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Race = 1. Blacks commit more crimes than white people. 2. White people are racist. 3. Mexicans are thieves. Religion = 1. Muslims are terrorists. 2. Catholic priests are child molesters. 3. Jews are cheap and won’t spend money. Gender = 1. Women are inferior to men. 2. Men are chauvinistic. 3. Men are better leaders than women. PART II Certain stereotypes can help a person land a job or build good reputations. One example is that Asians are good at math. Jewish people are good with money.

African American’s are good athletes, if a coach see’s pictures of two basketball players, one white and one black, without even realizing it he may assume the black player is better because of the stereotype. Life123. com According to US News (2010) “Past studies have shown that people perform poorly in situations where they feel they are being stereotyped. ” According to Professor Michael Inzlicht (2013) even after a person leaves a situation where they faced negative stereotypes, the effects of coping with that situation remain.

PART III Prejudice is a negative attitude that rejects an entire group such as racial or ethnic minority, Schaefer, (2012). Stereotyping is unreliable, exaggerated generalizations about all members of a group that do not take individual differences into account. Example for Prejudice would be not hiring someone because of the color of their skin. Example of stereotyping would be saying that all Mexicans are thieves.

Stereotyping someone is placing a generalized and exaggerated pre-conceived idea on all members of a specific group of people; Prejudice is a negative attitude or discrimination against an entire group of people. Both are about making judgment about a specific group of people these judgments are based on color of skin, religion, sexual preference or gender. Schaefer, (2012) the most obvious ways to prevent prejudice would be to stop the causes of it. Such as eliminating people’s desire to exploit others, our innate fear of feelings threatened, and our need to put the blame on others for our won failures.

The idea of terrisom with muslims.Why do actions of fews affect one whole religion?

The idea of terrisom with muslims.Why do actions of fews affect one whole religion?.

 Topic that is in the news, however, a) it must not be editorial unless substantiated by facts and b) it must be related to Homeland Security. Reaction papers are a critical component of the conversation that will take place in this course. There will be a total of five different reaction papers throughout the course. For each of the papers, students should clearly identify their topics and present their personal viewpoints or perspectives; however, students must also present a factual basis for those viewpoints (as opposed to an opinion paper). All references supporting the factual basis must be properly cited to the original sources in accordance with APA guidelines. The completed reaction paper should be typed in a double-spaced format with the correct APA citations, formatting, and references. The scholarly paper assignment is to be no longer than two, typed, double-spaced pages in summary format and it is expected that each student will devote a great deal of initiative toward producing a quality, scholarly product worthy of the high academic standards established at Saint Leo University. The paper will be evaluated based on the following criteria (see the rubric on the next page for the scoring breakdown): a. Thoroughness: How extensively does the paper develop the issue? Does the student show depth and understanding of the subject, or is the analysis superficial? Does the paper clearly identify its focus and logically analyze and discuss the topic? b. Scholarly quality: Does the assignment meet acceptable college level standards with respect to form and substance? Are the ideas presented in a clear, concise manner? Are there numerous typographical, spelling, or grammatical errors? (Each such error deducts points off the grade). Do not quote or cut and paste information to develop or write your paper. Use your own words and summarize. 

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