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Statistics homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on the Los Angeles and the manipulation of nature. The paper also provides additional questions to use in writing the assignment paper in detail.,Los Angeles and the manipulation of nature,LOS ANGELES AND THE MANIPULATION OF NATURE,ESSAY QUESTION WEEK 3 (2.5 pages): This week’s essay will address the manipulation of non-human nature that has defined and will continue to define Los Angeles and Southern California as we move into the foreseeable future. I’d like you to discuss and explain the strained relationship Los Angeles has had with the natural world: non-human animal habitat,, riparian landscapes,, parkland, (floods and  fires), and also the general lack of attention paid to or the complete disregard of the native flora and fauna. Also explain where our SoCal/LA water comes from, its limitations and scarcity, how it makes it to us, and other challenges associated with future supply.,What are some of the past and contemporary debates regarding water usage in SoCal and Los Angeles? What efforts have been put forth to alleviate some of this “disrespect” for nature? You MUST use the readings from this week to help you with your response. You have a lot to work with. As stated in previous essay prompts, convince me that you’ve read carefully, minimize small details, focus on the key arguments, and avoid generalizing. Please, do not be vague! Now, get to work.,WRITE 2 paragraphs (separately) on the following: Of all the topics covered in this week’s readings, regarding the manipulation of nature, which one interests you the most? Is it the issue of water in Los Angeles, the challenge of providing more greenspace, habitat for the non-human, the L.A. River, urban food production, or something else? Why does this topic interest you? Why is it important? How do you think we should better address it? Lastly, how do you think we could better meet the challenge of this issue? Through policy? Through local and regional planning? Also, through activism? Explain – and be thorough.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Statistics homework help
Introduction The purpose of this report is to discuss the prospect of e-marketing strategy to increase the customer base and to increase profit level of Bliss Travels. However, this report will concentrate on the local competitors, the customer behaviour to select a travel agent, and related factors such as the influence of age, experience, price range and location. In addition, this paper will focus on the advertising and strategic management system to prepare a guideline for the company to design different Web-based promotional and communication program. On the other hand, this report will estimate the web development costs, propose website ideas for this business, and assess the performance of programmers, Internet

The Relevancy Of The Primark Brand Commerce Essay

Primark Stores Limited is a major clothes and linens retailer in the UK and Republic of Ireland with over 200 branches including other European countries. Primark commenced its initial operations in 1969 under the name Penneys in Ireland, were it still runs its Head quarter operations. It is also a subsidiary of Associated British Foods plc. It has become a well established family name in recent years From the first Penneys store in Ireland to the latest flagship store in Liverpool, the Primark story has been one of continuing success founded on a unique combination of fast fashion and lean operations. Since its inception in Ireland Primark gradually increased its stores across Great Britain which it predicted as a major market in the retail industry especially in the European region. The prediction turned out to be a success story where the number of stores increased gradually and targeted all the key high street regions. Primark has set a benchmark for many companies to follow in a segment of the market labelled the value sector. The company was founded to produce clothing that is value for money, in other words you are paying for the quality of the product and not for the label that come attached. Primark currently caters in the following regions in Europe with a total of 200 plus stores and further plans ongoing for future expansion and renewing existing stores. Ireland Spain UK Netherlands Portugal Germany Belgium The objective of this report is to highlight key areas of operations at Primark and it various approaches. The areas cover in this report includes Establishing customer requirements, operational activities, controls and evaluations and progressions etc. Establishing Customers Requirements Operations management involves managing activities associated with production and distribution of goods and services. While producing and distributing goods and services, a manufacturer should have a goal to accomplish and strategies of achieving it (Shim

Central Georgia Technical College Nursing Response Discussion

essay writer free Central Georgia Technical College Nursing Response Discussion.

You will need to respond to the post below.You must also respond to one of your classmates’ posts. For follow up posts, you want to add something new to what was already posted (find a case study on the topic and summarize the findings, find a research study and share the statistical findings with the class, provide a real world example of the topic to the class, etc). The post should be at least 250 words.Nurses make up the largest group of healthcare professionals in the US. Briefly describe the different levels of nursing education and the role of advanced practice nurses in the healthcare system. What is meant by the term “physician extender”?Nurses receive a tremendous amount of education and training before being able to receive a license to practice. A licensed practical nurse completes an accredited program that typically lasts a year, and then goes on to take a national exam, which they must pass in order to receive their license (Shi & Singh, 2019). Registered nurses undergo quite a more extensive educational and clinical process before being able to get their license. In order to become a registered nurse, one must first either complete and associates degree program and a diploma program, which ultimately takes four to six years, or complete a bachelors degree in nursing, which typically takes four to five years (Shi & Singh, 2019). Upon completing the educational requirements, they must also take a national exam to receive licensing (Shi & Singh, 2019). Advanced nurse practitioners have a higher level of education and clinical training than a RN or LPN, because of this, they typically are found working closely with physicians, usually in a nonphysician practitioner type of role (Shi & Singh, 2019). There is a similar trend occurring within healthcare and the professionals who work in that field, and its most notably that there is a constant rise in need for quality healthcare, and when this need is felt, the healthcare system and professionals within it adapt to this need. It is stated by Eileen Sullivan-Marx in Nurse Practitioners: The Evolution and Future of Advanced Practice that, in the 1970’s, health resource demand was skyrocketing, while the number of physicians was plummeting; in contrast, nurse practitioner numbers started to grow and become a more recognized healthcare profession (p. 69). Advanced nurse practitioners are often considered “physician extenders” meaning they aren’t as educationally or clinically trained as a physician but can often be found performing most of the duties a physician does, while under their supervision (Shi & Singh, 2019).References:Shi, L., & Singh, D. (2019). Characteristics of the U.S. Healthcare System. In Essentials of the U.S. Health Care System (Fifth, pp. 33-36). Jones & Bartlett Learning.Sullivan-Marx, E. (2010). Nurse practitioners. [electronic resource] : the evolution and future of advanced practice (5th ed.). Springer Pub.
Central Georgia Technical College Nursing Response Discussion

AD 680 UA Supply Chain Optimization & Manufacturing Location Spreadsheet

AD 680 UA Supply Chain Optimization & Manufacturing Location Spreadsheet.

Create a spreadsheet that determines, for each manufacturing location, the expected profits and how many
units the vendor should order from each manufacturer. Assume that demand variation is normally
distributed. Vary the annual holding cost percentage and show how the expected profits and order
quantities for a range of holding rates from 10% to 40%. Show these results in tabular and graphical form.
Clearly organize and label the spreadsheet to show inputs and results (i.e., a user may wish to modify
inputs later as more information becomes available). **HIGHLY recommended to follow along with the videos and use the data in the problem set to solve it this way. Will help work through the steps and just have to populate the equations. Things like the CSL* should be fairly easy in each of the tabs. Filling in the “complex” equation just means that you don’t miss a parenthesis or other character
AD 680 UA Supply Chain Optimization & Manufacturing Location Spreadsheet

SDSU Beachbody Company Online Professional Presence Paper

SDSU Beachbody Company Online Professional Presence Paper.

For the Portfolio Project : Milestone 1:for this course, you will create a proposal presentation for a professional online presence for a person or organization who is a leader in your industry. This person or organization may be real or fictional. This presentation will include recommendations and samples of the recommendations for creating an online presence, a description of the personal or organizational brand, and text about any ethical/legal concerns. Review the full prompt and the rubric for this assignment in the Week 8 Materials folder.For this week’s Milestone assignment, write a 2-page paper (not including the required a cover page) that defines the person or organization that you have selected and that explains how an online presence would benefit the person or his or her organization. This profile should include a photo of the individual (professionally attired) or the organization’s logo. It should also include current information about the individual (including education, employers, and areas of professional interest) or organization (including mission, contact information, and any upcoming events). Finally, delineate the objectives for the online presence that suit the desired professional brand for the individual or organization.Your paper must be written and formatted according to the requirements in the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links to an external site.).
SDSU Beachbody Company Online Professional Presence Paper

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