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Stratford University The Critical Care in Nursing Questions

Stratford University The Critical Care in Nursing Questions.

Answer these questions after class/reviewing class content1. What comes to mind when you hear the following terms? Intensive careCritical CareICU and CCUTrauma2. Think about the critical care environment:How would you describe the ICU?What sights, sounds and smells do you experience?What sensations might you experience?How would your family react to the situation?3. What are some examples of situation in which a nurse might have moral or religious convictions that would interfere with the duty to treat? What actions are required of the nurse when conflict exists?4. Discuss situations when care and treatment may be considered futile.
Stratford University The Critical Care in Nursing Questions

PCC Why the United States Needs a Bill of Rights Amendment Argumentative Essay.

Develop an argument that explains why the Bill of Rights needed to be added to the U.S. Constitution. In your essay, you must do the following:Articulate a defensible claim or thesis clearly stating your positionSupport your claim with at least TWO pieces of accurate and relevant informationAt least 1 piece of information must be from one of the following foundational docs:The Declaration of IndependenceBrutus No.1Use a second piece of evidence from the doc in the list above or from your study of the nation’s Constitutional foundationUse reasoning to organize and analyze evidence, explaining the significance to justify your claim or thesisAddress alternative perspectives through refutation, concession, and rebuttal
PCC Why the United States Needs a Bill of Rights Amendment Argumentative Essay

Wright State University Organizational Behavior Reflection.

Read Chapter 15 Foundations of Organizational StructureChapter 16 Organizational CultureChapter 17 Organizational Change and Stress ManagementReflect on the assigned readings and then type a 600 word paper regarding what you thought was the most important concept(s), method(s), term(s), and/or any other thing that you felt was worthy of your understanding. Define and describe what you thought was worthy of your understanding in half a page, and then explain why you felt it was important, how you will use it, and/or how important it is in society or business.Give first preference to the attached textEVERYTHING SHOULD BE IN APA FORMATIT SHOULD BE PLAGIARISM FREE, ATTACHE THE PLAGIARISM RESULTCITE ALL THE REFERENCES
Wright State University Organizational Behavior Reflection

RM 4002 Walden Climate Change Effects on Human Health Literature Analysis Worksheet

RM 4002 Walden Climate Change Effects on Human Health Literature Analysis Worksheet.

I’m working on a other multi-part question and need an explanation to help me learn.

Reviewing Literature to Support a Research QuestionBecause you are the lead researcher on a project, while reviewing literature to support your research question, you will document your own process and create a job aid handout for the other researchers in your department. You will also create a Literature Analysis Worksheet for the sources you have selected to support your research question.Click each of the items below to complete this assessment.Part I:Using multiple databases and sources, review relevant literature for your research question to create a job aid that could be shared with other researchers. Access the job aid handout template and include the following elements:Describe your health-related research question.Identify the keywords, Boolean operators, and databases that you used to search for current literature.Identify at least two professional journals that provide relevant literature on your research topic.Identify at least two organizations that may provide funding for this type of health topic.Identify two scholarly articles from the Walden Library that are relevant to your chosen topic.Explain how you will use the information in the articles within your research.Describe how your research question is original from existing literature.(1- to 2-page job aid)Part II:Complete the Literature Analysis Worksheet for the sources that you have chosen to support your research question. Be sure to respond to the following in the worksheet:Provide a full reference for each source.Provide a brief summary of each source.Summarize the content in each source that is most pertinent to the research question.Evaluate the internal and external validity of the sources.Describe the study design of each source.Describe the study population of each source.(1- to 2-page Literature Analysis Worksheet)
RM 4002 Walden Climate Change Effects on Human Health Literature Analysis Worksheet

Christian Marriage Rituals Essay

help writing Christian marriage has its roots from the Greco-Roman era. This marriage was based on heterosexuality and monogamy although divorce was allowed. Marriage is a religious rite of passage through which people within a religious community celebrate the significance of life. It acts as a medium of bringing individuals and groups together based on beliefs. Marriage usually involves different symbols and values such as bridal procession, giving away of the bride, exchanging rings, and making vows among many other aspects. Most Christian denominations consider marriage as a sacrament. In this case, marriage is a special way through which God intervenes in the lives of people (Bingham, 2010). First and foremost, marriage is a transitional ritual. It transforms an individual(s) from one status to the other. Marriage influences status change and proclaim it to the society. Therefore, marriage is a key societal component among the rites of passage. The beliefs of the society/group are affirmed, and unity is encouraged. In addition, there is teaching of good morals. Furthermore, marriage acts as identification means for believers in the society or group. For instance, married couples from a Catholic Church have a high likelihood of their children being baptized in the same church. This strengthens the beliefs and core values of that religious society (Bingham, 2010). The marriage ritual has changed rapidly over the centuries. From the ancient times, parents of both the bride and groom were the primary parties to the marriage covenant. According to the biblical times, marriage was a legal covenant between the parents of the bride and groom. Likewise, early Christian traditions held a similar notion. On the contrary, today, marriage is an independent legal agreement made between the couples themselves (Thomas, 2007). Furthermore, early marriage rituals embraced certain practices such as rice throwing, cake eating, wearing of white bridal dress amongst many others. However, some of the practices still persist to date, but in a different dimension. Traditionally, the white color symbolized innocence and youthfulness. Today, most of the marriage rituals embrace dressing of white gowns for brides. The traditional cakes were mainly made from wheat and grain alone, which symbolized fertility. On the other hand, the present wedding cakes are made of many ingredients and supplements. The most significant aspect of modern marriage rituals is the engagement rings. Engagement rings evolved from the traditional custom of ring exchange, which was meant to seal a crucial, legal agreement. Engagement rings are usually circular with no end symbolizing eternal love. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The sudden and rapid change in marriage rituals has been attributed to different factors. One of the most significant factors include the influence of the western culture. Currently, the western style of marriage has become very popular and dominant. Before the marriage ritual is carried out, rehearsals are carried out to ensure different people master their respective roles during the ritual. As earlier mentioned, the western style of marriage embraces legal agreement of marriage among the couples involved rather than their parents/guardians. This has triggered major changes in the identity of the couples marrying, parents, family relatives and the larger community. This is influenced by the partial separation triggered by marriage ritual. The couples gain freedom directed towards their life obligations and future status coupled with new patterns in behavior, duties, and responsibilities (Thomas, 2007). From the above observations regarding the evolution of Christian marriage rituals, I have learnt a lot about the customs and values of our culture. Before, I did not understand most of the practices undertaken during marriage rituals. In addition, contradictions arose when I tried to compare modernized Christian marriage with the traditional one. References Bingham, J. F. (2010). Christian marriage: The ceremony, history and significance; ritual, practical and archæological notes; and the text of the English, Roman, Greek, and Jewish ceremonies. New York: E.P. Dutton

University of Texas Pan American Global Warming & Greenhouse Effect Questions

University of Texas Pan American Global Warming & Greenhouse Effect Questions.

Watch the following YouTube videos to get basic information to document your post and replies. In addition to these two videos, you will consult at least one web article, one journal article, and your textbook. Use pictures as needed to illustrate your answers. Keep in mind that you have to provide the source for any picture or consulted literature. Your post will be randomly scanned using SafeAssign. SafeAssign is a software package that check text for academic writing integrity and provides a detailed report to the instructor.Source: Global Warming 101 | National Geographic. May 18, 2007. Change 101 with Bill Nye | National Geographic. December 2, 2015 Using your own words, explain step-by-step the Greenhouse Effect process. (B) Using your own words, explain Global Warming according to the most well recognized scientific literature. (C) In your opinion what is Global Warming?[If you believe Global Warming is real, list and describe the supporting evidence] or [If you believe global warming is not real, list and describe the supporting evidence.] (D) Reply* to at least two of your classmate’s post stating your agreement or disagreement for her/his material posted. Your response should be supported with the appropriate justification and/or cited bibliography (I agree or I disagree without an appropriate justification will not be an acceptable reply). (E) List at least three consulted bibliographic sources (provide a complete bibliographical listing, if using a web source, the website address alone is not enough).
University of Texas Pan American Global Warming & Greenhouse Effect Questions

TU Practical Connection between IT Consultant & Digital Forensics Subjects Essay

TU Practical Connection between IT Consultant & Digital Forensics Subjects Essay.

Hi Practical Connection Assignment: I’m working as an IT Consultant & studying Digital forensic subjects. Provide a reflection of 3 pages of how the
knowledge, skills, or theories of this course have been applied or could be
applied, in a practical manner to the current work environment.Note: APA formatting and citations.Share a personal connection that identifies specific knowledge and theories from this course. Demonstrate a connection to your current work environment. You should NOT provide an overview of the assignments given in the course. Rather, reflect and write about how the knowledge and skills obtained through meeting course objectives were applied or could be applied in the workplace. 
TU Practical Connection between IT Consultant & Digital Forensics Subjects Essay

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