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As the company’s age reached the quarter-century mark, La Crosse, now in his mid-fifties, realized that the organization’s success and survival depended on expansion to other parts of the United States. After consulting with employees, La Crosse made the difficult decision to sell a majority share to Build-AU Products Inc. , a conglome rate with international marketing expertise in building products. As part of the agreement, Build- All brought in a vice president to oversee product ion operations while La Crosse spent more time meeting with developers.

La Crosse would return to the plant and office at every opportunity, but often this would be only once a month. Rather than visiting the production plant, Jan Vlodoski, the new production vice president, would rarely leave his office in the company’s downtown headquarters. Instead production orders were sent to supervisors by memorandum. Although product quality had been a priority throughout the company’s history, less attention had been paid to inventory controls. Viodoski introduced strict inventory guidelines and outlined procedures on using supplies for each shift.

Goals were established for supervisors to meet specific inventory targets. Whereas employees previously could have tossed out several pieces of warped wood, they would now have to justify this action, usually in writing. Vlodoski also announced new procedures for purchasing production supplies. La Crosse Industries had highly trained purchasing staff who worked closely with senior craftspeople when selecting suppliers, but Vlodoski wanted to bring in Build-All’s procedures.

The new purchasing methods removed production leaders from the decision process and, in some cases, resulted in trade-offs that La Crosse’s employees would not have made earlier. A few employees quit during this time, saying that they did not feel comfortable about producing a window that would not stand the test of time. However, there were few jobs for carpenters, so most staff members remained with the company. After one year inventory expenses decreased by approximately 10 percent, but the number of defective windows returned by developers and wholesalers had increased markedly.

Plant employees knew that the number of defective windows would increase as they used somewhat lower-quality materials to reduce inventory costs. However, they heard almost no news about the seriousness of the problem until Vlodoski sent a memo to all production staff saying that quality must be maintained. During the latter part of the first year under Vlodoski, a few employees had the opportunity to personally ask La Crosse about the changes and express their concerns. La Crosse apologized, saying due to his travels to new regions, he had not heard about the problems, and he would look into the matter.

Spectrum of coronary artery disease / cardiac markers /EKG/ recovery

Spectrum of coronary artery disease / cardiac markers /EKG/ recovery.

A 58-year-old man comes to the emergency department (ED) in the early afternoon with a 2-day history of severe chest pain. The pain started on wakening the previous day. He comes to the ED today because the pain is severe and no longer relieved by rest. His father died of a heart attack at age 62; he smokes one pack of cigarettes per day; and,he describes his lifestyle as sedentary. Blood pressure 180/96, pulse 98, temperature 99.8° F, respirations 20 Height 5’11”, weight 210 lbs, BMI 29.3 kg/m2 Skin diaphoretic and clammy Heart rhythm regular, no murmurs or extra heart sounds Cardiac markers and Electrocardiogram (EKG)—pending Discuss the spectrum of acute coronary syndrome. What would you anticipate this patient’s cardiac markers and electrocardiogram could potentially reveal?

Describe the healing process that occurs in the infarcted myocardium, identifying vulnerable periods during the healing process.

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