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Strayer University Cloud Computing and Cloud Management Plan Research Paper

Strayer University Cloud Computing and Cloud Management Plan Research Paper.

Many organizations have adopted cloud computing. In this assignment, you will research cloud computing and explore its advantages and disadvantages. You will also consider best practices for adopting cloud computing, selecting a particular cloud computing service model, and assessing and mitigating security risks. For your research, please consult these articles: “A Brief Review: Security Issues in Cloud Computing and Their Solutions.” “Cloud Computing Security Risks: Identification and Assessment.” “Cloud Computing – Recent Trends in Information Technology.” Note: If you wish you may consult additional articles, but this is not required.RequirementsSpecifically you will write a 3–4-page paper in which you:Outline the planning process that needs to be in place before adopting cloud computing.Be sure to identify the stakeholders who need to be involved and the discussions that need to take place. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing. Describe the methodology you would use to select a cloud computing service model.Review the security risks and mitigation activities that need to take place before adopting cloud computing. Go to Basic Search: Strayer University Online Library to locate and integrate into the assignment at least three quality, peer-reviewed academic resources, written within the past five years. Include your textbook as one of your resources.Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as quality resources.FormattingThis course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions. Note the following: The preferred method is for your paper to be typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides.Include a cover page containing the assignment title, your name, your professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page is not included in the required page length.Include a source list page. Citations and references must follow SWS format. The source list page is not included in the required page length.Learning OutcomesThe specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:Review the basic security implications of modern computing environments.
Strayer University Cloud Computing and Cloud Management Plan Research Paper

Relationship Analysis. I need an explanation for this Communications question to help me study.

Being in a relationship can, at times, feel like you are living in a fishbowl—where it is a challenge to gain an outside perspective. As professional communicators, we can learn to use skills and strategies to take a step back and analyze our relationships to improve our communication performance at home or the office. Emotional intelligence and listening skills are critical soft skills that directly impact our relationships. Learning to recognize our own emotions, and those of others, is an important personal and professional skill. Listening skills, from active to empathetic, is a key skill to understanding ourselves and others.
In this Assignment, you complete Soft Skills Builder Assessments on Emotional Intelligence and Listening, learn about strengths and opportunities, and analyze a relationship that came apart.
To prepare for this Assignment:

Read the Communication Program Professional Writing Guidelines.
Read Chapter 7 Communication in Relationships and Chapter 5 Listening.
Read Emotional Intelligence: Developing Strong “People Skills.”
Read “Poor Listening Habits.”
Take the Soft Skills Builder Assessments on Emotional Intelligence and Listening. You will want to keep the results. These will be needed in Week 6, as well.

By Day 7
Write a 2- to 3-page paper that answers the following:

Describe a relationship that you have seen go through the coming apart stages. Identify which stage that relationship was in.
How did the emotional intelligence of the people involved affect the status of the relationship?
Which of the obstacles of effective listening played a role in the breakdown of the relationship?
What advice would you give to improve the relationship?

Please Note: Be sure to reference at least one scholarly or popular source to support your answer(s).
Relationship Analysis

Written by Jhumpa Lahiri, the book, Namesake, captures how individuals struggle with identity. Throughout the book, Gogol is caught up in an identity crisis as he strives to understand conflicting cultures and identities. Jhumpa Lahiri portrays Gogol as a lost insecure boy, fighting against the norm in the country he lives in, and living with his parents’ customs. Gogol is lost early in life when his parents decide to give him a second name after he joins kindergarten. The parents want him to have two identities with one represented by the name ‘Nikhil’, which should be used at school to fit in the American culture and ‘Gogol’ to be used at home as a representative of the Indian culture. However, Gogol does not want a name change for “He is afraid to be Nikhil, someone he doesn’t know. Who doesn’t know him” (Lahiri 57). As a little boy learning new things every day, a name represents something, but this incident fades from Gogol’s mind and he maintains his original name. However, after he turns 11, the identity crisis arises again on a class trip to a cemetery as Gogol discovers the meaning of his name, which is not likeable as he discovers it has nothing to do with Bengali, his ancestral home, but it has everything to do with a Russian. By the time he turns 14, he already hates his hitherto cherished name and on one occasion, he drops his first name and introduces himself as ‘Nikhil’. However, this change of name does not solve Gogol’s crisis, as he has to contend with a cultural crisis as explored next. Nikhil alias Gogol is lost between the American and Indian cultures. His two names represent the two cultures and he has to live with it. Nikhil becomes the American twin brother to the Indian Gogol, but one individual carries the two personalities. At one point, Gogol feels as “If he’s cast himself in a play acting the part of twins, indistinguishable to the naked eye, yet fundamentally different” (105). The ‘Gogol’ side of this confused young man has to treasure and practice Indian customs and upholds their values. On the other side, the ‘Nikhil’ side has to live as a liberated American youth defined by modernity and consumerism. These differing demands leave Gogol confused. However, one wonders why not drop the Indian identity now that he is living in America and he rarely visits Bengali. Well, that is a possibility Gogol considers, but he is proved wrong after his father dies. After the death of his father, Gogol retracts from his earlier rebellion towards Indian values and he assumes the role of the ‘head of the family’ as the first son according to Indian customs. During the mourning period, “he and his mother and Sonia eat a mourner’s diet, forgoing meat and fish” (180). Despite his earlier loathing of the Indian practices that he has to uphold, Gogol embraces the practices, which then leaves him lost even more. He has to remain an Indian, but live in America and this conflict and confusion is unending. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In conclusion, Gogol is a lost person throughout the chronicles of Namesake. He has to deal with his two names and live according to their meanings. He also has to blend the American and Indian cultures and live with the two. Ultimately, Gogol loses the fight to be liberated from the Indian cultural practices as he turns back to the same customs after the death of his father, and thus throughout the book, he is a confused person as presented by the author. Works Cited Lahiri, Jhumpa. The Namesake, New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2001. Print.

Grossmont College Company Financial Analysis Apple Inc Report

Grossmont College Company Financial Analysis Apple Inc Report.

You will pick a publicly traded company that is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ, or the S&P 500. It is required that you pick a company that is on Fortune’s list of “Top 100 companies to work for”.
You will function as an investment advisory firm. Once you have selected your company and been approved, you will begin an in-depth analysis of the company. The analysis will be comprised of several elements, such as the company’s most recent financial statements, as well as learning all you can about the company in terms of products, success within its industry, and any current news that would be relevant to an investor. In your financial analysis, you should be looking at such things as revenue, net income, cash, etc. It should include ratio analysis on the financial statements. See Chapter 13 of your textbook for a list of ratios and be sure to include several of each category: Liquidity, Profitability, Solvency, and Market Prospects. Also remember that there is more in-depth coverage of many ratios in the chapters themselves. Use the Glossary to help you find where a particular ratio has been discussed in the text.
You will also take into account other factors that would influence your decision whether or not to recommend purchase of this stock. Some items in this category might include a new product or service, recent cost cutting moves, or consolidation or merger with another company. Finding this information will be part of your research for the project.
While conducting your research, you will be tracking the price movement of the stock as well as other relevant information about the company’s situation so as to better explain your positions in your final report.
You will be required to submit a final report written assessment of the company you chose must be a minimum of three pages, a maximum of five. All summaries and written assessments must be type-written using MS Word or comparable software, no more than double-spaced with margins of no more than one inch. In the final report assessment, you will support your reasons for either recommending or not recommending investing in this company by performing financial statement analysis, ratio analysis, and other contributing market factors as outlined above. The more detail and depth that you include in your analysis presents, the better. You must provide documentation of the company’s financial information, i.e. a copy of their most recent financials (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows) available in their annual report or their 10K. To find the financial statements of your company, go to their website, click on Investor Relations (or some other similar link), and download the most recent Annual Report or 10K.
I expect you to do a good job of explaining your position. I will not tell you how to do the project as I want you to develop your own best methods. I will act as a resource and a sounding board for suggestions and ideas.
Project Grading:
Your project will be graded on completeness, correctness, creativity, and the quality of presentation. I will be available to answer questions and provide some guidance, but the goal is for you to use your talents and imagination to figure out the best methods to accomplish the objectives of this project.
Your project should include, but is not limited to, the following:

Recent financial statements (see above)
Success in their industry
Current news
Ratio analysis (see Chapter 13)
New products/service, cost cutting moves, consolidation or mergers?
Tracking & analysis of stock price (I suggest using Excel)
Professional appearance (cover sheet, no misspellings/grammatical errors)

Grossmont College Company Financial Analysis Apple Inc Report

USC 10 Health Factors in the Population Discussion

assignment writer USC 10 Health Factors in the Population Discussion.

ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION:You are going to write a 10 page, 12 point type, double-spaced, paper based on an interview of an older person. The citation list is not included in the 10 pages. You will discuss the interview answers and relate them back to the material you learned in the course. In your analysis, you will use citations in the text to explain your discussion. You will also include a bibliography at the end of the paper – you can use a standard professional format for your bibliography like MLA or APA. You may use a website like to organize your references and to put them into the correct format You need to have at least 10 outside references.STEPS:1) Find an older person to interview. You can use our suggested questions below, or you can come up with your own questions as long as they relate to topics we have covered in the class (disease, retirement, etc.) 2) You should weave your newfound knowledge about aging to help to explain the responses of the person you interview. Use of citations is essential to improve your grade – it is the professional way of doing things. BE SURE AND CITE THE WORK in the text and provide a BIBLIOGRAPHY. Use a standard professional format for your bibliography – like APA or MLA. We have a lot of these to read, so take pity on us and make it a fun read. 3) You can use the following questions to guide your interview with an older person from your life, but be creative in your interview – just support it with a knowledgeable interpretation and supportive citations.4) Here are some examples of questions to ask:- How has your lifestyle changed over your adult life? For example, your eating habits, exercise, working, and leisure.- How has your health changed? Do you have chronic health problems like arthritis or high blood pressure? Do you have to take medicine and is that difficult to manage? Do you go to the doctor more often?-(At this point you can kind of connect the answers to question 1 to the outcomes from question 2. For example, I eat In-N-out burger all the time and I have high blood pressure or vascular disease.)-How has your mental ability changed? Do you think you have gotten smarter with age? How? How is your memory? Your ability to deal with everyday problems? problem solving in general?-What is your current marital status? Do you have children or grandchildren? How old are they? How often do you see them? –What kinds of things do you do for your family? Are you the caregiver for your grandchildren or are your kids and grandchildren the caregiver for you? What kinds of things do they do for you? If you were to become disabled, would someone in your family be able to help you? Who do you think would be most involved? – This question is all about support systems that live in the family of the interviewee.-Did you invest in your retirement years? How? Do you worry about financing your life as you become older? Do you worry about your estate being enough? About your estate being devoured by a health crisis and follow-up needs for assisted living?-Do you feel that Social Security and Medicare are enough support to help older people manage financially? Should the government do more or do less to support older people? Should the government provide long-term care to older people? -What’s the best/worst thing about being your age now?You need to probe your interviewee to get detail on their answers so you can create a story, so ask questions like “How do you feel about these changes? Why do you feel this way?” for everything you find out. You are an investigative reporter and you will not have a very compelling story if you do not ask good questions!Rubric:Due at 11:59pm Monday, June 29th!
USC 10 Health Factors in the Population Discussion

: Project Implementation

: Project Implementation. I’m working on a Software Development exercise and need support.

The IT project report draft due in Module Five should contain the following sections: o Section 2: Project Implementation o Section 3: Project Test Plans and Results Your draft should address the following:  Describe the implementation of the project or the plan for implementation  Describe the project testing or testing plan  Summarize your implementation and testing or develop a model, simulation, prototype, or proof of concept as an alternative to developing a fully implemented project
: Project Implementation

People Management: Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India LTD Proposal

Table of Contents Summary of the Case Study Analysis of the Case Study of HMSI Lessons from the Case Study Reference List Summary of the Case Study This is a comprehensive case study which clearly explains historical, human resource management issues in the company – HMSI. HMSI carried out its management functions by basing on the two key beliefs. These beliefs are the respect for differences of individual labourers and what the company termed as the “three joys”. The company aimed at using these tools for promoting all its members. Just like many other firms that are managed through the modern human resource management principles, HMSI also carried out performance appraisals on its employees. Workers were graded basing on a certain grade after which they were rewarded according to the respective grade scored. The study also explains the development of unionization activities in the company. These activities emerged because of the differences between the employees and management as regarding the human resource policies and implementation. The union activities took a long course. They resulted in attempts to use dispute resolution methods like reconciliation to resolve the problems. However, some of these problems escalated to violent confrontation. This forced the intervention of the government to stop the violence and provide a strong foundation on which a mutual agreement was built. The study explained how the unions and management of the company adapted and coped after the agreement of stopping hostility between employees and management of HSMI was reached. Finally, the study discusses the lessons that were learnt by the company and how it can utilize these lessons as it focuses on the future management. Analysis of the Case Study of HMSI Company data, history and records; are distinguished when it comes to betterment of the existing human resource management policies (Malonis, 2000). This study gives a deep insight of the management activities in HIMSI since its inception. When a firm faces challenges, the management should make decisions which will help in sorting out the constraint facing the firm. The decisions that are made need to be well thought and widely consultative; otherwise, they are likely to cause more friction in the organization. Any change in an organization must be followed by restructuring decisions to aid in enforcing it. A clear example is the decisions that were made by the president of HMSI in the year 2005 when the company. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The president wanted to see the company embarking on an expansion program that was a bit aggressive which could see the company regains its operation as was before the constraints (Saini, Management Development Institute (Gurgaon), and University of Hong Kong, 2006). Confrontation in organizations can be as a result of the failure to attend to the seemingly small grievances which later escalate to crises. One of the major functions of the management of companies is the identification of issues from either within or without the company which can result to divisive conflict in the organization. Crisis results in the loss of productivity (Moffitt, Bordone and Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, 2005). The 2005 conflicts in HMSI resulted in the loss of sales of up to 1.3 million Rupees (Saini, Management Development Institute (Gurgaon), and University of Hong Kong, 2006). More often than not, restructuring is used to regain the image and the grounds of the organization more so in the aftermath of a crisis. Restructuring aims at having a total overhaul of the organization by changing a number of operations and organizational identities for instance changing the name, logo, packaging and branding of products among many other strategies. As mentioned earlier, the restructuring strategies must be systemic and deliberated on by the entire organization. Failure of doing so by the management is likely to escalate the problem already at hand (Armstrong, 2006). The management of firms increasingly understand the need to expand the operational capacity of their firms by expanding into new operational areas by way of opening subsidiary firms. HMSI began its operations in the year 1999 as a subsidiary firm of the Honda Motor Company Limited which is headquartered in Japan. The subsidiary firms often operate basing on the operational principles of their mother companies. As part of its expansion programme, HMCL has opened more than 130 firms across the world HMSI being one of these firms. Performance appraisal has become an integral part of managing employees in organizations. We will write a custom Proposal on People Management: Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India LTD specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It is one way of making employees feel appreciated by the company for their efforts. HMSI recognized the need for this and put in place such a system. However, this system had its own flaws which mostly resulted from the way it was implemented (Armstrong, 2006). Lessons from the Case Study Most management of companies come up with different initiatives, which aim at improving the performance of their organizations. With the realization that workers are often the most significant assets for firms, the initiatives of management mostly centre on workers. When workers are satisfied with the organization, they raise their input, which automatically spills over to the general output of the firm. However, all human resource initiatives in organizations must be employee centred. The employees must be actively engaged and or involved in formulating these policies or initiatives as these initiatives directly affect them (Robert, 2011). Failure to engage employees in the plans of the organization is likely to have grave consequences in the organization just as was the case with HMSI management and its employees. Before a performance appraisal programme is run by the organization, employees must be notified and trained on the assessment procedures and the importance of such a programme. Most modern labour laws allow employees to join labour unions. These unions act as tools of negotiation with the management of organizations. Organizations must recognize these unions and formulate proper channels of negotiating with these unions in order to avoid bitter confrontations (Robert, 2011). Dispute resolution has thus become a vital part of the function of management. Organizations, with the aim of surviving in the competitive industry must be aware of this. They must craft exhaustive channels of resolving disputes with their employees. Communication is a vital entity for the management of firms especially so the subsidiaries. Cultural noise can negatively hinder the performance of a firm in the country where it is located because of cultural disparities that come in between communication. Thus, it is important for the company staff to receive mentorship on the culture of the business destination. The company will have to consider this as it expands into new destinations globally (Marieke

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