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There is much grounds to back up the statement that steroid usage is widespread in the Olympics. Rugby League Footballers abuse intoxicant, there is widespread corruptness in cricket, racism in football, Rugby League and AFL and force and battles among the participants. Sports people by and large make really bad function theoretical accounts.

Athletes who use steroids are darnels. Steroids users are non the true jocks attempt, ability or preparation. The jocks who train difficult and diet, sometimes giving up a occupation and striving personal relationships with loved 1s are cheated out of decorations and topographic points by jocks who use public presentation enhancing steroids. Another point I would wish to do is that the Olympic commission is weak and that there should be cover proving non random proving and this would assist stomp out drug darnels and would do people sit up and take notice that the Olympics are serious.

When Brad Fidler was so drunk he forgot where he lived and had to travel to the constabulary, nevertheless when he got at that place he was so drunk he fell asleep out the forepart of the Police Station! What sort of function theoretical account is he? What sort of message is brad Fidler and other function theoretical accounts of today directing the young person? I ll state you, they are stating intoxicant maltreatment is O.K. Is that the sort of illustration we want to direct to our immature people? No, it is decidedly non and that is why I believe that athleticss people do non do good function theoretical accounts!

Sports people do non do good function theoretical accounts because some of them are corrupt. My grounds is that Steve Waugh, Mark Waugh and Shane Wa

rne were discovered selling pitch and conditions information to an Indian bookkeeper! On the intelligence I heard that three Pakistani cricketers have been involved with lucifer repair, this is where participants are paid to lose a lucifer. This is trickery and I believe that it is rending off the paying witnesss and it is really incorrect because we will ne’er cognize who would hold won. It is besides really incorrect because a batch of people gamble on cricket!

Sports people do non do good function theoretical accounts, as there is racism in athletics. Here is an illustration from AFL Football! I want to notice on the Spider Everitt instance, because I believe he was below the belt picked on by the White Maggots ( the Umpires ) because all that was shown on the intelligence was what Spider Everitt said to Nicky Winmar. We did non hear about Nicky Winmar mistreating Spider Everitt which was shown on National Television! ! ! ! , which could hold been racially teasing and most likely provoked Spider Everitt. When some football personalities asked a participant with an cultural background what he was called, he said he was called a wog, dago caprine animal Herder and besides a wop, but he said when this happened they merely have to acquire on with the game and he thought that the Aboriginal participants should halt being Viola tricolor hortensiss and acquire on with what they are at that place for playing football! He besides says that 90 per centum 90 % of participants are racialist.

My position is that athleticss people do non do good function theoretical accounts because of their widespread intoxicant maltreatment and wild partying. There are some athleticss people who are corrupt and accept money to lose the lucifer. There is besides racism in athletics, particularly AFL Football. These are the grounds why I believe that athleticss people do non do good function theoretical accounts!


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