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Stark and and Anti Kickback Laws and Whistleblowers

Assume you will have 20 minutes to present your ideas to a group of clinicians who have never heard of either law.  Be sure to tie the topics together, meaning explain how they relate to one another.  Plan on about 8 slides with one a conclusion (make sure to also include a Reference slide).  Type in your speaker’s notes so I can review how you would present.  The focus of this assignment is on content, training, and presentation skills.Be creative, have fun and enjoy the process but don’t forget to cite your sources using APA formatting!

Berlin and Immigration

Berlin and Immigration.

Description Objective: To select a policy issue related to migrants accessing services within a major city we have discussed in class. You will need to explain the importance of this issue in its respective field, and then explain how the city you have chosen has addressed that issue. You are encouraged to draw on theoretical frameworks and policy concepts that we have taken up in class, but you are not obligated to. The idea here is to link the concepts to the policy at hand, while taking into account its impact on the immigrant population. Format Introduction: What is your policy issue? What is the city you have chosen? Why this issue? What this city? Present road-map Body Paragraph: What concepts are you drawing from? Why these concepts of framework over others? How are you presenting your information? What kind of background information are you providing to the readers? How did this policy come into fruition, and what is the issue at hand? Is it effective? Why? What have been the criticisms targeted against it? How might it be improved? Conclusion: Have you drawn the theories together? Have you provided ideas for future research?

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Influence of media on body image,write a a foot note to the power-point.

Stark and and Anti Kickback Laws and Whistleblowers Influence of media on body image,write a a foot note to the power-point..

 a foot note to the power-point.

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Hotels or Resorts

Hotels or Resorts.

 NO Heading. NO header. NO sources!!! Just a full 2 pages of writing. Project 4 major changes that you think will take place in the hotel or resort industry within the next 10 years. State your reasoning as to why you project these specific changes will occur.

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What “netiquette” have you learned from using social media?

What “netiquette” have you learned from using social media?.

What habits have become acceptable, and are those habits appropriate? Use specific examples, either from your own experience or observations, in sculpting your paper.  The paper should be approximately 750 words in length, and it should be typed and double spaced. Use formal essay structure (introduction, body, and conclusion). Also, the essay must be in twelve-point size and Times New Roman font. Remember to provide a heading (student name, professor name, course, date) in the upper left corner. A title must be in the center just above the introduction. And each page number should be preceded by your last name in the upper right corner.The content of this essay should be an argument on a subject raised in any of our selected readings and/or discussions since the first essay: the virtues and vices of technology, includingour use of screens such as computers and smartphones, video games, firearms, etc.You are required to find and incorporate at least one research source for this assignment. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and social media do not count toward the research credit. Also, Wikipedia is banned. Follow MLA guidelines by citing your source(s) (both within the essay and with a works cited page

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Case Talent Management

Case Talent Management.

Two primary outcomes of HR management are recruitment and selection. Through HR planning, managers anticipate the future supply of and demand for employees and the nature of workforce issues, including the retention of employees. These factors are used when recruiting applicants for job openings. Being able to recruit and retain the “best” employees has been a difficult task for HR managers. The “best” employees are not necessarily the most qualified individuals (e.g., those with the most education or work experience); they are the individuals who provide value to an organization, who complement the organization, who understand and embrace the organization’s mission, and who fit the culture of the organization. This quandary is a result of a number of different variables such as job satisfaction, organizational commitment, job performance, and motivation. Furthermore, contemporary HR managers also are tasked with assisting with peak performance initiatives because of escalated global demands and competition. Case Assignment Go to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, latest edition ( ) and read about a Human Resource Manager generalist position. [A generalist is someone who covers many HR functions, as opposed to a specialist who might be responsible for only one or two functions or sub-functions of HRM.] Assume that this is a position you as an HR consultant need to fill for a client in your home state. In this assignment address each of the following: Develop/include a job announcement/ad to fill the opening. Describe the employer’s business and the key qualifications needed. Explain your advertising and recruiting strategies to find candidates qualified for this opening for your client company. Defend which recruiting and selection processes you will use to choose the best person for the job. Be creative. You have a choice Your submission can be a 3- to 4-page Word document.

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Case Study on “Has the Apple Innovation Machine Stalled?”

Case Study on “Has the Apple Innovation Machine Stalled?”.

Case Study on “Has the Apple Innovation Machine Stalled?”


Paper details:

You have to do case study and answer 9 questions in APA Format. 1 The return on investment delivered by Apple has fallen considerably. Explain why. 2 Steve Jobs’ impact on Apple is without question. Surely a company of over 100,000 employees is not reliant on one person? How did his death affect Apple? 3 Apple’s fortunes have ebbed and flowed over the past 40 years. The past few have seen growth; in your assessment will the next few years see decline? 4 Explain how Jonathan Ive may be responsible for much of Apple’s past success and future fortune. 5 Discuss whether Apple has shunned open innovation and adopted a very closed innovation model. 6 Samsung seems to be nibbling away at Apple’s market share. Has Apple mismanaged its outsourcing?7 How might Apple be able to capture value from the rise of Apple as a lifestyle brand? 8 Discuss how, on the one hand, Apple seems to very good at disruptive innovation, yet it is also accused of copying others. 9 How do you solve the Apple stores problem? I have also Attached Sample APA format of how case study questions that has to be answered . Absract make sure it is in between

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The Firac Form

The Firac Form.

 You are a lawyer working in a fictional country called Nambia. It is governed by a constitution that has a bill of rights which is similar to that of the South African Constitution. You are consulted by a client who was incarcerated in a prison on a charge of fraud. He was convicted by the lower but court but successfully appealed to a higher court. Thus, he was acquitted after serving several years in prison. As part of his sentence he was required to work on a private farm which was owned by the Big Slaughter Corporation. It made use of the services of a prisoners in terms of a contract which it had with the prison services. The prison provided labourers to the farm and the farm paid money into the private account of prisoners which could be accessed by their families for their living expenses. This farm was a concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) and as part of its normal operating procedures it used a continual treatment of all livestock with antibiotics (See here:; Your client believes that he acquired Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) (a”super-bug”) while working on that farm. This caused him severe distress and ill health from the time that he contracted it until today. In addition to this, for most of his incarceration your client was housed in E-section of the maximum security prison, a cell designed for occupation by one person but which he shared with two other inmates. At one stage, inmates at E-Section, including the applicant, were moved to the Medium B prison where they were detained in a communal cell with about 25 inmates for a period of time, on being moved back to E-Section he was held in a communal cell until he was placed in a single cell again Your client was not infected with TB or MRSA when he arrived at the prison; the responsible authorities were “pertinently aware of the risk” of inmates contracting Tuberculosis (TB); TB is an airborne communicable disease which spreads easily especially in confined, poorly ventilated and overcrowded environments; The prison your client was detained in is notoriously congested and inmates are confined to close contact for as much as 23 hours every day – this provides ideal conditions for transmission; on occasion, the lock-up total was as much as 3052 inmates and single cells regularly housed three inmates; communal cells were filled with double and sometimes triple bunks; the responsible authorities relied on a system of inmates self-reporting their symptoms during incarceration; and the control of TB at the prison depends upon effective screening of incoming inmates, the isolation of infectious patients and the proper administration of the necessary medication over the prescribed period of time. During his incarceration the applicant regularly underwent sputum tests, the results of which were negative until June 2003. He was diagnosed with TB after three years of his incarceration. As a matter of course, all prisoners are screened for TB when they arrive at the prison. If someone is found to have TB they are normally sent to the medical wing of the prison where they are kept in isolation for a period of one week and only then released into the general prison population. Your Client wishes to know whether he has an action against anyone and if so then against whom. This question is to be answered in FIRAC form.

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Experiment on aluminum animals

Experiment on aluminum animals.

Research question is “does color impact the rate of loss and gain from an organism?” A typical lab report have the following general outline: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion. The introduction states your question and any background info the reader would need to understand your question. It also states your experimental design in the form of a null and alternative hypothesis. The materials and methods section describe how you conducted an experiment. The point of this section is so that others can replicate what you did. In the results section you show the data you have collected (Graphs and/or Tables) and you are to describe the trends in the data (which group is greater… ect). The discussion section is where you attempt to explain the trends you have shown as your results, you will also here decide if your experiment’s results support or refute your initial hypothesis and describe how your understanding of the topic has changed, and what you could do in the future to improve your experiment or learn more on the topic.

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The criminal Justice System

The criminal Justice System.

Description First, make sure you have completed this week’s reading assignment. There is a flow chart depicting how a case passes through the criminal justice system, as well as some case law that affects digital evidence. What is digital forensics, how does it related to the criminal justice system, and why should a non-criminal justice major take this course? By the end of this course you will have a better understanding of why IT professionals, or other non-criminal justice professionals, should still understand the criminal justice system particularly if they plan to work in fields such as digital forensics, incident response, or information security. You will also gain an appreciation for the restrictions and structures placed on criminal case investigations conducted by public law enforcement officers. In the 1980s, when home computers were not yet popular and desktop systems were being developed for business and the government, the only digital forensics being practiced were used to detect and investigate hacking and computer compromise. In fact, the most common criminal act involving computers was the use of systems and dial-up modems to connect to the Department of Defense’s networks to get free long distance. As home computers and desktop computers became more popular, the main communications systems for inter-connectivity among computer users was through the use of dial-up commercial systems, which eventually resulted in the development of more advanced commercial networks, such as America Online (AOL). As with any mechanism that makes life easier for consumers, those with criminal intent developed a means to exploits those systems for other-than-lawful purposes. Thus, computers became a bigger focus of the criminal justice system, as they could be used for different types of criminal activity. A computer could be used to commit a crime, such as hacking or transferring private or illegal information (e.g., stolen social security numbers, credit card information, or child pornography); it could be used to store evidence of a crime (e.g., child pornography, a “murder list,” narcotics ledgers, “cooked” accounting books); or it could be the target of a crime. From a national and international perspective, computers can and have been used to facilitate acts of terrorism and/or threats to national security. As a result, techniques had to be developed to allow criminal justice professionals to search through digital data contained on a computer or network to identify and collect evidence. Initially, criminal justice professionals used commercially mainstream or wide-use software that could be used to recover data or search for data on a hard drive. Norton Disk Edit tools, for example, could be used to search a computer for digital evidence, but it also caused changes to the computer’s data. However, specialized forensic software was eventually developed (e.g., EnCase, FTK, SMART, etc.) to more accurately collect and search digital evidence without damaging or changing its content. Initially, the courts did not understand the technology (neither the computers nor the forensic processes and software developed to examine them), and the law was not up-to-date enough to facilitate the investigation and prosecution of technology-based crimes. Further, there were not yet universal digital forensic standards or established best practices that practitioners could follow, which would have helped circumvent challenges to digital evidence in court. But, fortunately, over the last twenty years, laws have created or modified to account for technology-based crimes, digital forensic standards have been developed that are used across the discipline, and specialized tools have been developed that help law enforcement meet those standards. Why is this important to each of you, as non-criminal justice professionals? While conducting a forensic analysis of your organization’s computers systems or networks – whether you’re searching for evidence of hacking or employee misconduct, or in response to a request for discovery in a lawsuit, as just a few examples – you may come across information that could lead to a criminal prosecution. If you do not follow the same standards used by criminal justice professionals (e.g., making every effort to analyze a bit-by-bit forensic copy instead of the original evidence directly), any evidence you find could be rendered inadmissible in court. However, if you perform your duties as a forensic examiner with criminal justice standards in mind, not only will it increase the utility of the digital evidence in a criminal or civil court, but it should also provide more certainty in your own results. In all situations involving the potential misuse of digital information, you should maintain a sensitivity to the potential for commercial/corporate terrorism or threats to geopolitical security. For this week’s discussion response, complete the explanation requested below. Please discuss thoroughly and substantively in your post. Additionally, respond in a thorough, substantive, intelligent way to at least one of your fellow classmates that adds to our discussion and learning of this week’s topic! Provide at least one example of how being familiar with and following digital forensic best practices, AND criminal justice standards would benefit you, even if you worked in a non-criminal justice digital forensics position.

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