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Style format: 12 point font, double spaced lines, one inch page margins, no extra spaces between paragraphs, indented first

Style format: 12 point font, double spaced lines, one inch page margins, no extra spaces
between paragraphs, indented first sentences of paragraphs

File format: .doc, .docx, .rtf or .pdf file

Assignment prompt:
Answer the below questions with one substantial paragraph per answer (minimum 4 sentences,
maximum 200 words). The first sentence should provide a specific answer to the whole
question. The rest of the paragraph should provide information and quotes drawn from
assigned reading in order to provide examples that support your answer.

1) According to Vol. 1, Chap. 6 of Who Built America?, what are some of the ways that
African Americans (both those who were enslaved and those whom the text calls “free
blacks”) challenged the institution of slavery in the U.S., and how did slave owners
respond to those challenges? Answer should be two paragraphs, one paragraph to
answer each part of question, with at least one example per paragraph. (50% of grade)

2) According to the “A Transformation Begins” section of Vol. 1, Chap. 7 of Who Built
America?, who benefited and who struggled as a result of the shift away from
household and subsistence production to factory and market production in the northern
U.S. in the early 19th century? As part of your answer, summarize the text’s explanation
for why these groups benefited or struggled. (25% of grade)

3) According to the “Urban Mayhem and Middle-Class Reform” section of Vol. 1, Chap. 8 of
Who Built America?, what were “moral reform” campaigns and how did they influence
the development of a campaign for women’s rights? (25% of grade)

Identifying and Citing Sources
When quoting a text, you must identify in your writing who or what you are quoting—for
example, the text itself, the name and title of a person quoted in the text, the name of an
historical figure referenced in the text, the title and date of a document that runs alongside the
main text, etc. If the meaning of the quote is not obvious, you should analyze and/ or explain
the quote’s meaning and how it helps support your argument.

Unless otherwise noted, it will be assumed that the textbook is the source for your writing. You
should not use outside sources (including web sites). But if you do, you must cite those outside
sources using footnotes or endnotes formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style:
Failure to place verbatim text from sources in quotes, failure to cite outside sources, or having
someone complete your assignment for you are forms of plagiarism and violations of the
student code. Students who are found to have plagiarized will receive a zero for the
assignment, and no opportunity to redo the assignment.

Operations Management – Morrison Compnay Case Study

Operations Management – Morrison Compnay Case Study.

Operations Management – Morrison Compnay Case Study 

After reading the case, provide a written analysis that includes the following. Your analysis should be 3 pages typed, double-spaced, 12-point font. 1) Provide an analysis of the current situation: What are the problems and how serious are they? What is their effect on the system? What’s causing the problems? Perform a capacity analysis. How did Morrison get into this situation? How has its business evolved? Has operations changed to accommodate this growth? 2) Provide a comparative analysis of product lines: What criteria should be used to assess the respective performance of the product lines? What are the competitive priorities of each? How well does Morrison meet these criteria? What does its production system have to be good at? What are the differences in product characteristics between the two product lines? Why does the mismatch matter? Is it that the existing system is not working well, or is it the wrong system? 3) Recommendations: How do you propose to resolve the conflict between what the products require and the current system’s capabilities? Would you divide production to separate the product lines? What are the benefits of dividing production by product line? What are the risks? What about splitting standardized from custom products? How might that be achieved? Are any other changes required?

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Future robotics technology

Style format: 12 point font, double spaced lines, one inch page margins, no extra spaces between paragraphs, indented first Future robotics technology.

 Description Based on future technologies, there are AI companion robots in the future that were invented to assist human in their household. The robot main objectives are: -To provide a companion friend who intimately linked with you as well as able to facilitate you with the specialized functions such as house maid, chef, babysitting, and nursing. -Help to collect data of the activities that the owners do and able to suggest/advice based on these data analytics. -Adaptive AI able to change according to the owners need Write an essay on how 1) cloud computing and 2) the use of mobile application technology can be utilize in order to help with the function of the companion robot. Example: -Able to easily control AI from the application on mobile phone.

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