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Starwood Hotels Resorts Worldwide Marketing Essay

Sheraton is completing a three-year global brand overhaul, which includes an investment of more than $4 billion in new hotels, renovations and signature brand initiatives in North America and another $2 billion in new hotels overseas. Highlights include: 70,000 new or newly renovated guestrooms — 50,000 in North America alone More than 300 new lobbies featuring the brand’s innovative Link@SheratonSM experienced with Microsoft More than 100,000 brand new Sheraton Sweet Sleeper all-white, high thread count beds in 211 hotels and 83,000 guestrooms worldwide 98 renovated properties, nearly half of Sheraton’s North American portfolio, including high profile gateway properties like the Sheraton Denver, Sheraton Boston, Sheraton Seattle Hotel

Business Intelligence Business Essay

Business Intelligence Business Essay. Abstract Business Intelligence has been a result of 50 years of research from statistical reporting through MIS up till data mining and OLAP. The traditional methods of decision making through knowledge, experience and some times guess work were very inefficient. This paper shows how BI has come out as an apt solution to this problem in the present competitive world. Companies like British Airways, Volkswagen AG, Shell Services International, etc. have obtained operational efficiency through BI implementation. This paper also shows how BI is an essential factor in most of the industries including airways, FMCG, services, manufacturing, logistics, hospitality, etc. as it makes you understand your business better. This paper discusses about how companies can enjoy a lot of advantages through BI implementation and the most important of them are: reduced cost, increased revenue and better customer satisfaction. BI has become essential to all size of organizations as the amount of data is ever increasing and so is the cost. To sustain in the market a company has to implement BI. BI is projected to grow exponentially in the future. Keywords: BI, Data Mining, Data Warehouse, OLAP, predictive analysis List of contents Table of Contents Introduction Business Intelligence or BI is a computer-based system which is used by organizations for decision making purpose. It consist of huge data warehouse or data marts of business data, from which it performs mining, spotting, digging or analysing operations to produce appropriate results or reports. BI applications include a wide range of activities for statistical analysis, Data mining, querying and reporting, business performance analysis, benchmarking, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), Decision Support System (DSS), forecasting and predictive analysis. It provides organizations with meaningful information regarding employees, customers, suppliers and other business associates, which can be used in effective decision making. Up till 1989, a lot business decision-making system existed. In 1989, Howard Dresner coined the term “BI” which acted as an umbrella term for all such systems. The figure below shows how the decision making process is affected by application of BI. Statement of Problem In this paper we will discuss, how the use of BI will improve the decision making capability of managers and what will be its impact on revenues. We will analyse the effectiveness and performance of companies who have implemented BI. We will also discus how BI can be implemented in various fields and its advantages. Purpose of Study In an organization a lot of decisions are taken daily and it is very important to take effective decisions to achieve organization goals. If you attempt to define policies for all decisions or hire extra skilled staff for taking decisions it only adds to cost and may not result in effective decisions. If you give you’re existing employees the tools for effective decisions, it will result in an agile organization and it will be a cost effective solution. But before implementing BI solutions it is important to understand your requirements and selecting the correct application. A good BI application for the wrong business functions is a waste of time and money. BI can be customized for implementation in lot of industries depending on the specific needs of that field. Finally, we will also analyse the advantages of BI implementations to managers and organizations. Significance of the study This paper will give an insight in to business intelligence and its importance in today’s competitive world. It will answer the basic questions regarding BI like what it is, why to use it and how to use it. This paper will organizations realize the importance of BI in helping them sustain in modern world. Importance of good decisions In an organization, managers have to have good entrepreneurship skills in order to take effective and timely decisions which will result in business success. The importance and magnitude of these decisions increases as the level of managers become higher. Managers have to constantly take decisions while working in an organization like How much to produce and where? How much demand to expect? How much to purchase and at what price? When to launch marketing campaign and what channel to use? How much discount to offer and to whom? Where to sell and at what price? How to measure performance and what reward to offer? It is very important to take good decisions in all scenarios, for well-being of organization. Effective decisions taken have direct impact on the revenues, profitability, productivity and performance of employees. Any decisions taken for the financing of the organization are very critical and have to be taken with utmost care. The quality of service or product greatly depends on the decisions taken during manufacturing or requirement specification stage. The decisions are also taken for predicting or forecasting the demand. If effective decisions are taken in this case then it will lead to reduced wastage, delays and other hindrances. Decisions are taken with regard to customers, suppliers, employees and other partners. A good decision making process will ensure that these decisions are taken effectively, which will inturn result in cordial and long term relationship with them Evolution of BI Traditionally, good decisions where a result of experience and knowledge. But it takes years to get such experience and knowledge, while some employees may never achieve it. Hence decision support systems came to use. In 1958, IBM researcher Hans Peter Luhn was the first one to use the term BI and he defined intelligence in his words: “the ability to apprehend the interrelationships of presented facts in such a way as to guide action towards a desired goal”. The business intelligence that we understand today is evolved from the decision support systems whose development began from 1960 through 1980’s. In 1989, Howard Dresner coined the term Business intelligence as an umbrella term for all such systems. During the 1980’s, manual reports were prepared. Data was stored manually as each transaction occurred. These reports were used for forecasting and demand-supply management. In the late 80’s, Management Information System (MIS) was developed which automated all the business processes under one single framework. It provided the managers with static reports needed to manage organizations effectively. As the MIS was developed more and more modules were added which then covered all the areas of business functions including people management, supply chain management, customer relationship management, finance management, performance management, etc. But these systems provided only statistic report. These reports were good for analysing past transactions but they did not aid the decision making process. Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) allowed users to analyse and manipulate data from various perspectives. It arranged the data in the form of cube which enabled users to consider more dimensions for analysis. The reports generated from OLAP where faster than those from relational databases due to this. Data Mining is a process of extracting patterns from data. Data Mining from Data Warehouses was then used for predictive analysis. Querying and reporting techniques were used for forecasting and decision making. The Business Intelligence was developed on the back drop of Data Mining technique. BI is a system which analysed the historical, real time and predictive data and provided with solutions to decision making problems. Performance of organizations using BI Companies of all sizes are implementing business intelligence to optimize the usage of their data. According to a survey by a leading research firm, Business Intelligence was the top priority of the organizations worldwide. Here are some of the companies who have implemented BI: Volkswagen AG: This Company has implemented BI in all of its departments like finance, sales and marketing, purchasing, production and research and development. It is now the third largest car manufacturer in the world. It has a market share of 20 % in the world passenger car segment. MasterCard International: It is an American multinational company, who process the payments between banks of merchants and the card-issuing banks who use credit and debit card for making purchases. It has extended its BI from internal users to external users as well. It allows merchants and advertising agents to monitor their business closely through access to BI. Handspring, Inc: BI has standardized their transactions, report formats, etc and resulted in better efficiency. Shell Services International: The implementation of BI has resulted in reduced working capital, increased turnover and margin and better deals with customers and suppliers. Shell is now the world leader in lubricant supply. TruServ: Implementation of BI has resulted in better efficiency in logistic operations and reduces inventory costs by $50 million. BOC Gases: It is one of the world’s leading industrial gas supplier and has incorporated BI with its ERP for better efficiency. OwensBusiness Intelligence Business Essay

In order to justify your recommendation(s), you should address several concerns regarding the appropriateness of a new strategy (we

essay helper free In order to justify your recommendation(s), you should address several concerns regarding the appropriateness of a new strategy (we are using a differentiation strategy). In this section you will address the feasibility of the recommendation(s). For instance, does your client, Verizon have enough resources to effectively implement the idea? How will they pay for it? How does the profitability of the recommendation(s) compare to Verizon’s current profitability. What are the expected risks associated with the recommendation (s)? Support your position with facts from the industry research, and related research on Verizon Communications, Inc. If you make assumptions, state these assumptions and why you believe your assumptions are appropriate. The economic logic of your recommendation is a key part of this section-explore this fully and use appropriate financial measures to evaluate your recommendation(s). Based on your findings of profitability and feasibility, Verizon’s board should be convinced it is worth the risk to implement your recommendation(s). Typically, financial measures such as ROI, WACC, IRR, NPV are used to support the economic feasibility of your recommendation. Use your analysis to convince the board that your recommendations are well developed and make sense for the company. Note that your measures should relate closely to how performance in the client’s industry is measured, and how competitive advantage is measured. Include a timeline or an appropriate figure that summarizes the implementation of the recommendation(s) and when the expected results for your client would occur (payback period). We are creating a new service for Verizon to use. Attached is an excel and an outline file for the new product we are creating. Please answer all the questions to their entirety.

Colorado Technical University Online Personal Ethics Assessment Discussion

Colorado Technical University Online Personal Ethics Assessment Discussion.

Personal Ethics AssessmentVirtually everyone acquires an ethical or moral code that influences or drives social interactions, professional decisions, and even economic decisions. In this assignment, drawing on your own experiences, describe and assess your personal ethical code, as applied in your relationship to a workplace, academic environment, and social interaction. Describe the ethical origins of your own ethical standards, providing a definition for ethical standards.InstructionsFor this assignment, complete the following:Discuss your personal ethics and the origins of those ethics.Conduct a personal inventory of your ethics.Discuss the definition of ethical and moral standards.Discuss, in your own words, what you believe is meant by ethical and moral standards (before we even look at them in the context of the human services field).Describe your understanding of personal ethics, as applied to the professional and academic environment and in social interactions.In your current professional life, is there a conflict between your personal and workplace ethics? Explain the differences and similarities.In your academic life, describe your personal ethics in relation to definitions in scholarly source material that are not expressed in your own words.Do your personal ethics permit you to socialize with people of different religions and different cultures? Explain why or why not.Review the Personal Ethics Assessment Scoring Guide to verify you have addressed all the assignment requirements.Submission RequirementsStructure: Submit a cover page stating your name, course title and number, and the date.Length: Your essay must be at least 1,000 words long.References: Use a minimum of 4 references and citations, where appropriate.Written communication: Communicate information in a concise, balanced, and logically organized written manner, using appropriate grammar, punctuation, and syntax, as expected of graduate-level composition. Written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.APA formatting: Use proper APA format for headings. In-text citations and references at the end of the paper must be in proper APA (current edition) style and formatting.Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.
Colorado Technical University Online Personal Ethics Assessment Discussion

“Private Questions & Study Emergency” Project Scope, Schedule, and Budget Assignment

“Private Questions & Study Emergency” Project Scope, Schedule, and Budget Assignment.

“Private Questions & Study Emergency” Project Scope, Schedule, and Budget Assignment Create a project schedule, and budget. Use the following guidelines to complete your assignment: Project scope: Refine project scope statements from the scope statement in the charter from Week 1.Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) from the refined scope statement.Project schedule: Using Microsoft® Project and the WBS you developed above, create a schedule for your project’s lifecycle. Include specific tasks and milestones, with time and resource estimates, to meet organizational objectives in 350 words.Project budget: Using Microsoft® Excel® and the project schedule, WBS, and scope statement, create a time-phased budget containing cost estimates. Include direct and indirect costs for labor, machinery, equipment, supplies, and other elements applicable to the project. Incorporate your facilitator’s feedback into the schedule and budget and include the revised versions in your final project due in Week 6. This week’s assignment will involve three files: The scope statement, (Microsoft Word file .dox or .doc). The Microsoft Project schedule (MS Project file .mpp) The Microsoft Excel budget (MS Excel file .xls file) The instructions states, “Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) from the refined scope statement.” This will be a tool used to create the MS Project schedule. The project schedule will reflect the project name, project milestones, and individual tasks with time and resource estimates. It will become your Work Breakdown Structure so to submit both (schedule and WBS) would be redundant. The instructions also mention, “350 word” requirement which I would like you to ignore as word count is not applicable to MS Project and MS Excel. The scope statement can be whatever word count it needs to be to achieve the definition of scope defined in your course text. Please make sure to include all information below and following the required APA Format that is stated in this “Grading Guide”, because this is what this “Assignment” will be graded on. Refer to attached “Week 1 Project Charter that’s completed” that I’ve attached for you to use to help complete this assignment.I have also attached samples of the following listed below: Project Work Break Down StructureProject Budget TemplateProject Scope Statement Grading Guide Below that this Assignment will be Graded On: Content Met Partially Met Not Met Comments: The student refines the project scope from Week 1’s charter. The student creates a work breakdown structure from the refined scope statement. The student creates a project schedule using Microsoft® Project and the WBS developed, and creates a schedule for their project’s lifecycle. The student has specific tasks and milestones with time and resource estimates in 350 words for the project schedule. The student creates a project budget using Microsoft® Excel and the project schedule, WBS, and scope statement to create a time-phased budget containing cost estimates. The student includes direct and indirect costs for labor, machinery, equipment, supplies, and other elements applicable to the project budget. Total Available Total Earned 7 #/7 Writing Guidelines Met Partially Met Not Met Comments: The paper—including tables and graphs, headings, title page, and reference page—is consistent with APA formatting guidelines and meets course-level requirements. Intellectual property is recognized with in-text citations and a reference page. Paragraph and sentence transitions are present, logical, and maintain the flow throughout the paper. Sentences are complete, clear, and concise. Rules of grammar and usage are followed including spelling and punctuation. Total Available Total Earned 3 #/3
“Private Questions & Study Emergency” Project Scope, Schedule, and Budget Assignment

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