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(Blind) Two weeks passed since that incident. Lucy made no effort to start any conversation. Naruto tried to smile when she sat beside him and also waved a ‘hello’ every now and then, but she simply ignored him. He didn’t understand why she was acting this way, could it be because of the kiss? Well it wasn’t his fault! Despite her rude behavior towards him, he tried his best to start a conversation. He even gave her small pieces of paper to convey his message but to no avail… She didn’t even look at them. “What’s with them? I thought they were couple. Ino whispered to Sakura.

They were in the middle of Chemistry exam and Ino had lots of free time because she didn’t know any answer… unlike Sakura who was one of the top student beside Hinata, Tenten and ‘Sasuke’. “‘no! We are in the middle of-” miou two! Stop whispering and concentrate! ” The invigilator barked, causing some of the students to stiffen who were making small attempts to cheat. mf-yes Sensei! ” Ino apologized, as she didn’t want to see Sakura’s anger towards her, because when it comes to study matters, she is a nerd! A real nerd! The bell rang and the teacher began to collect the papers.

Sakura had a content smile on her face as the exam was easy according to her. Ino on the other hand had even bigger smile, but for a different reason. “Finally it’s over! How boring! ” Ino complained to no one in particular. She quickly raced towards the exit as Sakura was leaving. “Wait up! ” Slowly all the students were leaving, however the teacher was glaring at two particular student…. Kiba and Kankuro. They were still writing despite getting warnings that their exam will be canceled. As soon as they finished, both of them approached the teacher with their papers.

The teacher glared at them and made a face which said ‘Good Luck’ “Are you gonna take the papers or not? ” Kiba asked with a smirk. The teacher still kept glaring. “What? We are asking to take the papers, not your clothes. ” Said Kiba causing some of the students to burst into laughter. He knew how to make this silly Jokes. miou are late, your exam is canceled. ” Said the teacher, as she adjusted her glasses. “Do you know our name? ” Asked Kiba with a devilish smirk. “Do you know who we are? Kankuro backed him up, giving a smrk which matched his.

The teacher who was Just a temporary invigilator for the exam had no idea what this two could do. “N-no.. wh- who are you two? ” She stuttered, by now she was scared. “We don’t know either. ” With that said, they took all the papers along with theirs and shuffled them randomly. “Good Luck. ” “Come back here! ” But they were long gone… Naruto was the last student in the class along with Lucy who was still packing her bag. He tried to help her pack up, but she Just snapped and said something which she would regret. Stop bothering me! Know your place loser! She had no idea where that came from… she wasn’t expecting to say this… not at all.. What the hell did I Just say! ‘ She was about to apologize but froze when she saw the hurt look on his face. He just nodded with an apologetic smile, and walked away. What did I Just do…. ‘ (Recess Time) Sakura, ‘no, Hinata, Kiba and Kankuro was having their lunch. Kiba explained what he did earlier after the exam which caused everyone to laugh in the table. Hinata however tried to point out every now and then that he shouldn’t have done such horrible’ thing.

Ino kept listening to his Jokes as she took a bite from her sandwich. Hinata tried her best to keep listening to Kiba as she didn’t want to look harsh, being the sensitive ‘princess’ she is. Kankuro was Just glancing towards the table where his siblings were sitting. Gaara and Temari. They did not sit with Kankuro in lunch time because of the fact that he acted like a kid. The were a year older than Kankuro thus they were senior to him in school. Sakura took a tiny mirror out of her pink purse which matched perfectly with her hair.

She checked if her makeups were in good shape as she didn’t want to be seen like a witch in front of Sasuke!! But truth be told, she never expected him to see her during lunch break as she never saw him in the canteen! Did he even eat? “Say Ino, what do you think about Lucy and that dumb boy? ” Kiba asked, after finishing his Jokes. Ino took a sip of her cola and made a sound which caused him to blush a little. ‘Her lips are so… what the hell am I thinking! ‘ “l really don’t know. Why would she be interested in someone like him? ” She replied. “Isn’t that easy? She Just took our challenge.

She doesn’t love him. ” Sakura said in a ‘matter of facty’ tone. miou mean ‘your’ challenge. ” Ino corrected her. miea whatever, anyways. I have a plan. ” Sakura announced, putting the mirror back to her purse. “Troublesome.. ” Shikamaru muttered as he passed their table. This caused Ino to laugh a little while Sakura gave him a nasty glare. Not that he cared. “That lazy Jerk! ” “He is our senior, you shouldn’t say those. ” Ino Joked which caused her anger to rise even further. “He is Just this way.. So what’s the plan? ” Kiba asked, breaking the ension between the two girls. First, Hinata are you okay with evil plans? If not-” “l will leave. ” Hinata finished her and bid them goodbyes. “She is such a kid. ” Sakura complained. “She is Just sweet. ” miea, whatever… so here’s the plan…. ” not think his newest friend would say things like this to him. He thought she was honestly a true friends from the tenderness she showed him. But he was wrong. She was Just the same as the others. She hated him and he didn’t know why… ‘Maybe I was meant to be hated… Naruto stopped, and looked through the windows beside him.

He could see some of the boys playing football while the girls were cheer-leading. ‘Is playing permitted during break time? He questioned mentally. After few minutes, the bell rang. It was time for the next class. He sighed and began to walk back to his class. ‘l guess it’s better if I leave… ‘ “Na-Naruto! ” Review¦ Let me know if you have any suggestions… And I changed my mind, I don’t think that NaruSaku will be good for this story. However tell me which pair you want, think of it as a poll, that will give me some ideas… NaruSaku or NaruLuc. ”Cya.

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