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Causes & effects, models, features, dangers for pilots.

Springtime storms can be exceptionally severe. These atmospheric disturbances may be associated with low pressure, unstable air, southwesterly airflow, and occluded fronts. In addition to severe turbulence, they can spawn both thunderstorms and tornadoes. Although hurricanes are larger and generally cause more property damage, springtime storms can potentially result in a greater loss of life. They may, in fact, produce the most violent weather in the United States.
Individual storms can exhibit considerable variability (Whitaker & Dole, 1995, p. 1178). However, certain factors are thought to promote severe storm formation. Such circumstances may relate to atmospheric pressure, temperature, and wind direction. In addition, meso-scale features can also play a…

write an feature article on California Wildfire

feature article on California in the era of massive wild-fires. Focus on the deabtes about how to control them and how to develop the state in a way doesn’t leave more and more houses in the path of fires. You need to make at least 5 people interviews(you can write it by yourself). you need to write this article like a news or an magazine style. put more and more interviews contents in this article.