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Stratification and Heteronormativity

In geology, we can see the various layers of rock and sediment that might form a mountain, for example. In society, we see that people are “layered” based on variables like gender, sex, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, religion, age, ability, perceived attractiveness, socio-economic status, and so much more. When we talk about stratification we are looking at the intersection of all these variables within a person, a group of people, or a society that then determine how close to the top or bottom that person or group may be. People closer to the bottom have few options, less access to resources, and likely are not treated nearly as well as those closer to the top, who have more options and more access to resources.—————————Prompt: What role does heteronormativity play in stratification? Use information from the readings provided for this week and in previous modules to support your ideas. Write at least 2-3 paragraphs. Make sure to cite your sources!

Water wars blue gold or common good?

Water wars blue gold or common good?.

Topics can be any one of the following: 1. Water wars: blue gold, or common good? Private firms seek permits for bulk extraction and export of water resources, while critics warn of impending global water shortages and the need for international governance over water supplies. (p. 145) 2. Powering the future: electricity generation. Nuclear, coal, hydroelectric, wind, solar, biomass – all of the above? Electricity demand is projected to rise steeply over the coming decades. What is the right mix of energy to fuel the future? (p. 146) 3. Carbon Policy: cap it, trade it, tax it – or leave it alone? We are caught between the twin crises of diminishing energy stocks and a changing climate. What energy mix and policies will drive the future? (p. 146) 4. The food issue: feeding the future. Food production is facing mounting challenges in both developed and developing regions of the world: factory farming, monoculture soil depletion, the impact of biofuels, and the relationship between diet, oil, and climate change, to list a few (p. 148) Instructions: – Develop a research question or argument, support your argument with research, and provide a conclusion. – You also need to use the lens of your specific major such as accounting, marketing, HR, management, sociology, psychology, etc. (this will be evidenced by using the first person in the essay and discussing how your major field of study influences or is influenced by the theme of your paper). – I am majoring in accounting so it has to be written from that lens – you need a title page, an abstract, introduction, the body of the paper, a conclusion, page numbers, reference list, appendices if applicable and comply with APA requirements for double-spacing, in-text citations, referencing, font size (12 Times New Roman), figures and tables (if applicable). Please use headings to help separate your sections. – You should have a minimum of 10 pages excluding title page, references or appendices.

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Franklin, H. Bruce

Stratification and Heteronormativity Franklin, H. Bruce.

 Consider this quotation from H. Bruce Franklin: “Has any work of American literature generated more antithetical and mutually hostile interpretation than Herman Melville’s Billy Budd, Sailor? And all the battles about the moral and political vision at the heart of the tale swirl around one question: Are we supposed to admire or condemn Captain Vere for his decision to sentence Billy Budd to death by public hanging? Somehow, astonishingly enough, nobody seems to have noticed that central to the story is the subject of capital punishment and its history.” Franklin, H. Bruce. “Billy Budd and Capital Punishment: A Tale of Three Centuries” American Literature 69 (1997), 337-59. In a well-developed essay, provide your answer to Franklin’s question “Are we supposed to admire or condemn Captain Vere for his decision to sentence Billy Budd to death by public hanging?” (Length: 500 to 750 words) Be sure that you identify and read outside commentary and criticism about the writing of Herman Melville. In your activity, include three commentary/criticism sources. You need not necessarily agree with the critic, but if you disagree you should state your case for an alternative interpretation. Of course, you may also use the commentary for support. Be sure to cite your sources according to MLA style.

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Fair value

Fair value accounting has led to some heated debates among the accounting community due it being so potentially subjective in nature. Do you think that fair value accounting should be allowed? If yes, say where and why. If not, say why not.
DO the discussion frist then response each posted below.
Posted 1`
IFRS and US GAAP have a standardized framework for measuring fair value and outlined required disclosures. Fair value is the price received to sell an asset or paid to transfer a liability in an orderly transaction between market participants in the principal or most advantageous market at the measurement date under current market conditions. Fair value accounting is based on the fair valuation of assets and liabilities as of date. This will provide the most accurate valuation and produce accurate financial statements.
IFRS standards are more generic in nature and prefer fair valuation more compared to the US GAAP. According to the IFRS standards, an entity can revalue its property, plant and equipment (PPE) to fair value based on accounting policy, if it can be reliably measured. If the assets are held at revalued amount based on fair value, chances of impairment of asset is remote. In US GAAP, revaluation of PPE is not allowed.
Fair value accounting will provide the investors with true picture of actual financial condition of the company. However, fair value is a subjective term, may not be measurable for all items and an entity may misuse the fair valuation to its advantage. The cost and time spent on getting reliable fair value is high and not every company will be able to afford that costs. Considering these factors, fair value accounting may be suitable for large issuers listed in stock exchanges.

Posted 2

Not many things hold its value over time. That is why I believe fair market value should be allowed. It provides a true price for the item in the present day. Value fluctuates just like everything else within the markets. By using current market values, the fair value displays the amount participants would need to sell or transfer an asset or liability. I don’t see it as being subjective and participants can always reject the offered price. Participating parties should first agree if certain factors help identify a price. It depends on the product, how it was used, how often it was used, damages, etc. There are benefits to this method. The original buyer may see more value than the recipient. The fair market minimizes confusion between buyer and seller. It also helps reduce the probability of reduced or overpricing.

Posted 3
Discussions like these are what tend to flip the accounting world upside down. The staunch arguments regarding fair value accounting stem from the GAAP and IFRS discussions and which provides the best and most accurate representation. Fair value refers to the agreed upon price between the buyer and seller under normal market conditions. “Former SEC chairman Arthur Levitt contended that fair value provides the kind of transparency essential to restore the public confidence in US markets” (Chung, Lee,

Biopsychosocial Population Health Policy

Biopsychosocial Population Health Policy.


Develop a 2–4-page proposal for a policy that should help to improve health care and outcomes for your target population. Note: Each assessment in this course builds on the work you completed in the previous assessment. Therefore, you must complete the assessments in this course in the order in which they are presented. Cost and access to care continue to be main concerns for patients and providers. As technology improves our ability to care for and improve outcomes in patients with chronic and complex illnesses, questions of cost and access become increasingly important. As a master’s-prepared nurse, you must be able to develop policies that will ensure the delivery of care that is effective and can be provided in an ethical and equitable manner.

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business brief

business brief.


You are a member of the management group of your allocated virtual organisation. At a recent executive meeting, your CEO mentioned that the business should enhance its preparedness given recent events within and outside the business. Specifically, the reference was in relation to some reports and articles in the business press about a management-related issue. The issue may have implications for the industry as a whole, but more importantly for the business in the near future. Your CEO is interested in hearing more about the issue and has tasked you with finding out more information. 

Your task:

In Week 3, you will be given two pieces of information that will help you start on this assessment: 1) A virtual organisational profile and 2) A link to a sample article.

The virtual organisation profile (one page) that depicts an organisation has been written specifically for you from the case studies of several successful Australian firms that operate across a wide range of sectors/industries. Firm-related information provided in the profile has been de-identified and you can make more assumptions about the nature of the business, if need be. The profile will have an embedded “real world” issue/s in the short description that’s provided. 

The sample article given to you will help you with the context (see section above). The article will be focussed on a specific issue/s embedded in the profile. The article is just an example and should be used as a stimulus for further investigation of the matter. You should research the issue using the article and locate additional relevant pieces of evidence on the same topic. Summarise the key points about the issue across all pieces of evidence and think about what they may mean for your virtual organisation.


Write a concise (500 word) business brief that identifies and outlines the issue (i.e., ‘the what’? question and its implications). This would involve 1) introducing the issue using several sources of information; 2) summarising its key points, and 3) considering the implications for the business. Conclude with a short statement that sums up the main points of the brief.

Keep in mind:

This business brief will be distributed to all of the other members of the management group as well as the Senior Executive Team for the business, so it has to look professional and read well. They will be expecting a concise summary of the issue/s with respect to what it means for your organisation. Be sure to include a variety of sources such as the textbook and academic journals and business magazines to explain how the issue/s may impact your business.


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Purpose Grand Rounds is a professional conference

Purpose Grand Rounds is a professional conference.

Purewick, femal catheter  Purpose Grand Rounds is a professional conference used to educate a professional audience on a research topic, related to a patient condition or situation that offers a unique or interesting learning experience. The purpose of this assignment is to use evidence-based practice and communication skills to research and present a clinical situation you have encountered in this course that relates to course concepts. Related to Student learning outcome (SLO) 1,2,3,4 Promote optimal health, Nursing judgment, Professional identity, Spirit of inquiry Related Program Competencies (Vary based on the topic the student chooses for their assignment: 4) Audience Nursing peers interested in your scholarly work. Due Dates Clinical instructor will determine written work due date prior to end of clinical. Poster presentation is due on Grand Rounds day. The Presentation is based on one of the following question categories of research. Search for the appropriate question category. Remember, the topic must have a nursing focus and not medical or disease process focus. Ask yourself, what do nurses do about this topic? Research question categories: Choose the most appropriate one for your clinical situation. • A. Bio-physical concept: New or unusual conditions or treatments The student will research new findings or breakthroughs in the care or management of a patient’s condition or disease entity. This question should reflect new knowledge and not just basic textbook information on the patient’s diagnosis, surgery, or collaborative treatments. Discuss health promotion or teaching measures that might have helped this patient to avoid the identified condition or problem. This report must discuss new knowledge and research concerning collaborative treatment or interventions that did or could have assisted in the management of this patient. Make sure your topic relates to nursing practices. Example: Jet ventilation Continuous Venus-venous hemofiltration. New drug therapies Written research paper criteria: (See rubric) A. Proposal Cover Page Purpose: Professional conferences issue a “call for proposals” and submission of objectives and a summary are the first step whether it one applies to do a podium or poster presentation. Concise writing using is essential to developing an abstract for a proposal. Directions: Proposal is to be submitted with final written paper to clinical instructor for grading. • Research question: The title of written paper and presentation. • 2-3 Objectives: What do you want the reader to know at the end of the presentation • Summary: This is a self-contained description of your presentation that makes sense when it stands alone. The following points should be covered in 4-7 well written sentences. o Motivation: Why do nurses care about the topic? What is the importance or impact of the issue?

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Punch Drunk Love Scene Analysis

Punch Drunk Love Scene Analysis.

Instructions: • This is a SCENE ANALYSIS paper (refer to the reading for more info about what this entails). • No outside research is necessary. However, if you do have outside research make sure to include a works cited page. • Write about this scene: • Your paper must have a thesis with a strong argument supported by analysis and evidence from the film. • Your supporting evidence must include at least two (2) of these aspects of film: 1. Narrative style 2. Mise-en-scene 3. Cinematography 4. Editing 5. Sound Technical Writing Guidelines: 1. Double-spaced 2. Standard margins, i.e., 1-inch top and bottom. 3. Use 12-point, Times New Roman font. 4. Paper must be four to five (4-5) pages in length. 5. Number each page. 6. In the upper left-hand portion of the paper, put the following information in this order: student’s name; professor’s name; name of class; title of paper; and date of submission. 7. Provide a clear thesis in the introduction/1st paragraph. 8. Italicize all movie and book titles. 9. Avoid using 1st person perspective, i.e., “I think…” etc. 10. Include a Works Cited page if quoting from outside sources. 11. Use Word or Open Office file format. 12. DO NOT PROVIDE A COVER PAGE. A cover page DOES NOT COUNT AS A PAGE in the final page total. 13. DO NOT INCLUDE ANY PICTURES OR GRAPHICS OF ANY KIND.

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Does the use of Social Media tend to improve or harm relationships?

Does the use of Social Media tend to improve or harm relationships?.

Does the use of Social Media tend to improve or harm relationships? 

Does the use of Social Media tend to improve or harm relationships? Social Media could improve relationships by initially announcing to friends and family that you and your significant other are together. This may deter people that may have been interested from making a move on your partner. Letting others know how you feel about someone is non-confrontational way of putting up important boundaries in a monogamous relationship. Also, Social Media could improve relationships by having easy access to your partner. Know what they are thinking and how they feel if they post a deep status on say Facebook or Instagram picture. This could help you be what the other person may need in a time of need. Therefore, Social Media improves relationships. Social Media could harm relationships by having easy access to temptations. Temptations being ex boyfriend or girlfriends, Instagram models, or someone your significant other doesn’t feel comfortable with you around in general. People that are naturally jealous may have a hard time with this ease of access. Social Media could harm relationships by creating trust issues in a foundation. Now days on Snap Chat and through Google location liked to your Gmail email account you can locate your partner with a couple swipes and clicks of a button. Say your partner lies about where they went one day, to surprise you or handle a personal matter; bam there goes that trust. Social Media harms relationships. -Without taking sides on the issue, consider and discuss two of the following questions: ~Do these arguments represent the best arguments on each side of the question? I’m not sure if my last point about the Social Media’s location detectors breaking trust in a relationship being a key take away. I may have to think that over so more throughout my research. However, after watching the YouTube video ‘What is an Argument?’ I am certain the argument of “Does Social Media improve, or harm relationships” solid. There are two sides that I will be able to distinctively explore. ~Do you think that understanding issues as strongly as possible from multiple points of view could promote a better life? I definitely think that understanding issues from multiple perspectives can promote a better life! I think that is how people learn from one another. By understand multiple points of a topic you are better educated to grasp a full picture. Allowing better decisions to be made.

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Experience with writing

Experience with writing.

 Module 1: Discussion – Ice Breaker – Class Section 3 18 This thread is designed to help you get comfortable posting in discussions. We also want to help you get to know and become comfortable with the other members of this composing community. Finally, the content is designed to help you begin the critical reflecting and composing you’ll need to do for the incoming Pre-Course Reflection First, tell your Instructor, Writing Mentor, and group members a little about yourself. As Project 1 will require you to go out and physically collect primary data within your local community, where are you taking this class from? What are you studying? What are your interests or hobbies? Etc. Second, spend some time reflecting about your past experiences with writing (and other types of composing). In this course, we value a process approach to composing, and we hope to help you improve your own composing process in both your habits of mind and your accompaniment actions. Everyone has a different process, but most successful composers go through a tangible series of steps as they think, compose, and revise Discuss the compositing process you’ve used in the past What steps do you take before you begin composing? Where do you start? How much time do you devote to completing a composition? Do you revise? If so, how? You might also consider your emotional state of mind during the process – do you enjoy composing? Does it give you anxiety? Does it bore you? Do you discuss your ideas or share your compositions with others? Do the skills you use in one composing situation transfer to other composing situations? Why or why not? Feel free to include any other details that illuminate the compositing process you’ve used in the past (whether this process is maximizing your composing success or not) Note: Your answers to these questions should be written as organized paragraphs. Do not just respond to these questions one by one, like tapping off elements of a checklist. Synthesize your answers so theyll be coherent to readers The following video may give you some sense of how others approach the composing process. This discussion is another opportunity to continue the Metacognitive reflection essential to any composer’s ongoing development. Please also demonstrate Curiosity in reading your classmates’ posts.

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CS Project

I am attaching the instruction sheet.
Updates and Corrections
[Fri 02/18] Additional clarification about the AccessControl.setCurrentUser()The AccessControl.setCurrentUser(String username) instance method sets the current user to the user whose username matches the passed username to the method (exact match case sensitive). If NO match found with username within the ArrayList users, this method does nothing.

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