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State and Society in the Philippines

Study the instructional videos found in module 7 and answer this 3 essay questions.
Explain the features that developed (shaped and influenced) the evolution of Philippine political history. Since history is path-dependent, how do these features seen all throughout Philippine political history have shaped Philippine state and society at present?
How does the frameworks for understanding Philippine politics like Marxist-Leninist approach, Machine politics and Warlordism(Bossism) coincide with the larger framework of “Patron-Client ties”? Explain your answers.
Explain how the Philippine state is considered as weak when it comes to autonomy and fails to compete or effectively engage social forces(e.g. Strongmen, political dynasties, landlords, rent-seekers and oligarchs) that try to assert their dominance. Expound your answers.
* Study the videos especially the videos on Philippine Political history and Theories of Philippine Politics. You won’t be able to answer these questions without studying the videos first.
*There is no exact number of sentences required. What is necessary is you effectively argue or justify your answers. You must be able to explain your answers well as based from the lessons that you have learned. An answer which is not defended well will have a low grade merit.
Good Luck!