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Strategic Cybersecurity Management

Strategic Cybersecurity Management.

Assignment Overview Cybersecurity is all about managing risk. Risk cannot be totally eliminated in most cases but you need to understand your internal environment and the various threats against it. Then you need to take the necessary steps to mitigate or control them based on the risk appetite of the company. In the class session and with the learning activities you have learned a great deal about Risk Management, Risk Analysis, Risk Identification, and Risk Controls (NIST documents). This is an opportunity for you as the CISO to practice your Risk Management skills. This is a “hands-on” experiential learning experience. In this assignment, you will be identifying and describing assets, vulnerabilities and mitigation strategies. Select (5) information assets from your company inventory that you feel are important to the success of your company. Provide a high level description of each information asset and then briefly explain why each of these information assets is important. An information asset can be just about anything that is important to your company such as: Hardware: ex. Your company’s web server Software: ex. A new mobile app Company Information: ex. Your product’s secret recipe Customer Data: ex. Customer’s credit card numbers, PII, others For each of the (5) identified assets, determine its appropriate classification category and corresponding value to the profitability of the company. You must also include an explanation of your classification scheme and how you are determining the profit value so your audience understands your reasoning. Use visual elements to display your information. A portion of your grade will be based on how you communicate your information. For each Asset, select (1) vulnerability that you believe is most worrisome for that particular Asset. Provide a high level description of the vulnerability and then briefly explain why you chose it. You should have a total of (5) vulnerabilities when this part of the analysis is complete: 1 vulnerability per asset. For each of the (5) identified vulnerabilities, determine their corresponding probability and impact consequence. You decide how to represent the probability and impact consequence but you must also include an explanation of your decision process so your audience understands your reasoning. Use visual elements to display your information. You can use a numerical score, a color scheme or even High/Medium/Low type system. A portion of your grade will be based on how you communicate your information. 1 Finally, determine the appropriate risk mitigation strategy and the appropriate security controls for each of the (5) identified vulnerabilities. You must also include an explanation of your controls and why they are the best choice for the particular vulnerability. Most risks will require more than a single control to mitigate them. Your 5 assets, 5 vulnerabilities, 5+ controls (recommendations) should be listed in a table. Remember CIA and data classification are important. Additionally, likelihood of occurrence is a good way to highlight critical and high risk items in an effort to prioritize and focus the executives attention and budget priorities. Once your tables(s) are created they are also a good way to summarize your risk report and ask for their permission to move forward with the recommended plans. Your assignment should be in a “Word” document (not .pdf) format to allow me to provide feedback within the document. Upload your Risk Project in the word file in the Risk information assignment box. Please be sure to name the word file document using the following naming convention to make it easier for everyone to manage: Grading Metrics – Risk Report 100 points The Asset portion of this assignment will be worth (30 pts)The Vulnerability portion of this assignment will be worth (30 pts)The Mitigation portion of this assignment will be worth (20 pts)Keep in mind that how well you visually represent all this information in an easy to understand format will be part of the grading criteria. You will not receive full credit if all you use is text to complete this assignmentProvide a Reference List and use APA formatting within your report. I should see that you are using at least 10 references for your report and your book plus a specific part of the lecture should be one of those references (20 pts) Grading Metrics – Risk Presentation – 50 points Prepare 3-5 .ppt slides (30 points)These should be professionally developed (10 points)Each slide should have notes of what you are saying to the Executives (10) 2
Strategic Cybersecurity Management

Refer to the case in Appendix A, titled “A Day in the Life -2019.” Objectives This case provides students an opportunity to identify how rapid changes in the global project management environment, innovation and market conditions can impact how projects are managed, and to apply their understanding of the technical and socio-cultural dimensions of project governance. Required Materials Case # 1.1 in your Textbook (Larson
Building and Managing Teams. I’m studying for my Nursing class and need an explanation.

The nurse leader must have strong interpersonal communication skills, be able to effectively manage conflict, and be able to build and develop high functioning teams. The purpose of this paper is for you to discuss a highly effective leader in your organization following the criteria in items 1-5.
Describe the characteristics of a highly effective leader. Which of these characteristics does the leader exhibit?

Describe the leader’s communication skills with staff, physicians, other members of the interdisciplinary team, peers, and executives. What techniques do they use to address sensitive topics and conflict? Is it effective? Be specific.
Discuss the types of interpersonal power they use to accomplish work and overcome resistance to change.
Describe the leader’s team(s). Are they high-performing? If so, please explain why the team is high performing. If not, why does the team not perform well?
Discuss the leadership skills the leader uses to building and manage groups and teams.

Minimum of four (4) total references: two (2) references from required course materials and two (2) peer-reviewed references. All references must be no older than FIVE years (unless making a specific point using a seminal piece of information). Peer reviewed references include references from professional data bases such as PubMed or CINHAL applicable to population and practice area, along with evidence based clinical practice guidelines. Examples of unacceptable references are Wikipedia, UpToDate, Epocrates, Medscape, WebMD, hospital organizations, insurance recommendations, & secondary clinical databases.
must follow APA 6th edition formatting, citations and references
Unless otherwise specified all papers should have a minimum of 600 words (approximately 2.5 pages) excluding the title and reference pages.
Please use at least 6 sentences for the conclusion.
Building and Managing Teams

Market Structure La’Toni Rice Market structure, as it relates to economics has concerns. Our Market Structure is made of many different budgetary elements and variables, for example, the merchant, the purchaser, the value, item the presence of rivalry and the level thereof or the complete nonattendance. In light of the different stages and consolidations of the interrelationship of these variables, there are exactly four real sorts of market structures. There are four market types; perfect competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition, and oligopoly. Monopoly, alone hold the greatest market power. With relation to different market structures, these two are especially significant, perfect competition and monopoly. The products that form the basis of all market transactions may be either homogeneous or heterogeneous. Market Structures Perfect competition subsist when numerous firms offer an indistinguishable item to numerous purchasers; there are no limitations on entrance into (or retreat from) the business; created firms have no focal point over new firms; and dealers and purchasers are decently educated about costs. A firm in immaculate rivalry is a value taker—it cannot impact the cost of its item. The business interest bend is descending slanting. At the same time, a superbly focused firm confronts a consummately versatile request so the association’s interest bend is flat. Negligible income, MR, is the change in aggregate income that comes about because of a one-unit expansion in the amount sold. In impeccable rivalry, peripheral income equivalents cost. A firm expands its benefit by preparing the amount of yield at which add up to income surpasses sum require by the biggest measure. An alternate approach to discover the benefit-boosting yield is to utilize peripheral examination. A firm expands its benefit by preparing the amount of yield at which minimal income measures up to negligible expense. In the event that a firm close down, it causes a misfortune equivalent to its aggregate settled expense. The shutdown focus is the value that equivalents the base normal variable expense. A company’s supply bend is its minor expense bend above least normal variable rate. (Amacher, R.,

CIS 133 Phoenix College Waste Photo Project Paper

CIS 133 Phoenix College Waste Photo Project Paper.

I’m working on a html / css project and need support to help me learn.

Final Project SpecificationsBelow are the items (with check boxes) that are required for your final project. Please make sure that you have a total of 4 Web pages for your Web site (Home page plus 3 content pages). This project can be on any topic you choose. Be creative!The purpose of the site is clearly stated.Navigation is easy, intuitive and flexible, with each subsequent page linking back to home pageThe intended audience for which the website was built is included.Images are sized to load quickly and are displayed in an appropriate format (mpg, jpg, gif, png). Multimedia elements have a clear purpose and load quickly. Large files indicate the file size with a user option to downloadText is easy to read and contrasts with the background.Pages have clear and appropriate titles and sections.Links are clearly labeled, purposeful, up-to-date and functional.Contact information on the developer was provided.Information is accurate and current. Dates of creation or last revision are indicated.Web site contains 4 or more original pages (Home Page + 3 Content Pages).There MUST be 2 links to external Web sites somewhere in this project.Material is original or includes appropriate citations with no copyright infringement.There are no spelling, punctuation or grammar errors.Good use of graphic design principles including background and graphic elements that complements the text and theme. Colors and graphics are coordinated.Submission of Final ProjectPlease make sure that you compress or “zip” your final project before uploading below. Your final project folder should include 4 HTML files and any images you choose to use. An external CSS file is NOT required for this project, as you may place your styles as embedded for each Web page, or you may use them as a “style” attribute (inline) on elements within each Web page. If you choose to use an external .css file, please include it in your final project folder.Your instructor will review your final project, and will provide you with feedback based on the criteria above.
CIS 133 Phoenix College Waste Photo Project Paper

Florida International University COVID 19 Policy Memo

best assignment help Florida International University COVID 19 Policy Memo.

There are two writing components where you write an issue analysis, pretending you are a legislative staff person for a Member of Congress. The writing can be on an issue of your choosing, but it must focus on policy debate, status, and politics of an issue. The Member of Congress values staff for providing information on subjects and not opinions. (800 words) Related to this, staff plays a continuous role interacting with constituents on complex issues. The other writing component involves drafting a letter on an issue of your choosing explaining an issue on which the constituent and representative disagree. (500 words) Respect, tone, and information go a long way when people disagree.The final part of the portfolio is a five-minute video recording presenting an argument referencing issues and relevant dynamics and adhering to rules of decorum. (the formal dress code rule is waved) What we think about issues is very important, and part of the purpose of this assignment is to help distinguish the different roles a person can take on while involved in the legislative process.Writing is a critical skill, as well as clarity of thought and thoroughness of research. All of these must be evident in writing. Also, politics involves art in communication and I will be looking for evidence that you understand a subject, can convey the material clearly, and consider the political implications of what you write. The video speech should be done in a professional tone that is effective and informative.
Florida International University COVID 19 Policy Memo

University of Nairobi Terrorism in History Annotated Bibliography

University of Nairobi Terrorism in History Annotated Bibliography.

There are 8 questions posted. However, you will only need to answer 5. EACH question needs to be 300-500 words and needs to have 3 resources (bibliography). Please do not bid if you cannot guarantee an A (90 and above). Forum 1 Question (Chapters 1-8)1.Terrorism in History. Review some of the major historical events in history, from assassinations to revolutions to world wars. How many of these events could be perceived as acts of terrorism, or which specific acts within the events might be categorized as terrorist. For example, just considering World War II, think of all the incidents that occurred that could be “labeled” terrorist: The surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan, the Bataan Death March, the treatment of Jews, Gypsies, the mentally ill, homosexuals and other political prisoners in the Nazi concentration/death camps, the Nazi bombing of civilian population centers, such as London, England, the Allied fire-bombing of Berlin and Dresden, and the dropping of a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Some of these events caused heavy civilian casualties. Looking at them, how do they fit into the framework of acts of terrorism, acts of war, and war crimes? Terrorism as the Nexus of Politics and Violence. In 1997, Bruce Hoffman, an international expert on terrorism and political violence at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California wrote a compelling article entitled, “The Modern Terrorist Mindset: Tactics, Targets and Techniques” (New York: Columbia International Affairs Online Working Paper, October 1997). In that article, Hoffman explores the mindset of terrorists and the tactics they use in seeking political change. He contends that terrorism is where politics and violence intersect in the hopes of producing power…power to dominate and coerce, to intimidate and control, and ultimately to effect fundamental political change. Discuss this concept in history. Has any terrorist movement ever been successful in achieving not just political change through revolution, but also long-term international recognition as a ruling party or existing government? Can you give any examples? Interestingly, Hoffman indicates that in modern time, most terrorist groups do not reach the final steps of authority and governance of their homeland or country … but that was in 1997. Have things changed, particularly in the Middle East?The Impact of the Crusades. Explore the History website at: Watch the videos and read the articles relating to the Crusades. Were the Crusades sparked more by political and economic motivations or by religion? How do you think the Crusades of the 11th through 13th centuries impact current events in the Middle East, and relations between Muslims and Christians? 3.Monotheistic Religions. Compare and contrast the three great monotheistic religions of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. List the similarities of these three religions that all believe in one God. Now list the differences. Interestingly, they all tend to be exclusive in nature, meaning that they don’t simply believe in and worship one God, but also deny the existence of the gods of any other religious faiths. Do you think that this trait has made the monotheistic religions historically less tolerant than polytheistic religions? How do you think this trait impacts terrorism?5.MEMRI and al-Jazeera America. Visit the homepage for the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) at: MEMRI is a non-profit research institute that provides timely translations of Arabic, Farsi, Urdu-Pashu and Dari media for an American and worldwide audience. Popular as well as scholarly media from the Middle East is translated into English, French, Polish, Japanese, and Hebrew. It is one of the most widely respected and utilized online media resources relating to the Middle East. Study the website and read newspaper articles from Cairo, Baghdad, and Istanbul as well as listen to news broadcasts from Mecca, Beirut and Damascus. Visit the “Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor” on the site as well. How do you think MEMRI serves an American audience in understanding the Middle East? How much meaning do you think is lost in the translation of an article from one language to another? Now visit the homepage for al-Jazeera America at: Compare the two news media websites. How do they differ, or do they? How much of the media presented is formatted in an unbiased and fact-based style? What agenda does each site have, and how does this agenda impact fact-based reporting?6.Historical Problems in the Levant. Research the Middle Eastern area known as the Levant – An area of land between Egypt, Anatolia, Mesopotamia and the Arabian Desert. The Levant is an ancient land of great historical civilizations — from the center of the Ur civilization (2100 BC) to the kingdom of Babylonia (1700 BC), to the ancient Greek and Roman Empires (300 BC to 400 AD), to the great Ottoman Empire of the 20th century – the Levant has been the crossroad for communication, trade, and commerce between the Middle East to the rest of the world (Europe). The Levant is a geographical area composed of the modern day countries of Israel, the Palestinian territories of the Gaza and West Bank, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. It is a fertile area located on the southeastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Great spiritual meaning has also been given to the area of the Levant as it represents the lands of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. It is also an area that has witnessed significant historical conflict. Study the countries of the Levant and focus on the current conflict in Syria. Try to identify which groups discussed in Chapter 4 are actively fighting or supporting a specific side in Syria. Now research the history of the al-Assad family in Syria. Who is Bashar al-Assad and do you think he will abdicate his monarchy in the near future? Why or why not?7.Mass Shooters and Lone Wolves. Scour the Internet for mass shooters and lone wolf attacks in the United States. Are there any common denominators between the shooters and their horrific events of the past decade? Review the CNN story and videos on the deadliest mass shootings in the U.S.- Fast Facts at: review the article entitled, “A Guide to Mass Shootings in America,” at: Note that both articles make a difference between Mass murders (single incident) and Spree killing (Multiple incidents). View the map presented in the second story and try to identify any patterns that can be made geographically about these events. Discuss the problem of mass shootings and spree killings in class. What do you think can be done to prevent such horrific problems in the future?8.The Benghazi Attack on September 11, 2012. On the night of September 11, 2012, a large group (over 100 people) of heavily armed insurgents attacked the U.S. Consulate office in Benghazi, Libya, killing Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, another diplomat, and two embassy security personnel. A second assault occurred the next morning, targeting a CIA compound about a mile away from the Consulate building. The event became a major issue during the 2012 U.S. Presidential elections as President Barak Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were assailed for not preventing nor responding correctly to the attack. The event still lingers in the background for Clinton as she seeks nominations for President. QJust hours before the incident, Aymen al-Zawahiri had issued a video to coincide with the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in 2001, which called for attacks on Americans in Libya. Further, within the week before the attack, eight other diplomatic missions in the Middle East, Asia and Europe had encountered large demonstrations and violent attacks in response to an anti-Muslim video entitled, “innocent of Muslims. The attack in Libya was initially characterized as a spontaneous protest against the video versus a planned terrorist attack launched by radical Islamists linked directly to al-Qaeda. The attack was the subject of congressional and administrative investigations focused not only on the U.S. response to the incident, but also the larger role of the CIA’s presence in Libya. Search the web at the following sites to learn details relating to the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. For instance, see the series of articles and reviews by the Washington Post at:, as well as a timeline of critical events during the attack developed by the Wall Street Journal at: the following Congressional Hearings and Reports as well:The Security Failures of Benghazi (October 10, 2012) at: and Beyond, Part I (November 15, 2012) and Part II (December 20, 2012) at: of the Benghazi Attacks and Unanswered Questions (September 19, 2013) at: you think that the attacks in Benghazi could have been prevented? Discuss what types of security failures occurred in Benghazi and what can be done to prevent similar incidents in the future.9.The Holocaust and Genocide. Visit the homepage of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum at: Learn about the Holocaust under Adolf Hitler and listen to the survivors and victims of this horrific event. Search the latest news and discover that genocide sadly continues today in several countries throughout the world. How do you think that genocide impacts the development of a country? Can a government ever overcome the history of genocide? Research and discuss as a class some of the more contemporary genocides observed in countries like Sudan, Rwanda, and Bosnia. Has the World Court been successful in preventing such tragedies through the prosecution of War Crimes? Why not? Now, compare these contemporary genocides with the loss of Aboriginal people in Australia and Native Americans in the United States during the 18th and 19th centuries. Do you think genocide only occurs in developing nations? What can be done to prevent these types of horrific events?10.Hate on the World Wide Web. Visit the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and learn about hate in America at: some of the available Intelligence Reports online and note the high number of active hate groups in the United States. How can you be a partner sharing the mission of the SPLC fighting hate, being a model for tolerance, and seeking justice? Think of our community; are there any visible signs of hate or intolerance in our city…in our university?
University of Nairobi Terrorism in History Annotated Bibliography

The Change Project And Its Rationale Nursing Essay

This paper will introduce the elements of our change project which encompassed, the development of a needs assessment, creating a presentation regarding pressure ulcer prevention for the employee, and the design of a poster and, pamphlet, as well as the rational of choosing this project. Moreover, the paper will present the main concepts that are relevant to the process of implementing change by using Lewin’s Change Theory. In addition, the paper will focus on strategies for developing a needs assessment, teaching sessions for the employee, pamphlets and a poster that address pressure ulcer prevention at the George Derby Care Centre. These components are going to be discussed according to the unfreezing phase of Lewin’s Change Theory. Furthermore, the driving and restraining forces in the change process and the role of nurses’ in the change project will be addressed. Nature of the Change Project and Its Rationale Our group was delegated to carry out a change project that will implement positive change for the George Derby Centre. In the initial meeting, our mentors introduced and orientated our group to the facility; they also presented us with some of the barriers that the agency faces, such as lack of equipment, high ratio nurse patient, and lack of a policy addressing pressure ulcer prevention. After the initial meeting with our mentors it was established that the main focus will be on creating an attainable policy on pressure ulcer prevention and preparing a presentation of recommendations for pressure ulcer prevention to agency staff. However, subsequently, it was concluded that there are too many factors involved in policy making and therefore, we will not be developing a pressure ulcer prevention policy. Consequently the paper will focus only on developing a needs assessment, and teaching the front line stuff about pressure ulcer prevention. In order to identify barriers and areas of benightedness in the basic steps and methods of pressure ulcer prevention among frontline staff, our group decided that a needs assessment is necessary. The rationale for this project is that, elucidating the barriers to minimizing the incidence of pressure ulcers within the facility, analysing the feedback to a needs assessment from the staff, and providing education in the areas where staff lacks the knowledge and skills will offer us an insight into where change needs to be attained. It was obvious from our meetings with our mentors that they are committed to change and willing to embark on a multifaceted approach to solving the problem of pressure ulcers that ultimately will alleviate residents suffering, enhancing their well being and reducing the cost of medical care. Concepts In 1951, Kurt Lewin introduced the Change Theory which theorizes a three stage model of change that the change agent must undergo for planned change to occur as unfreezing, movement and refreezing (as cited in Marquis

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