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Stratford University Mental Health and Therapeutic Communication Discussion

Stratford University Mental Health and Therapeutic Communication Discussion.

1. Define mental health and mental illness. 2. Share one thing about mental health that you did not know or want to know more about. 3. Define therapeutic communication and describe two techniques that you did not know. 4. What are the goals of a therapeutic nurse patient relationship?5. Describe the terms transference and countertransference?6. Do you agree that the daily hassles have a greater impact on your stress levels than major events? Explain your answer.7. Define coping mechanisms -think about the coping mechanisms that you use that are constructive and destructive, provide one example of each. (Please remember your citations)
Stratford University Mental Health and Therapeutic Communication Discussion

Value Chain Of Unilever Management Essay

Any profit motive concern would like to keep the costs to the minimum and maximize profits that can be sustainable as well. Lean production and waste elimination is the product of years of innovation to reduce costs. (Karlsson and Ahlstrom, 1996) This has worked to the favor of external entities such as suppliers and customers, and to some extent, the employees. Companies have realized the importance to involve the community as a whole in the process to foster a sustainable infrastructure that can ensure growth for the company and other associated with it. Introduction Unilever is a large multinational company, having its sourcing, production and sales throughout the world. There are a large number of fast moving consumer goods including foods, beverages, home and personal care products, and cleaning agents. A single category of products sell under various brands, having different attributes and varieties within a single brand. Some brands are limited to certain regions while some brands are under partnerships or have been acquired from local companies. Production of many products has been outsourced to other companies, under strategic alliances, in order to cut on cost of production, like Lux. The company has been continuously engaged in implementing such strategic moves. To improve the value chain, the secondary activities are highly evident as well as the primary activities. Lean Production at Unilever Unilever has a focus toward eliminating waste and bringing lean production into practice, right from the sources through internal processes to the consumers. With its complex procurement network and production scattered in different places, the possibilities for further enhancement in the value chain are endless. Unilever aims to be a multi-local company, which can understand local needs, and produce new products tailored to local needs.(Jones and Decker, 2007) This localization takes into account the different strategies that have to be put into practice for the same product in different locations, which can be put into reducing costs. There have been various success stories from around the world in this regard. In Peru, Unilever does not has a production facility so it uses the cost effective strategic option of outsourcing to local companies including Alicorp S.A.A., which reduced labor requirements and more focus was given to marketing the products. (SOMO, 2006) The companies involved in these strategic alliances have been strong companies. Unilever has a policy to find a partner with a high innovation potential, that can be used to ensure efficient synchronization with Unilever’s own supply chain. As Bonney, 2002 has said that the company practices have partners dedicating a team solely for joint development exercises, where knowledge is effectively shared and applied, and commercial agreements are reached on patents, which signified long term partnership approach. Garijo, 2002, adds that Unilever, before going for an alliance, analyzes its internal capability in a particular domain and asks a potential partner to do the same on its own end. Future agreements are based on such defined capabilities. The gradual shift from house of brands to branded house has involved better internal processes. One example is their investment in information technology, which is been superseded by knowledge management practices over the last decade. Knowledge workshops have led to the creation of the Community of Practice (CoP), which pertain to a certain domain such as supply chain or production R

HIS 100 Southern New Hampshire The Drafting of The US Constitution Presentation

cheap assignment writing service HIS 100 Southern New Hampshire The Drafting of The US Constitution Presentation.

create a multimedia
presentation (using a presentation tool such as PowerPoint or Prezi) that addresses the following critical elements. While these questions may seem “big,”
remember that you are addressing them in a presentation, not a paper, and can use bullet points, visuals, or other methods. These critical elements will be
evaluated from the information you provide in your multimedia presentation. Note: If using Prezi, be sure to include a Word document with notes. If using
PowerPoint, be sure to use the speaker notes feature.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Articulate how different historical lenses impact how people perceive an historical event. The lenses include political, economic, and social.
A. Explain how historical lenses could be applied to your topic. For instance, are there aspects of this event that might interest a political historian
and what are they?
B. Choose one of the lenses referenced above, and detail how the historical narrative you started in your research and introduction might change
through this lens. For instance, how might the “story” of your event change when studied through its political aspects?
C. Discuss what conclusions you can draw about the “telling” of history in relation to the “teller.” How does this impact for you what “history” is?
Be sure to back up your opinions with information learned throughout the course and in reference to your chosen topic.
II. Based on your conclusions, articulate the value of studying history.
A. Describe how you could apply to our lives today what you have learned from the event you have studied. Be sure to reference specific
contemporary issues. For instance, what specific issues that we encounter today could benefit from lessons learned from your event?
B. Discuss your opinion of the adage that “history repeats itself.” Do you agree or disagree? Be sure to explain why you have this opinion with
information you have learned throughout the course and in your research of your topic.
C. Discuss your obligation as a citizen of your society to understanding the history behind issues that impact you every day. For instance, what civic
duties you can be better at if you know more about their history? How can being a more informed member of society benefit you and society?Your multimedia presentation should be approximately 10 to 12 slides. You are encouraged to include a combination of text, visuals,
and sound in order to support your work. Note: If using Prezi, be sure to include a Word document with notes. If using PowerPoint, be sure to include speaker
HIS 100 Southern New Hampshire The Drafting of The US Constitution Presentation

Mercer University The Problem of Inequality in the United States Questions

Mercer University The Problem of Inequality in the United States Questions.

Describe a problem you’ve solved or a problem you’d like to solve. It can be an intellectual challenge, a research query, an ethical dilemma – anything that is of personal importance, no matter the scale. Explain its significance to you and what steps you took or could be taken to identify a solution.Discuss an accomplishment, event, or realization that sparked a period of personal growth and a new understanding of yourself or others. (Some background about me; Going through a divorce, having kids early, pursuing school, finishing Esthetics school, running my business)THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO ME ! I want to make sure I submit they BEST paper. I will compensate and Tip WELL. This is my Future. thank you !
Mercer University The Problem of Inequality in the United States Questions

Pixar Case Study

Pixar Case Study. I’m trying to study for my Business course and I need some help to understand this question.

This is my 2nd assignment for this class, and more to come.
Pixar Case Paper: 3-4 pages on your top three learning’s from the case (I am gonna have to send you the other pages . in a . different message) I labeled them in pages from 11-18
MLA Format/ also follow the prompt as well thats attached
Make sure to write about your top three learnings!
if any other instructions given out by the professor, I will update you.

Pixar Case Study