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Whenever you consider an argument, there are three rhetorical elements that affect how it was created and how effective it was. These rhetorical structures are audience, purpose, and context. Audience refers to the specific group of the people the writer is addressing. Purpose refers to the writer’s main point or purpose in creating the argument-?for example, is it to sell something, change minds, or enact new rules.

Context refers to all the external conditions that affect the creation of an argument.These conditions include events In the world related to the argument, elements that ay bring the audience together, and other components that Influence persuasive writing. In this assessment, you need to write a 600-word paper that analyzes how audience, purpose, and context can affect an argument. In order to brainstorm, plan, and organize this paper, complete the following steps: 1 . From the list given below, choose an argument along with the given sets of audience: a.Art education Is a valuable resource and should be fully funded by the government. (Present this argument to a cash-strapped school board that has just lost much of its funding for extra programs: then present this argument to a group of wealthy donors at an Art Museum gala.

) b. Prisons should focus more on rehabilitation and education than on punishment. (Present this argument to a law enforcement agency; then, present it to a group of educators who are doing volunteer work in a prison. C. Taxes should be raised on higher income brackets in order to fund social programs for at-risk and undeserved, low income children. (Present this idea to a group of wealthy businesspeople; then present it to a community center in an urban, low income area. ) d.

Due to the environmental strains of too many cars, every American should only be allowed to own one vehicle. (Present this idea to a group of auto manufacturers; then, present this idea to a group of middle class parents. ) 2.Consider how you would present the chosen argument to the two different groups of people under different conditions: a. For group one, use your imagination and write three to six sentences that explain: I. Who is the first audience (identified in each argument) you will present to? I’. What is your purpose in presenting this argument?

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