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Step 1 – Post (10 points) In at least 300 spell-checked and grammatically correct words with numbered paragraphs, answer the

Step 1 – Post (10 points) In at least 300 spell-checked and grammatically correct words with numbered paragraphs, answer the following: 1. Design a stress management plan for yourself for finals week using the information presented in Chapter 14 on Health Psychology (about one paragraph and including the points below): Start with a description of the triggers: what are the specific stressors that you will likely experience during finals week? BEHAVIOR: Set a goal for yourself for finals week that is specific and measurable (see the section on Motivation and implementation intentions), BODY: Considering the physiological components of stress, develop several specific coping strategies to take care of your body (nutrition, sleep, exercise), MIND: Include how you might change your cognitive appraisal of the stressors – that is, how you could change your thinking about the stressors as one component of your stress management plan, EMOTIONS: Describe how you might use problem-focused coping and/or emotion-focused coping, SOCIAL: Include how you will use social support to help you reach your goal and cope with these stressors, MINDFUL/SPIRITUAL/RELIGIOUS: considering our practice of lovingkindness and gratitude – how can you apply these practices to help you cope during finals week? 2. THROUGHLINE – I invite you to reflect on your progress as a student in this fully online class (about one paragraph), Functionally, how did you learn the material in this online format – what helped you to engaged with the information? Where/how did you tend to disengage? Thinking back on what we learned about having a Growth Mindset – where did you demonstrate grit and determination? Where did you stretch and grow and offer yourself the possibility of “not yet”? 3. What has been working for you in the course or what is something that you find valuable in meeting your educational goals within this course? 4. What has not been working for you or something that has hindered your educational goals within this course? 5. I welcome any appreciations you have for your classmates. You all built a wonderfully supportive learning environment. Please be specific in your reflections on your time together and what you have learned from each other. 6. Please consider how you might incorporate what you learned here into your life? How might you continue to be aware of our evolutionary heritage, our trajectory as developing humans over our lifespan, our neurological foundations of behavior, our personality development, the impact of cultural context and socialization, our thinking processes, and our psychological well-being?