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Stake Holder Analysis For Odel Stakeholders Business Essay

Stake Holder Analysis For Odel Stakeholders Business Essay. A stakeholder is a person or institution with interests that can affect or be affected by the organization activities. A stakeholder is normally concerned with an institution distributing intended outcome and gathering its financial objectives. In general, a stakeholder can be classified as follow:- Internal stakeholders Connected stakeholders External stakeholders (Freeman, Edward, ReedStake Holder Analysis For Odel Stakeholders Business Essay
BUS 411 Post University Competitive Advantage in Business Discussion.

This week, we have analyzed the importance of having a competitive advantage in business. A competitive advantage distinguishes a company from its competitors. It also is the recognition that a company either delivers quality products at a lower cost than the competition or offers support and services at a greater value than the competition.

To gain a competitive advantage, a company must often respond to customer demands quickly. Companies that can satisfy customer demands for rapid response build brand loyalty, differentiate their products, and can charge higher prices for products.

For your discussion this week, please answer the following questions:

How are the four building blocks of competitive advantage related to each other?
What role can top management play in helping a company achieve superior efficiency, quality, innovation, and responsiveness to customers?
Over time, will the adoption of Six Sigma quality improvement processes give a company a competitive advantage, or will it be required only to achieve parity with competitors?
Make sure you conduct additional research when answering this question.

BUS 411 Post University Competitive Advantage in Business Discussion

HIST 1103 Oklahoma State University Plutopian Cities and the Cold War Paper

HIST 1103 Oklahoma State University Plutopian Cities and the Cold War Paper.

PromptThe Cold War is usually portrayed as two completely different sides squaring off with almost nothing in common. Yet Kate Brown says Richland, Washington and Ozersk, Russia were “united in fear, mimicry, and the furious production of plutonium.” (p. 3) Consider the defining features of both towns and how they were both influenced by the Cold War and contributed to it. Additionally discuss how the events of this period left lasting legacies for the communities and the surrounding area.Paper GuidelinesThe paper must be between 3 and 5 double-spaced pages in length. The document must be formatted with standard 1-inch margins on all sides and utilize 12-point double-spaced Times New Roman font. On your first page only put your full name and the paper title, each subsequent page should have your last name and page number in the header. No cover or works cited pages are needed. The paper must include at least three direct quotations from Brown’s book to earn a passing grade. Additional citations from both Brown and the Foner textbook will be needed for an A or B grade. No outside sources are allowedAnything pulled from either Foner or Brown’s books, whether quoted or not, needs to be cited. In other words, if you wouldn’t know about a fact without having seen it in either of the books, you must cite where you got the material from at the end of the sentence. All citations need to be in footnote form and utilize the Chicago style of footnotes. See below for additional details. No in-text citations.FootnotesMicrosoft Word, Google Docs, and Apple Pages (along with any other word processor you are using) has a footnote function, make sure you use this function when doing your footnotes. In Word the option is under References on the toolbar at the top, Apple Pages and Google Docs are under Insert > Footnote. If this is not clear an internet search will provide additional guidelines on using the footnote function in your respective word processor.Do not try and create your own footnotes manually in the footer of the document. This will not work and will result in losing points for citations on your paper. Talk to your grader or Dr. Eberle if you need help.Formatting examples of the footnotes are as follows:Kate Brown, Plutopia: Nuclear Families, Atomic Cities, and the Great Soviet and American Plutonium Disasters (New York: Oxford University Press, 2013), 3.Foner, Eric. Give Me Liberty!: an American History. OSU Brief 6th Ed. (New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2020), 629.After the first citation you can simply do your footnotes as “Foner, 629.” or “Brown, 57.” (minus quotations), we do not need all of the book material for each subsequent footnote.The last number is the page number for what you are citing. If your quote or material extends across multiple pages include them as 629-30. Note: Do not cite more than 2 or 3 pages in one citation, so we should not see a citation that includes page numbers like 629-711.You must have page numbers for citation credit. TipsMake sure you language and writing is formal. Do not use contractions, cliches, or informal language.Do not use the first person in your writingThis is not a book report. Do not summarily summarize the book, use the book and Foner textbook to construct a thesis-based response to the prompt. In other words, avoid phrases like “In Kate Brown’s Plutopia…” or “Kate Brown’s Plutopia…”Writing papers is hard. However it is substantially easier if you utilize your grader or Dr. Eberle to discuss the paper and plan out what you are going to write. You should also plan on bringing drafts or other paper thoughts to office hours, all of us are more than willing to look over your work before it is to due and provide feedback on the material. Please email us drafts or materials prior to office hours.We are not looking for perfection, but we are looking to see that you have read the material, processed it, and thought through a meaningful response. This takes time and energy, do not wait until the last minute to write the paper, it will hurt your overall grade if your do.Your paper is checked against the TurnItIn database of online materials and other students papers. Plagiarism will result in serious academic integrity issues and you will spend more time trying to get around TurnItIn or your grader than you will simply writing your own paper.
HIST 1103 Oklahoma State University Plutopian Cities and the Cold War Paper

Concepts Of Medicine Adherence And Its Economic Burden Nursing Essay

write my term paper Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Even though 45% of all medications prescribed in the UK are for older people, it is postulated that up to 50% of older people are non-compliant with their medication (SCIE, 2005). The prescription of various medicines is central to medical care and the overall drug costs account to about 10 percent of NHS expenditures. Surveys carried out in literature enlighten us with the fact that approximately 30% to 50% of patients’ do not use of take their medications as recommended by their prescriber. (1). Statistics show that in 2007- 2008, the NHS in England spent £8.1 billion on drugs

Cuyamaca College Findings in The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness Discussion

Cuyamaca College Findings in The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness Discussion.

1. After reading the research article titled The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness, use the functionalist, conflict and symbolic interactionist perspectives to discuss the findings of the authors. Reply to two peers. 2. After reading Ch.15 “Religion”, reviewing Ch.6 “Groups & Organizations” and watching the Ted Talks (Links to an external site.)”Religion, Evolution and the Ecstasy of Self-transcendence” (Links to an external site.), reply to the the following prompt:How does selflessness contribute to group solidarity? How and why is self-transcendence conducive to group success? What is the difference between “the sacred” and “the profane”? According to Durkheim, what is the function of “religion”? Explain how this concept is related to a) the family and b) society. Which theoretical view would this be? Reply to the posts of two classmates.3. After reading and watching the assigned material in this module, answer the following questions:What is the relationship of sex and marriage for you personally? (Be honest and you are allowed to change your mind) (1-2 sentences)What do you think is the relationship of sex and marriage for your ingroup(s) and/or reference group(s)–family, close friends, acquaintances, etc.? Do you think this determines or influences your views? (1-2 sentences)What does marriage mean to you personally? What character traits would a person need to have for you to agree to marry them? What would be your role, privileges and obligations as spouse? What behavioral roles would you expect from a spouse? (2-3 paragraphs)Why do sociologists consider marriage a societal institution–that is , relevant to society– as opposed to just a contract or sexual-emotional bonding of two individuals? (Give at least one reason.)Explain what the “insights”, behaviors and sociological conditions of “religious” or otherwise “moral” couples are that contribute to marital success. (Provide at least one example of the religious command or secular/non-religious philosophy, provide at least two behaviors they should or must do as good spouses, and list at least one example of a societal ritual or custom intended to facilitate the success for the individuals/couple
Cuyamaca College Findings in The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness Discussion

Object Perception Theory Essay

Object Perception Theory Essay. Paper Details:Paper is a LITERATURE REVIEW on EMPIRICAL studies. of the paper is to integrate a number of works by different researchers relevant to a specific topic or issue. In many ways, it combines and extends the type of writing contained in reports and reviews. Like a report you must accurately present the positions of others and like a critical analysis you should be able to evaluate the body of research and/or theory. MUST interpret the findings from the papers you read, rather than just report it. Do not include statistics from any papers’ results section. A priori hypothesis or argument stated clearly Concise review of the relevant literature, including a cogent description of research methods, results, implications and importance of each article reviewed. Try to relate information regarding GESTALT psychology, including the 5 principles and some of the psychologists and how their work relates to object perception. Perception Theory Essay