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Stony Brook University Management Cherrys Delights Question

Stony Brook University Management Cherrys Delights Question.

Design the tables in Microsoft Access (minimum of 4) in your database and explain how they are related. (You do not actually need to apply these relationships in Access) Attach a word document with the explanation (why it is needed, etc.) of each table.Add a minimum of 5 customers to your customer tableAdd minimum of 5 suppliers to your supplier tableAdd minimum of 5 products to the product tableEach table should have at least one drop down menu. Use the input mask for phone number and zip code attributes.There is no minimum as far as attributes (or columns) but you should have what you would need to collect in each table.Include: all the attributes you will need to store
Stony Brook University Management Cherrys Delights Question

Abstract Young consumers’ choice of fashion and products that they buy is influenced by the society that they are living in; what the society perceives as fashionable influences their purchasing decision. Adolescents are willing to wear anything that boosts their esteem. If the society believes that a certain outfit is fashionable, the youth consumers are more likely to put on the outfit. Leather and fur apparels have been in use for a long time in different societies. Fur products have been worn in occasions especially by people of high status in the society while leather has been used for making various products worn by the rich and the poor. The level of leather tanning determines the cost of leather products. Marketers for these products in different markets targeting young consumers should understand the influence that the society have on the perception of the adolescents. This will assist them in making the right decision regarding price, product, promotion, and place of distribution. Use of fur and leather as raw materials has for long been challenged by animal right campaigners; nonetheless the materials are still being used in making various products. Introduction Societal issues influence the choice and selection of fashion in the general society. The same has influenced fur and leather goods; retailers of such products need to realize this to be able to plan and stock their businesses effectively; what to stock at one particular time is subject to the demands in the prevailing market conditions. The influence to young consumers varies; there are some who are largely influenced and some who are not as much influenced. Fashion is never static but changes over time, space, and age. In the current economic situation, global issues, future trends and developments, having a responsive marketing strategy, will greatly assist in the operation of a company (Jack, 2001). This paper looks into how the society influences young consumers’ perception of fur and leather goods. How the society impacts the consumers behaving towards evaluating purchasing, and using products There is a close relation between people’s choice of apparel, human behaviour, and the society that a person is living in. The society influences how people perceive, choose, and make decisions on the kind of apparels that they are going to wear. People mind what they wear at a particular time and they feel good about it. Individuals have different values and choose what they will wear because of how they perceive themselves and how they feel about themselves. Different generations have different fashion preference. Clothing is an important part in adolescence and is the first stage when the young adults start to create an own identity. As the body of the young adult start to experience changes, she/he also starts to be attracted to a certain dressing code; at one particular time and a certain generation, there is always a trend of fashion that this young adult sees as appreciated and good. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The choice of the fashion at one point in time is an individual choice but highly influenced by the society they are living in. There is a trend that they follow which surprisingly spreads fast in a wide range of people based on their age, race, gender, tradition, culture, religion, and social environment they are living in. Teenagers acquire an appreciation and gain positive self esteem, which is developed from inside. One of the attributes that builds high self esteem is the kind of clothes that one is wearing. Fashion is part of teen character building and they have a tendency of wearing fittings and modern fashions. The society plays a major role in determining the clothes and fashion that the young adult will wear. If the society associates a certain fashion with the youth, then a young adult is likely to put the fashion. On the other hand, if the society perceives a certain fashion as modern then young adults are likely to take the fashion (Gurvis, 2007). Consumer attitudes concerning the use of animal products for clothing Social changes, social influences Leather Leather and fur are both animal products; however there are different perceptions about the two apparels. Leather has for a long period been used as an apparel maker. In the year 2000, Yingjiao Xu conducted a research on factors influencing the choice of customers in making decision in buying leather products. He considered six variables which are; Attitude moulded towards products attribute, the attitude is an element of the society that someone has been brought up in Subjectivity towards a certain product purchase Traditional and cultural attitudes towards leather products Personality traits Price and quality factors After the study, he observed that the kind of apparels that young people wear are largely influenced by the culture and social setting that he is living in. The study compared different living standards and societal conditions and observed that people of a certain area dress more or less the same. Some cultures (e.g. the Muslims) have an acceptable mode of dressing which according to them is regarded as fashion. Youths are expected to wear certain clothes as a form of identity while after they have gotten married; they are expected to change accordingly. In the event of conflict of expectations between the society and the mode of dressing that a young adult has, there are set mechanisms to rectify the trend. More specific in leather products, people of different classes have regarded leather as apparel for all seasons depending on what comes from the raw materials. Shoes are the most dominant products to be gotten from leather. Leather is tanned at different levels to come up with different products. We will write a custom Report on How Society’s Influences Young Consumers’ Perception of Fur and Leather Goods specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In most cases, pure leather goods are regarded as durable and are expensive. Though this is seen as so by the society, the youth have a slight different observation. As far as they want something that is classic and expensive, they as well do not like something that is going to last for ages; they want something that will change with the times. The perception that the product will last for a long period of time creates a negative attitude towards the purchase of such goods. Other than the material used in manufacturing of apparels, there is also a perception based on the country of origin that such goods are coming from. Clothing appeals from Italy are considered to be of high quality though expensive. Shoes from the country are considered to be of high quality and durable. With this perception young people are willing to buy products from this country. This trust is thought to have been built by strong branding name by the Italians on clothing and shoes. They are referred to as a “Cut of class”. Britain and Germany appeals are considered of quality though not as high as those from Italy. They are also less expensive (Gnoth, 2002). Fur and Teenage Consumers Traditionally, fur is known to be apparel for the rich and mostly won during certain occasions. It was/is regarded as apparel for the rich and thus wearing it for the right occasion offers a person great pleasure and esteem. The youth are willing to feel good of who they are. When attending occasions, they are willing to wear what is for the occasion. There is a dress code for marriage, funeral ceremony, party, evenings among other social occasions. The apparel to wear and considered as fashionable or applicable for a certain occasion is determined/defined by a certain society. There have been campaigns against the use of fur products coming from animal rights campaigner’s people. They are of the opinion that animals should not be killed for human clothing. Instead of these moves reducing the trend of use, the value of these products is getting even higher. The restriction had lead to reduced demand and thus the value of these products increase. High cost goods are considered fashionable and give a better feeling to adolescence. Their esteem is boosted and is more willing to use these products from the notion that they are expensive and thus a show of status. Why teenage consumers make decisions to buy fur and leather goods and how the culture of society influences; celebrities/media/fashion brands The media is a strong tool that influences the behaviour of human beings. The youth are spending a great deal watching television, internet, and radio. Technological improvement has brought different method of information dispensing in the world. One of the most notable information dispensers is television sets. With the increase in media freedom, the media has brought a number of issues which have impacted on the life of a people. When an international or local television station brings a certain movie that has a hero at the end of the day; it will influence the belief of the person watching it. Youths are willing to copy the mode of life of the hero in a movie. In most cases, fur is used to symbolize heroism; this creates a perception that the product can be associated with success. This increases its demand from the young consumers. The way it is portrayed will make the person feature success to some attributes from the movie; this may be different from what culture demands. Not sure if you can write a paper on How Society’s Influences Young Consumers’ Perception of Fur and Leather Goods by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Movies are made in such a way they have a message they are developing home. Some movies are meant to depict how portraying certain super national heroic aspects will be of benefit. There is the character that one admires at one point. Some of them are made to impress but alongside they develop a certain perception that glorify heroism. The perfectionist will make little effort to successes. In these movies and television programs, fur is considered as luxury, glamour, and a show of status; when this is the case, the youth are willing to use these products. Action movies are in most cases developed in a way that the “master” or the “ninja” will outdo the local authorities like the police and can thus go ahead and commit crime and move unhurt. There are others that the hero intelligence and wisdom is portrayed when he can forecast the future with a good level of precision. What the movie leaves in the mind of the viewers is that one can easily succeed in life by following unlawful means. The fact that the hero always is successful is planting a seed of deviant behaviour in the population. The general formation of the movie gives an impression of the attire for certain situations and activities (Juric

Lymphocyte B Cell In The Immune System Biology Essay

Lymphocyte B Cell In The Immune System Biology Essay. B cell is a type of lymphocyte that is the basis for the bodys humoral immune system; it is produced from the stem cell in the bone marrow (Darling, 2010). On its production a self renewing hematopoietic stem cells produces lymphoid and myeloid progenitor. Looking mainly at lymphoid progenitor, it gives rise to B cell progenitor, T cell progenitor and Natural Killer cells (Kuby et al. 2007, p.25). Lymphoid progenitor produces progenitor B cells; it is the earliest identifiable cell that’s committed to the development in the B cell linage. The cells moves and rearrange their Ig heavy chain genetic segments to make a functional IgH gene that are expressed as pre B cell receptors. The B cell receptor is a membrane bound antibody molecule. From the pre B cell receptor, some of the cells stays in the bone marrow and some moves into secondary lymphoid organs and there they reproduce, also in the secondary lymphoid organs the cells undergo antigen dependent maturation. On the topic of B cell progenitor, it produces B cell and these B cells further undergo two phases of maturation: an antigen independent phase and an antigen dependent phase (Kempert, 2010). During the development, each B cell is genetically programmed or a process known as gene translocation, to express a unique B cell receptor. The molecules of that B cell receptor are place on its surface where it can react with epitopes of an antigen (Kaiser, 2010) Epitopes are antigenic determinants recognized and bound with B cell receptors and they are located on the surface of the antigen (Austin, 2010). There are known to be two main classes of B cell epitopes, one is Linear or continuous, the surface that are interacted with the antibody are located next to each other sequentially on the protein. The second one is assembled or discontinuous; the components are located on disparate parts of the protein which are brought conformationally close to each other through side chain interactions (ProImmune, 2010). Produced B cells contain two types of B lymphocytes, Plasma cells and memory cells which express CD19, CD20 and CD21 on these cells (Kempert, 2010). Plasma cells are a type of white blood cell that produces antibodies. Once produced, B cells mainly stay within the bone marrow and wait until an antigen invades the body. The antigens bind to the B cell and stimulate it to form plasma cells. Plasma cells are known to have characteristic appearing nuclei; cytoplasm that contains dense rough endoplasmic reticulum and which is the site where antibodies are combined and also a distinctive perinuclear Golgi complexes where the antibody molecules are converted to their final forms and ready for secretion (Abbas et al. 2009, p. 22). Memory cells are produced by antigen stimulation of naïve B cells, they have proteins that are expressed on their surface that distinguish them from B cells and Plasma cells and they can survive in a functionally state for many years after the antigen has been eliminated and also they are known as B cell sub types that are formed after an initial infection (Abbas et al. 2009, p. 22). Function The major function of B cell is the secretion of antibodies. When an antigen has invades the body and has been encountered by the immune system, they bind to B cell and a number of certain B lymphocyte are then stimulated and undergo cell division to produce plasma cell and memory cells which is known as clonal expansion. Clonal expansion is a process that when a naïve B cell encounter a pathogen’s antigen. As the antigen floats through the blood system it gets attaches and binds to the naïve B cells. This trigger clonal expansion and the B cells multiples (Kuby et al. 2007, p.17). The B cell receptors are the ones responsible to bind to the antigens, the bounded antigen is then engulfed into the B cell by the receptor mediated endocytosis. The antigen are digested and broken down into small fragments and displayed on the cell surface that’s sitting inside a class II Histocompatibility molecule. With the help of Helper T cells that binds with B cells, the B cells then secretes lymphokines that stimulates the B cells to go through a cell cycle that develops and turn the B cells from being B cell receptors to being a plasma cell that secrete antibodies(Kimball, 2010). The plasma cell each produces a particular antibody that’s specifically attached to a specific antigen and these plasma cells are secreted into the blood system. As a specific antibody has attached to a specific antigen, the antibodies produce a humoral response and inactivate the pathogen, and make it easier to removal from the body (Anglin, 2010). Once this process has occurred meaning once the body defense has encountered and destroyed the pathogen’s antigen, the body remember this pathogen’s antigen and this remembering process is referred to as Memory cell. Memory cells are produced by stimulated B cells, they are the form of basis for long term immunity and responsible for secondary response. As soon as an infection that was previously destroyed by the humoral immune system returns the memory cells that has remain dormant produce a quick response and the infection is removed as quickly and effectively leaving the patient immune (Martin, 2010). Lymphocyte B Cell In The Immune System Biology Essay

Suppose that there are two products: clothing and soda, economics homework help

write my term paper Suppose that there are two products: clothing and soda, economics homework help.

Suppose that there are two products: clothing and soda. Both Brazil and the United States produce each product. Brazil can produce 100,000 units of clothing per year and 50,000 cans of soda. The United States can produce 65,000 units of clothing per year and 250,000 cans of soda. Assume that costs remain constant. For this example, assume that the production possibility frontier (PPF) is a straight line for each country because no other data points are available or provided. Include a PPF graph for each country in your paper. Chapter 5 of the Suranovic text is a good reference for this task.Complete the following:What would be the production possibility frontiers for Brazil and the United States?Without trade, the United States produces AND CONSUMES 32,500 units of clothing and 125,000 cans of soda.Without trade, Brazil produces AND CONSUMES 50,000 units of clothing and 25,000 cans of soda.Denote these points on each COUNTRY’s production possibility frontier. Using what you have learned and any independent research you may conduct, which product should each country specialize in, and why?To assist in your thinking and discussion, additional questions to consider include:What is the labor-intensive good?What is the Marginal Rate of Transformation impact?What is the labor-abundant country?What is the capital-abundant country?Could trade help reduce poverty in Brazil and other developing countries?
Suppose that there are two products: clothing and soda, economics homework help

INSTRUCTIONS The Impact PowerPoint Assignment must include at least 15 slides, including a title slide and a reference slide.

INSTRUCTIONS The Impact PowerPoint Assignment must include at least 15 slides, including a title slide and a reference slide. Do not exceed 16 slides of content. This presentation must be created as if you are presenting information to a group of clients regarding the impact your topic has on development. Assume that they are unfamiliar with your topic and are seeking your help understanding the impact this topic has on them or their family members. You must use your textbook and the sources you used in your Impact Paper Assignment; however, you can also use other relevant sources of information to develop your PowerPoint Presentation. Include appropriate citations to your sources at the bottom of each slide. Your presentation must include these slides: Title slide (Slide 1) Introduction • How is the topic defined or conceptualized? (Slide 2) Developmental Impact slides • At what age and stage does this issue typically impact a person? (Slide 3) • What is its potential impact on a person’s development progress? (Slide 4) • What is the impact to cognitive, social, emotional, relationship, and/or moral dimensions of development? (Slides 5–6) Client Awareness: • How does this topic impact the individual’s environment? (Slide 7) • How does this topic impact the individual’s family? (Slide 8) • What are the best strategies for dealing with this from an individual or family support perspective? (Slides 9–10) Faith

Prepare a financial plan for the organization that you select for your business plan. Describe the organization, including the

Prepare a financial plan for the organization that you select for your business plan. Describe the organization, including the type of business. Create the business case. Determine why funding is needed for the company. Determine the sources of funding. Consider self-funding, borrowing, loans, equity, venture capital, etc. Evaluate the requirements of each of the funding sources that you plan to use. Analyze the risks that are associated with each funding source. Decide which sources are the best fit for your company based on the requirements of each. Justify your decision. Estimate the cost of capital for both short-term and long-term funding sources. Research current estimated APRs for your selected sources of funding. Create a table or chart to display this information. Estimate direct costs, including capital, marketing, labor, equipment, and inventory/supply costs. Prepare a budget that includes starting balances, monthly costs, loan/investment payments, cash flow projections, and required revenue. Create a profit-and-loss statement for a 3-year period. Provide a revenue forecast, stating realistic assumptions, such as growth per year, in your projections. Cite references to support your assignment.