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Stakeholders Meeting: Telehealth

Stakeholders Meeting: Telehealth. Paper details Please use APA 7th edition, sources must be within 5 years. This presentation is based on the previous paper which I will attach along with other resources that was provided to us. Any questions please contact me. Thank you!! Instructions: Draft an announcement and agenda for a meeting with stakeholders to present the key aspects of a plan to adopt the new or upgraded telehealth technology proposed in the previous assessment. Then, develop a 10-15 slide presentation. Introduction: Note: Each assessment in this course builds upon the work you have completed in previous assessments. Therefore, complete the assessments in the order in which they are presented. As a nurse leader, you must be able to identify the key stakeholders in the adoption of a new or upgraded telehealth technology. In addition, you must be able to communicate the benefits and strategic value of the technology to obtain their support and ensure effective use of the technology. One method of communicating with stakeholders is to introduce them to the technology in a department meeting. In this meeting, it is important to discuss how this technology will enhance care and improve quality and safety outcomes. This assessment provides an opportunity for you to consider how you would introduce to stakeholders the new or upgraded telehealth technology that was the focus of your previous assessment with the goal of obtaining their buy in and support. Preparation: You have completed your assessment of the need for a new or upgraded telehealth technology and presented your findings and recommendations to executive leaders. Their response to your assessment was positive, and they have asked that you introduce the proposed technology to other key stakeholders. Consequently, you have decided to host a stakeholders’ meeting to promote support and buy in for the new technology. Several people will be unable to attend the meeting, so you have decided to provide those individuals with a video recording of your presentation. To prepare for the assessment, you are encouraged to think about how you can generate wider stakeholder interest and support within your organization or practice setting for the acquisition of the new or upgraded telehealth technology currently under consideration, based on the results of your needs assessment. Consider who is most likely to have the greatest influence on key project success and who might be a good choice to champion the project. In addition, you may want to begin thinking about how you will approach the design of your presentation slides. Requirements: Draft an announcement and agenda for a meeting with key stakeholders. Then, develop and record an audiovisual presentation that focuses on the key aspects of a plan to adopt the proposed new or upgraded telehealth technology to support and enhance patient care. Prepare for the Meeting: Identify the key stakeholders who should attend the meeting. Draft a meeting announcement and agenda. Develop Your Presentation: Explain how the new or upgraded telehealth technology will support enhanced patient outcomes and organizational effectiveness. Identify the outcome measures the organization or patient care setting will use to determine the effectiveness of the technology. Address patient confidentiality and privacy concerns associated with the use of this technology. Identify the steps and timeline needed to deploy the technology. Develop slides that augment your presentation. Argue persuasively to obtain stakeholder agreement with and support for the technology. Support assertions, arguments, propositions, and conclusions with relevant and credible evidence. Presentation Format and Length: Remember, you may use Microsoft PowerPoint or other suitable presentation software to create your slides. If you decide to use an application other than PowerPoint, check with your instructor to avoid potential file compatibility issues. Your slide deck should consist of 10–15 slides, including a title slide and a references slide. Use the speaker’s notes section of each slide to develop your talking points and cite your sources, as appropriate. Supporting Evidence: Cite at least three credible sources from peer-reviewed journals or professional industry publications to support your presentation. List your sources on the references slide at the end of your presentation. Stakeholders Meeting: Telehealth

“Mother Dao – the Turtle-like” by Vincent Monnikendam Essay

“Mother Dao – the Turtle-like” by Vincent Monnikendam Essay. Introduction This paper analyzes the film, “Mother Dao – the Turtle-like.” The film depicts life in colonial Indonesia by highlighting the class differences that existed between the colonizers and their subjects. Developers of the film made the documentary by merging a collection of internationally acclaimed film excerpts shot by Dutch filmmakers from 1912 to 1932 (Rony 129). This paper argues that the film is part of a wider representation of historical literature that supported “white supremacy” during the colonial era. Evidence of this paper highlights the acculturation of the Islanders, by their European masters, and the depiction of native Indonesians as poor people who needed “saving,” as examples of “white supremacy.” Lastly, this paper argues that the addition of a spiritual connotation in the film shifts the focus of the audience from the exploitation of Indonesians by their colonial masters. To understand this thesis, it is, first, important to comprehend how the film represents Indonesia, its people, and the colonizers. The Film’s representation of Indonesia The Indonesian people were the main subjects of “Mother Dao – the Turtle-like.” The first impression (of the Indonesian people) that one could get from watching the film is the “traditional” nature of the inhabitants. Albeit open to interpretation, the documentary portrays the Asian country as a retrogressive society with deep cultural beliefs (Rony 129). However, when the colonizers came, they stopped enjoying the rich cultural heritage they used to have because the westerners took over their natural resources and cultural pride. For example, they put oil barrels on the fields and cut down the forest to burn charcoal. This is one type of exploitation perpetrated by the supremacists over their subjects. Cultural domination is another representation of colonial supremacy. Conditions of Life in Indonesia and the Overall Message of the Film “Poor” and “needy” are suitable adjectives that depict the lives of the Indonesian people in “Mother Dao, the Turtle-like.” Screenshots of the Indonesian inhabitants depict them as poor and impoverished people, while, on the contrary, it depicts white people as wealthy rulers who give orders and have their subjects do as they say (Stern 46). Overall, the film portrays white people as supreme powers who came to liberate Indonesia from their primitive cultures by starting new factories and orienting them to a new culture and lifestyle. This depiction occurs through the contrasting lives of native Indonesians, who wore traditional regalia and the working class Indonesians who wore suits and ties to work. The film depicts the latter group as a more civilized section of the Indonesian population, while the former group as a “needy” demographic, which needs help from the Dutch colonialists. Ironically, Stern (89) observes that the intention of the filmmakers was to portray the positive effects of colonization to a Dutch audience. Although such representations elicit negative feelings, it shows how the filmmakers mainly targeted the Dutch (colonialists), as their main audience, by highlighting Indonesia’s impoverished life to justify their invasion. The relationship between the sound and the Film The lack of sound in “Mother Dao, the Turtle-like” made it difficult for the presenters to provide a good narration of the story. Instead, the film looked like a collection of film excerpts, which depicted life in colonial Indonesia. Rony (129) agrees to this understanding by saying the lack of sound made the film seem a surreal depiction of colonial Indonesia. He takes a deep analysis of this fact by evaluating how such films manifest across different types of media. Furthermore, he investigates how films could account for surrealism outside the conventional form of the concept (Rony 129). To mask some of the limitations attributed to the film (because of the lack of sound), the film developers introduced poetry in the film to create action and minimize the dullness associated with documentary films. Although it made the story more interesting, introducing a voice-over could have further strengthened the film’s storyline. Spiritual Justification of Colonial Exploitation Unlike other literature that explore the lives of native communities and their masters, “Mother Dao, the Turtle-like” introduces spirituality to its narration. The name “Mother Dao” represents a spiritual god that birthed the world by conceiving its inhabitants through an unknown conception process (Rony 130). Some analysts say the spiritual being is a phantom. For example, Rony (130) refers to the film by saying that meeting Mother Dao is like coming face to face with a phantom. This reference shows the symbolism of Mother Dao as a goddess, who created the earth from dirt. However, its addition to the film detracts us from understanding the original plot of the story – white domination. Spiritual connotations make it appear unnatural, thereby making it difficult for the audience to relate to real-world events that characterized the economic exploitation of the Indonesian people by Dutch colonialists. Conclusion This paper shows that the film, “Mother Dao, the Turtle-like,” is part of a wider group of films that promoted white supremacy. Although the main audience of the film was the Dutch people, its plot represents an unfair representation of the islanders by portraying them as poor and oppressed people who needed “saving.” Based on the same representation, the film depicts white people as superior human beings who, despite invading the land of the Islanders, control the natives by giving orders. Overall, this representation highlights the old class differences that existed between European colonialists and their Asian subjects. Works Cited Rony, Toibing, Fatimah. “The Quick and the Dead: Surrealism and the Found Ethnographic Footage Films of Bontoc Eulogy and Mother Dao: The Turtlelike.” Camera Obscura 18.1 (2003): 129-155. Print Stern, Lesley. The Smoking Book, Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 2008. Print. “Mother Dao – the Turtle-like” by Vincent Monnikendam Essay

SO 206 Park University Black Lives Matter Movement Discussion

order essay cheap SO 206 Park University Black Lives Matter Movement Discussion.

DirectionsThere are two options for this last assignment.You can research an organization or movement that addresses the social problem. Describe the group, their goals, and the action taken to promote social change.The second option is to write a letter to an elected official about the social problem. Identify why you think this is a problem in our society and what the elected official can do to better meet the needs of people affected by this social problem.For either option, this paper should be 1-2 pages and does not require peer-reviewed sources. If you research an organization or movement, please include the resources you used.Due DatesSunday, 11:59 pm, CTVIEW ALL UNIT 8 PAGES
SO 206 Park University Black Lives Matter Movement Discussion

Colby College The Dark Night Superhero Anallytical Review

Colby College The Dark Night Superhero Anallytical Review.

these are points for the assignmentsParagraph 1:-in the dark knight there are barely female characters that have screen time/ are shown in the film.-it’s a common theme that in superhero films (and most films in Hollywood) that women are also used as a love interest or supporting character but hardly ever have their own storyline presented in film an example of this is racheal who is the leading lady in the movie is only on screen for 11 minutes out of a two hour and thirty minute movie -father figure play more of a role on superheroes than the mother figuresParagraph 2: – there are many stereotypes that are depicted in superhero films.-For example superhero men are usually white, muscular, cisgendered, heterosexual and male. -Batman in the dark knight fits these Hollywood idealistic traits and on top of that he’s extremely wealthy giving him more of a superior appearance.And this part is the one I started and having a hard time finishing it In the dark knight, there is a lack of gender diversity that is displayed in the film as well as gender stereotypes that are enforced. The women featured in the film hardly have enough screen time and are presented as side characters, including the leading lady, and the men in the dark knight seem to fit the typical expectation for men in films which is being white, cis-gendered males.
Colby College The Dark Night Superhero Anallytical Review

PSY 106 Cornell University Psychological Development of Children Bibliography

PSY 106 Cornell University Psychological Development of Children Bibliography.

For this assignment, you will need to choose a topic in the field of child and adolescent development on which to focus. Remember, the narrower your topic is, the easier it typically is to find appropriate articles. Next, locate three peer-reviewed journal articles that are research articles relevant to your chosen topic.Hint: If you can’t remember how to determine if a journal article is a research article, be sure to review the Powerpoint from last week called The Body of Psychological Research. Be sure to check out Skills Builder 6.1 and 6.2 to guide you in choosing a topic and effective searching.Finally, using the guidelines and resources you have reviewed this week create an Annotated Bibliography focused on the three peer-reviewed journal articles that you have chosen.In this assignment, Start off by briefly summarizing the topic you have chosen. Then beneath your summary include your Annotated Bibliography (one entry for each of the three articles). Provide a link to each article.Length: 2-3 pagesReferences: 3 resourcesYour Annotated Bibliography should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Builder 6.1: Selecting a TopicIt is time to determine the topic related to the profession of psychology that you might want to pursue for this assignment. You can find some ideas for topics here:American Psychological AssociationNCU Library – Psychology database resourcesAdditionally, you may want to view the library tutorials on finding a research topic and preparing to search (see this week’s resources).Skills Builder 6.2: Effective SearchingIn this week’s activity, you will begin to develop your online library search skills—which will enable you to tap into the rich resources in the Northcentral Library. The library’s collection includes extensive holdings in scholarly articles and book chapters—all the information you’ll need to do your coursework and research.While it may take some practice to get used to doing online library searches, you’ll find that the results you get far surpass anything you could get from just searching the Internet. Library resources tend to be more authoritative, current, reliable, and accurate than resources gleaned from an Internet search. With library searches, you can set your search options to find full-text articles (not just abstracts or summaries); you can choose to limit your search to a certain timeframe; and, with some databases, you have the option to set up a personal account where you may permanently save resources and searches for future sessions. You can also create an online database using RefWorks to store your research materials. For more information on RefWorks, see the student orientation page on the library’s website.Therefore, carefully complete the tutorials, follow the directions for searching, and think positive thoughts! Start with the Northcentral Search Like an Expert tutorial to find out how to get started with library searching.
PSY 106 Cornell University Psychological Development of Children Bibliography

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