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Case Study Questions 1. What are UPS “Smart Labels? ” What role do they play in UPS operations? The UPS Smart Label is a computer-generated shipping label that you can create using your personal computer. One of the key elements of the smart label is the barcode. The information contained in a smart-label barcode can benefit you significantly.

Among these, a UPS Smart Label provides you with the following: Increased reliability, since the barcode contains data imported directly from your system, Improved transit time, because smart-label packages pass through UPS systems at top speed and Access to value-added services reserved for packages with UPS Smart Labels 2. Write out the steps a package takes from pick-up by a UPS driver to delivery including the role of DIAD, the UPS Data Center, and the UPS Package Center.

The process starts with the customer inputting all the information about the package and destination of it, then all this information is sent to a main warehouse that have a database, automatically the system generates a “smart label” which will be attached to the package for shipment. Every morning when the driver is ready to head out, he picks up a DIAD IV, which the new model is enhanced and updates in the morning showing the driver his route for the day, and connecting to different cell phone signal antennas to download information about re-routings and new pick-ups they might need to do.

Once the package is picked-up or delivered by the driver, the package is scanned and all this information sent up to the main data center, providing up to the minute information about the package so that customers can track their package. At the same time all this is happening, every time the package goes thru a package center the same is scanned and all the info loaded in to the database. When all the information processed in the system the destination center has all the information on hand available, for routing purposes and planning ahead of time. 3.

What role does wireless communication play in the UPS systems? To ensure maximum flexibility in field transmission capabilities the DIAD IV includes multiple wireless connectivity options. Each DIAD IV features a built-in GPRS and CDMA radio, that allows the system to update is routing thru cell phone signal, an acoustical modem to facilitate dial-up access if necessary, and 802. 11 wireless LAN connectivity to enable transmission in a UPS center. It also features a Bluetooth wireless personal area network and an infrared (IrDA) port to communicate with peripheral devices and customer PC’s/Printers. . How has information technology transformed the package delivery business? By early 1999, UPS was connected with some 15,000 customers who had downloaded UPS’s Internet Tools for integration in to their web sites. UPS is the shipping industry leader in e-commerce. A Zona Research study found that UPS delivered 55 percent of online purchases during the 1998 holiday season. In addition to shipping for six of the top 10 Internet retailers, UPS handles the largest percentage of business-to-business movement of production inputs and inventory.

Conceptions of the self in Western and Eastern psychology

Conceptions of the self in Western and Eastern psychology.

Conceptions of the self in Western and Eastern psychology

The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity to read and think critically about the ideas of early personality theorists (Freud, Jung, et al.) and how their theoretical frameworks relate to those of an alternate cultural framework (i.e., Eastern/Buddhist). This assignment provides students the opportunity to hone their writing skills and demonstrate proficiency in APA formatting and style. In general, the structure of an article review is quite flexible and will vary according to the type of article, (e.g., scientific experiment, book review, editorial, or theoretical article, etc). The assigned article is conceptual (idea based), and not a scientific study. Therefore, you won’t find the typical introduction, method, results, and discussion sections found in an empirical journal. READ CAREFULLY **Your task is to describe the author’s thesis, explaining important concepts in a concise manner, and summarizing the author’s most important conclusions along the way. This will be the summary, after which, you’ll add your critical analysis. Although a critique is personal, your statements should echo a reasonable amount of objectivity. In other words, where you delve into statements of opinion, it will help your case if you can also present a logical basis for your statements. Please avoid making statements such as “I really enjoyed this article.” APA style is much more than just APA formatting. In fact, students often focus tremendous efforts on formatting their papers, while completely ignoring style. Spend some time reading chapters 3 and 4 of the APA Publication Manual, you’ll be glad you did. Wink For this assignment, I have chosen a reasonably short, (although not simplistic) article titled “Conceptions of the self in Western and Eastern psychology” by, Yozan Dirk Mosig, published in Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology Here’s the citation. Mosig, Y. D. (2006). Conceptions of the self in Western and Eastern psychology. Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, 26(1–2), 39–50. I am inserting a link to the article in the library’s database. I believe you will need to be logged into the library’s webpage for the link to work. It’s seems to work for some but not for others. If you have difficulty with the link, please make an attempt to look up the article in the PsycARTICLES database in the UWA library web page, you’ll find it quickly along with the .pdf file to access the full text.. Because of the depth of content in this article, the main body of your paper should be at least four pages for an adequate summary and analysis. I hope you find it as interesting as I did. Please do not focus too much on restating the “western perspective.” The author spends most of his time describing the alternative “Eastern” view, and this should be reflected in your paper, as well.

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