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Student Article Analysis Routes to Remembering summary and response essay help Chemistry assignment help

Student Article Analysis Routes to Remembering: the Brains Behind Superior Memory The focus of this experimental study was to determine what causes select individuals to have superior memory capabilities when compared to the others of the general population. To determine what caused this superior memory, the used three different methods of experimentation to test three different theories.

Using these methods they tested whether superior memorizers and control subjects differed in intellectual ability using neuropsychological testing, secondly did brain structure differ determined by the amount of grey matter volume in the brain, and third were there different parts of the brain activated when encoding or relaying information from the memory tests.

Database Applications

Exercise 11.10: Consider the EMPLOYEE database schema shown in Figure 4.6. Write PHP code to create the tables of this schema.
Exercise 11.11: Write a PHP program that creates Web forms for entering the information about the employees of a particular pay type (e.g. hourly / salaried).
Perform exercises using a word document with diagrams or other items pasted in if necessary. Be sure to paraphrase and included any sources used in finding solutions