause by itself without the need for hormonal therapy. This, like yoga, can be implemented into nursing care through offering educational reading tools or finding public groups that the patient can join to learn how to implement the intervention into their daily life. (Carmody J., et al. 2013) Article Four The fourth article I chose is Effects of Aromatherapy on Menopausal Symptoms, Stress, and Depression in Middle-Aged Women: A Systematic Review. The reason I chose this article was because it measure the effect aromatherapy has on the depressive symptoms of menopausal women. The study involved the review of two randomized controlled trials involving aromatherapy massages as the intervention for alleviation of menopause symptoms. Both trials results showed that aromatherapy was effective in treating depressive symptoms of menopause as well as other feelings of stress and anxiety that patients were expressing. This article supports the possibility that that alternative therapies, such as aromatherapy, can have a positive effect on the symptoms of depression in menopause by itself without the need for hormonal therapy. Aromatherapy is an inexpensive and accessible intervention that the nurse can recommend when the patient is unable to leave the house or be mobile enough to attend support groups. (Kim S., et al. 2016) Article Five The fifth article I researched was Concurrent use of self-prescribed complementary and alternative medicine, and hormone replacement therapy in menopause: possible side effects. The reason I chose this article was because it tries to find whether women believe that using complementary alternative medicine, such as exercise, yoga, and meditation, along with their prescribed hormones to treat their menopausal symptoms helped more or less than just the hormones themselves. The study was informal and has many limitations because there was no set list of questions asked, but the results showed that the majority of women felt that when alternative therapy was implemented along with their hormonal prescription, they felt better and experienced fewer menopausal symptoms and that the intensity of the symptoms had lessened. This article combines the two interventions that I had meant to compare into one intervention, and shows how it increases the effectiveness of both. I feel that this shows the importance of alternate therapies, because the women found the hormonal therapy they were already receiving was made more effective by adding alternate therapies such as yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy. These therapies are not difficult for nurses to implement along with the care already given by offering reading materials and places to find group classes in the community that can help women include these interventions into their normal routine. (Peng W., et al. 2016) Conclusion After the research that I did, I feel that the answer to the question ‘what is the effect of alternative therapies such as meditation and yoga and aromatherapy on the symptomatic depression they experience compared with hormonal therapies?’ is simply that the wrong question was asked in the first place. I think that either therapy, hormonal or alternative, can be effective alone depending on the individual that the therapy is prescribed or taught to, but that the most effective way to help any patient, but especially post-menopausal women experiencing symptoms of depression, is to include both kinds of interventions into the plan of care to help make the patient’s quality of life increase as much as possible. The interventions posed would mostly involve nurses taking an extra moment or two to do some teaching, which most nurses can easily implement when discussing discharge instructions or when planning the next visit to the healthcare provider. I think that doing this teaching can make a real difference in the lives of these patients, which as nurses should always be our first and foremost priority. References Carmody, J., PhD, RN, Crawfor, S., PhD, RN, Salmoirago-Blotcher, E., PhD, RN,

Precautionary Principle Environment and Development Essay

assignment helper Precautionary Principle Environment and Development Essay.

The Precautionary Principle was adopted at the Rio Conference on Environment and Development in 1992. It has since been incorporated into European Union law while this has not happened in the United States. Read and O’Riordan discuss how the precautionary principle is being undermined by industry interests. A) What does the precautionary principle mean, i.e. how does it inform policymaking? B) The innovation principle has been suggested as an alternative approach. Explain who is advocating it and what it means, i.e. how it differs from the precautionary principle? C) In practical terms, there are limits to the usefulness of the PP. Explore this question (no politically correct answer)?
Precautionary Principle Environment and Development Essay

BUSI 4046 University of Fraser Valley Home Renovation Company Business Design Essay

BUSI 4046 University of Fraser Valley Home Renovation Company Business Design Essay.

I’m working on a business project and need support to help me understand better.

we are starting a home renovation company and we need a New Business Design for our newly started company. Choose the legal structure for a home renovation an company that you would like to start. we are starting this company in Toronto, Canada.Selecting the appropriate legal form of your business is an important first step. You should examine the legal obligations of your business and the need to meet laws and government regulations. These may encourage you to adopt a legal structure that reduces your liability exposure.What are the processes and technology that you will need to create your product or service?Now is a good time to think about the processes and technology that your enterprise will require, including the structure of your work. What are the job tasks that will need to be accomplished? How much of each process will each person control? Will one person take the process from beginning to end? Will the tasks require special competencies? What will the “jobs” look like?What are your human resource needs?Who will do these jobs? Where will you find them? How many of each will you need?How will you make your organization design scalable?How will your design accommodate the growth you foresee in your enterprise?Review the rubric for this assignment.Activity/Competencies Demonstrated% of Final Grade expected to demonstrate competency in regards to critical thinking, communication (spelling and grammar), and APA formatting in their response to the following learning outcomes.a. Analysis the pros and cons of alternative business legal formats./20b. Choose an appropriate legal format and discuss why it is the best for the new business./15c. Identify and discuss the processes and technology that the work of the new business will require./15d. Identify the major job tasks and the breadth of work to be accomplished by production of employees./15e. Describe the human resource needs at start-up./10f. Describe how the organization will be scalable to accommodate growth. /10g. Demonstrate good organization, including a strong introduction and conclusion./15Total/1003 -4 pages
BUSI 4046 University of Fraser Valley Home Renovation Company Business Design Essay

Product of Photosynthesis and Mendels Law of Independent Assortment Questions

Product of Photosynthesis and Mendels Law of Independent Assortment Questions.

the exam will be tomorrow. and there are some example questions1.Where is chlorophyll found in a plant cell?a. stroma; b. cristae; c. grana; d. large central vacuoles; e. matrix2. The oxygen released into the air as a product of photosynthesis comes froma. water; b. glucose; c. carbon dioxide; d. chlorophyll; e. none of the choices are correct3. Which of the following are produced during the light reactions of photosynthesis?a. glucose, ADP, NADP+; b. glucose, ADP, NADP+, carbon dioxide; c. ADP, NADP+, oxygen; d. ATP, NADPH, oxygen; e. ATP, NADPH, carbon dioxide4. The Calvin cycle involves all of the following except:a. carbon fixation; b. reduction of carbon; c. addition of electrons and protons to carbon; d. regeneration of NADP+; e. formation of waste products in the form of carbon dioxide5. As a result of the cascade of electrons down the electron transport chains of the light reactions,a. NADPH is reduced to NADP+; b. NADPH is oxidized to NADP+; c. NADP+ is reduced to NADPH; d. NADP+ is oxidized to NADPH; e. water is formed6. The Calvin cycle constructs _______________, an energy-rich molecule that a plant cell can then use to make glucose or other organic molecules.
Product of Photosynthesis and Mendels Law of Independent Assortment Questions

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