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Students will utilize chapter 5 and the section on analysis of theory to discuss this week’s theorists. Discuss clarity,

Students will utilize chapter 5 and the section on analysis of theory to discuss this week’s theorists. Discuss clarity, simplicity, generality, accessibility and the importance of the theory as discussed in the assigned reading. You will also discuss the biographical information of the theorist ,and add your own thoughts about what you read. How did the theorist impact your view of nursing or how you think you should care for patients? You are to utilize your book as your primary reference and then add any additional references that you utilized in your discussion. You have been assigned a theorist Which is Nightingale

EN105 Shark Tank and The Hookah Idea Essay

EN105 Shark Tank and The Hookah Idea Essay.

I will do the slides i just want u to make the idea into ESSAY i will bring some hand made hookahs and i will get the whole pacakge which includes two hoses and two bowl for the tobaco ,coils and flavored tobaco for the hookah it will cost me 50$ and the price going to be only for 99.99$ and i have benn smooking hookah for 8 years now and i know the perfect kit which im not gonna say now . if u have any questions please let me knowthe problem im trying to solve is .. the bad quality hookas in here which is linda offensive to my culture u dont have to be really formal and she is a really hard teacher with grammer . heads up lol good luck
EN105 Shark Tank and The Hookah Idea Essay

ISSC411 American Military University Week 7 PCI DSS Requirement Discussion

write my term paper ISSC411 American Military University Week 7 PCI DSS Requirement Discussion.

Note : Need original paperAssignment InstructionsIn order to complete assignment #7 you will need to answer the below questions. Please complete the questions in a Word document and then upload the assignment for grading. When assigning a name to your document please use the following format (last name_Assignment #7). Use examples from the readings, lecture notes and outside research to support your answers. The assignment must be a minimum of 1-full page in length with a minimum of 2 – outside sources. Please be sure to follow APA guidelines for citing and referencing source. Assignments are due by 11:55 pm Eastern time on Sunday.In 1-2 pages, Identify what tools you would use, along with the testing procedures provided, to evaluate Requirement 6 of the PCI DSS. Make sure to identify a tool (as applicable) for testing procedure and state the tool you would use to verify compliance.This assignment is a summative assessment for Course Objective 1.
ISSC411 American Military University Week 7 PCI DSS Requirement Discussion

Consultant project

Consultant project. Paper details 1. Project Background and Description Assume your company is competing for a bid to University Administration to create a product or service that will assist with developing graduates that are “career ready”, rather than “scholars”. You are tasked with proposing an INNOVATIVE solution for universities to be presented in the form of a written consultant proposal report. In creating your product or service proposal, that provides a solution for universities to produce career-ready graduates, you may be as general or specific as you choose. For example, you may propose developing an App for UNT students with BAAS business concentrations and Business School students that connects them with local companies and school districts for short-term job shadowing opportunities, temporary assistance for administration on special projects relating to developing career ready graduates (such as focus groups, corporate retreat planning assistance) or other corporate volunteering opportunities for temporary hands-on local job networking. This could serve the need of getting hands-on experience without long term commitments for students and help companies get help for particular jobs that require extra hands. You could also propose something larger, such as organizing a full-scale industry/university task force with missions such as curriculum addendums (short learning modules) to be used for all major’s capstone courses as well as organizing workshops for industry/student mentoring programs. You will have a maximum budget of $400,000 to be used for development and deployment of your innovation. Your team is not actually developing the product in this assignment, just the proposal. You are trying to sell your idea as better than any other proposal, so make sure to mention at least two alternative solutions and why your solution is superior. The key is to be as innovative as possible. Do something different! 2. Deliverables You will submit a Consultant Report Proposal. Suggested sections for report: Cover Page Table of Contents About Your Team Project summary Client problems (Who is the target audience and why is this a problem for them?) Proposed solution and project deliverables Comparison to other possible solutions (and why yours is better!) Timelines for Implementation Cost Estimate Sources/References You may need more sections, depending on your unique solution. There are no page requirements (although it would likely take at least 5 pages). You will need to fully explain and sell your idea to administration. Remember, they will need enough details to make an informed decision. I highly recommend using some form of template for a more polished look for your report. Below i have attached the table of content: ive come up with a consultant group Soaring Eagle is an App for job searching and intership training it will target UNT students grads 1. About your team: Soaring eagle- app name Target audience- For verified unt students/grads App is for jobs/internships/ training on the table of content could you work on the the first threeConsultant project

Chemistry homework help

Chemistry homework help. This is an assignment that focuses on the Human rights abuse or violation identification topic discussion. The paper also provides instruction on the writing criteria.,The Human rights abuse or violation identification topic discussion,Assignment Goals:  The first section of your paper is largely expository in nature.  (This means that it is primarily informative.)  Your goal in Part I is to introduce your reader to the Human Rights abuse/violation that you have selected as your topic and that you have been researching for some time now.,The style of this section is reportorial.  (This means that you are essentially performing the role of a newspaper writer who reports on a story, conveying primarily facts—the who, what, when, where, and why that are the standard components of the journalist’s trade.)  By the end of Part I of the paper, your reader should feel well-familiar with all aspects of your selected topic.,Assignment Requirements:, Prompt:,Please note that the section of the essay that you are writing for this assignment does not require an introduction.  We will be crafting the Introduction and Conclusion for our Major Research Essay after we have completed Parts I, II, and III.  Since you are not required to write an introduction for this section of the paper, you may proceed directly to your first body paragraph.,This section of your essay is intended to introduce your reader to your topic.  While your goal is to provide facts, this section of the paper also affords you the opportunity to invoke the power of pathos in order to impart to your reader the serious, vital, and urgent nature of the offense(s) associated with your selected ,Human Rights, concern.,As noted above, remember to address the following:,WHO?            Who are the primary players involved in your selected topic?  These may be individuals, groups, governments, institutions, etc.,WHAT?         What, precisely, has happened and is continuing to happen in regard to your selected topic?  Also, what is the nature of the abuse, offense, or violation?,WHEN?         When did these events begin?  Also, when did specific and relevant events occur?,WHERE?       Where are these events occurring?  Be specific in regard to country, region, city, town, neighborhood, etc.,WHY?            Why are these events occurring (i.e. what was their impetus or cause)?  Also, why is this situation a violation of the Human Rights of those involved?,[HOW:           You may have noticed that I left How off of the standard journalist’s list, which typically consists of the Five W’s & How.  This was not an oversight.  How was intentionally omitted from Part I of the paper because it will be addressed at length in Part II of the essay.  You should, therefore, specifically refrain from delving into aspects of your topic associated with how individuals, governments, organizations, law enforcement, etc. have attempted to address and/or resolve the abuses about which you are writing.],Attachments,Click Here To Download,Chemistry homework help