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Which philosophy would you use as a guide for living? “To look at the world through an emotional perspective is to look at the world in error. ” After learning the many different philosophies I can truly say that Stoicism made the most sense to me. If I had to choose one specific philosophy as a guide for living, Stoicism would be the one. The amount of past experiences where I can blame emotions for getting in the way of the right decision, or emotions stopping me from doing a certain task are endless, as I’m sure it is for the average person.

To make it plain and simple, Stoicism is to remove emotions completely. As we learned, emotions are what cause disturbance. I believe going through life and living by the Stoic philosophy, it will only benefit you and the way you handle situations. Without emotion your Judgment and thinking process will completely change. You will become a clear thinker, and definitely unbiased. Pleasure nor pain will matter creating a monotone but overall better well being.

I tend to agree that the removal of emotions and development of self-control to ife experiences could only benefit myself. From past experiences, I can say that your emotions can get the best of you. When emotions are in play, it can only alter your thinking process, creating confusion and error. For example, when I lost my older cousin at a young age due to a car accident, my emotions got the best of myself and my family. The fear of car accidents and traveling that was put into my head because of that tragic day stayed with me for years.

Removing the emotion out of a situation ike that example I could have Just interpreted that death as Just the “average Joe” you hear about on the news or read in the paper, I wouldn’t of had that fear stored in If I had to start living this lifestyle today, there are definitely a few things that you have to remember. Stoics presented their philosophy as a way of life, also a simple one. You have to remember the motivations of stoicism such as the things that have no moral value or the ‘indifferents’, virtue and control.

A good example of indifferents s things that have physical value such as a house and clothing. Family and relationships have emotional value while your education and knowledge have intellectual value. And while those are things that you can have, virtue is something that must be done and myself must be virtuous while being in control. As I mentioned, we got to learn about multiple different philosophies. Everyone is entitled to their own answer to this test question, but after really getting to know the material, stoicism is the one that really clicked for me.

Just from looking at some past xamples, or REALLY thinking about what matters and what is needed, stoicism can show the true purpose and meaning. Removing emotions doesn’t mean you’re a depressed person who doesn’t care about life itself, but to have a different perspective on life and logic. Some might say Stoicism is not “normal” and that having no emotions isn’t possible, but the removal of emotions would make certain things that you would get upset or excited over Just “normal” and the way life works. Now I’m not saying I live by this every minute of my life but if I did have to choose one single

Distribution of ISIS in Syria in 2018

Distribution of ISIS in Syria in 2018.

Codebook and essay of 4000 words together (Distribution of ISIS in Syria in 2018)  Create a “code book” and collect event data for an episode of protest in the MENA region. Write up your findings using concepts such as. Submit your codebook, event catalogue, and findings as one “PDF DOC”. Total word count for your codebook and essay is 4,000 words. To prepare for the summative project, we will devote a class session (“Sources of protest”) to locating and coding event data. PLEASE NOTE:  When writing up your findings, you must footnote using a recognized citation system (Chicago, Harvard, etc.).  It must contain a bibliography/list of works cited.

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