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Instructions: Respond to ONE of the prompts below, reflecting on it with your own thoughts. Write a 1-page response, double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font in APA style. Please remember to cite a minimum of one course reading for full points.


1. HIV is the only STI in our society that is criminalized (i.e., you can be arrested and/or jailed for having HIV). When we have other STIs that are potentially just as dangerous as HIV, and we know that HIV can be untransmittable and is considered a chronic disease now, why is it that HIV remains criminalized? Should all HIV criminalization laws be eliminated? Why or why not?

2. Although male birth control has been in development for years, no products have yet come on the market. Consider reasons for this occurrence. Should cisgender women bear most of the responsibility for birth control in heterosexual sexual relationships? Why or why not?

Note: The degree of self-disclosure within this reflection paper is up to you. However, please be mindful that as your instructor, I am a mandatory reporter, and I am required to report any disclosure of sexual assault.

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