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Speech: Gilbert Grape of Mice and Men Adversity personal essay help an annotated bibliography assignment

Good morning year 11 and teachers. My class has been studying the concept of ‘Adversity’ which is all about the hardship, misfortune and untoward conditions in a person’s life. John Steinbeck’s novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ and What’s eating Gilbert Grape’ a movie directed by Lasse Hallstrom both thoroughly examine the social and economic adversities which prevailed in their contexts. ‘Of Mice and Men’ is a novel which pursues the plight of two migratory workers who are looking for more work after the developmentally challenged Lennie gets them into trouble at the last Job.

The text is set in 1930s California during the depression, n a rural town with limited social and economic prospect. Steinbeck encourages the reader to empathise with the characters, which positions the reader to better understand the hardships faced in this context. A main feature of this text is the recurring motif of george and lennie’s dream farm. The farm represents freedom from all the pair’s current hardships, a place where they can be self sufficient, and free from the social constraints that exist due to lenny’s disability.

By including this dream farm, Steinbeck hopes to assist the reader in understanding the social attitudes towards disabilities. Another value that can be taken from the novel is the concept of the inauspicious outcomes for the carer of a person such as lennie. Through the use of a resentful tone, when george says “l could get along so easy and so nice if I didn’t have you on my tail. “, Steinbeck conveys to the reader, that George is unhappy with the strain looking after lennie puts on his life.

The impact this has on the reader, is supposed to give understanding of the social and economic repercussion on the protector. ‘Of mice and men’ attemps to position the reader in ways so that they gain a full understanding of the concept of adversity, from the traight out nature of adversity, too the flow on effects of caring for a person who is in a state of affliction. The other text we studied on my class was the movie ‘What’s eating Gilbert grape’ directed by Lasse Hallstrom.

This text too is set in a rural American town with limited social and economic prospect, however it is set in a more recent context of the 1980s. The movie is about a dysfunctional family living through many different sources of adversity, a morbidly obese mother, no father, a son with a similar development disability to lennie and worst of all is their location, being such a small town, it has no acilities to support the family. In this text, two of the characters suffer conditions which are, on a social level, very disabling due to the lack of understanding by the society of their context.

The mother Bonnie is perceived as a sort of sideshow belonging in the circus. When she is spotted outside the police station after retrieving Arnie from yet another mishap, everyone around stares at her and one man goes so far as to take a photo. This explores the nature of the social condition under which bonnie suffers. The technique of slow motion is utilised to reveal Bonnie’s inner turmoil as well as retlecting the towns narrow minded attitude. T event affirms the idea of the social adversities faced by the grape family.

Like the novel, the family in this movie is a strongly portrays the strain, a person who requires extensive care, puts on those around them. Comparing the movie and the novel, you gain an understanding for the true hardships that a person can suffer, and the flow on effect of having to deal with this affliction. These two texts provide insight into the changing nature of society’s attitudes towards those more vulnerable by comparing their ideas over their changing contexts.

BMGT 495 Strategic Management

* Ford Motors (NYSE: F) *
Step 3 Partial SWOT Analysis
A SWOT analysis is a tool used to assess the strengths and weaknesses (internal environment) and the opportunities and threats (external environment) of an organization. You will complete a partial SWOT analysis only completing an analysis on the OT (Opportunities and Threats). The information presented is not based on your beliefs but fact-based, data-driven information. The items used in the OT are factors that are affecting or might affect the focal company or those companies within the identified industry.
You will:
Develop an OT table using your research to identify at least five (5) opportunities and five (5) threats that influence the industry and the focal company. Make sure to cite the elements within the table.
Perform an OT analysis (separate from the SWOT table).
You may not use a SWOT analysis that is already completed and available on the Internet. The OT is for the focal company and no other company. A zero will result if used as the analysis results from your research and your own development.
NOTE: A matrix is a table. It is not an analysis.
Step 4 External Factor Evaluation (EFE) Analysis
The External Factor Evaluation (EFE) matrix will allow you to use the industry analysis and the competitive analysis to assess whether the focal company can effectively take advantage of existing opportunities while minimizing the identified external threats that will help you formulate new strategies and policies. You will use the opportunities and threats from the OT analysis.
Using the information gathered for the OT analysis, develop an EFE matrix using five (5) opportunities and five (5) threats. Discuss how you developed the EFE matrix and the outcome. Make sure to support your reasoning.
Step 5 Conclusion
Create a conclusion. The Conclusion is intended to emphasize the purpose/significance of the analysis, emphasize the significance/consequence of findings, and indicate the wider applications derived from the main points of the project’s requirements. You will conclude with the findings of the external environment analysis.
* Ford Motors (NYSE: F) * is the company that will be analyzed for this assignment.