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British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain gave this address to the House of Commons on September 1, 1939, merely hours after Hitler & # 8217 ; s military personnels had invaded Poland. Chamberlain and others had spent old ages negociating with Hitler in order to forestall another war in Europe, two decennaries after the Great War in which an full coevals of immature work forces had been wiped out. Negotiations with Hitler had included give uping the autonomous rights of Czechoslovakia and standing by as Hitler & # 8217 ; s military personnels took Austria. By 1939, Hitler desired war and any farther efforts to negociate peace were doomed to failure. The Nazis so staged a bogus onslaught on a German wireless outstation along the German-Polish boundary line and used that as an alibi for invasion.

I do non suggest to state many words tonight. The clip has come when action instead than address is required. Eighteen months ago in this House I prayed that the duty might non fall upon me to inquire this state to accept the atrocious arbitration of war. I fear that I may non be able to avoid that duty.

But, at any rate, I can non wish for conditions in which such a load should fall upon me in which I should experience clearer than I do today as to where my responsibility lies.

No adult male can state that the Government could hold done more to seek to maintain open the manner for an honest and just colony of the difference between Germany and Poland. Nor have we neglected any agencies of doing it crystal clear to the German Government that if they insisted on utilizing force once more in the mode in which they had used it in the yesteryear we were resolved to oppose them by force.

Now that all the relevant paperss are being made populace we shall stand at the saloon of history knowing that the duty for this awful calamity lies on the shoulders of one adult male, the German Chancellor, who has non hesitated to immerse the universe into wretchedness in order to function his ain senseless aspirations & # 8230 ;

Merely last dark the Polish Ambassador did see the German Foreign Secretary, Herr von Ribbentrop. Once once more he expressed to him what, so, the Polish Government had already said publically, that they were willing to negociate with Germany about their differences on an equal footing.

What was the answer of the German Government? The answer was that without another word the German military personnels crossed the Polish frontier this forenoon at morning and are since reported to be bombing unfastened towns. In these fortunes there is merely one class unfastened to us.

His Majesty & # 8217 ; s Ambassador in Berlin and the Gallic Ambassador have been instructed to manus to the German Government the undermentioned papers:

& # 8220 ; Early this forenoon the German Chancellor issued a announcement to the German Army which indicated that he was approximately to assail Poland. Information which has reached His Majesty & # 8217 ; s Government in the United Kingdom and the Gallic Government indicates that onslaughts upon Polish towns are continuing. In these fortunes it appears to the Governments of the United Kingdom and France that by their action the German Government have created conditions, viz. , an aggressive act of force against Poland endangering the independency of Poland, which call for the execution by the Government of the United Kingdom and France of the project to Poland to come to her aid. I am consequently to inform your Excellency that unless the German Government are prepared to give His Majesty & # 8217 ; s Government satisfactory confidences that the German Government have suspended all aggressive action against Poland and are prepared quickly to retreat their forces from Polish district, His Majesty & # 8217 ; s Government in the United Kingdom will without vacillation carry through their duties to Poland. & # 8221 ;

If a answer to this last warning is unfavourable, and I do non propose that it is likely to be otherwise, His Majesty & # 8217 ; s Ambassador is instructed to inquire for his passports. In that instance we are ready.

Yesterday, we took farther stairss towards the completion of our defensive readying. This forenoon we ordered complete mobilisation of the whole of the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force. We have besides taken a figure of other measu

RESs, both at place and abroad, which the House will non possibly anticipate me to stipulate in item. Briefly, they represent the concluding stairss in conformity with pre-arranged programs. These last can be put into force quickly, and are of such a nature that they can be deferred until war seems inevitable. Stairss have besides been taken under the powers conferred by the House last hebdomad to safeguard the place in respect to stocks of trade goods of assorted sorts.

The ideas of many of us must at this minute necessarily be turning back to 1914, and to a comparing of our place now with that which existed so. How do we stand this clip? The reply is that all three Servicess are ready, and that the state of affairs in all waies is far more favourable and reassuring than in 1914, while behind the combat Services we have built up a huge organisation of Civil Defense under our strategy of Air Raid Precautions.

As respects the immediate work force demands, the Royal Navy, the Army and the Air Force are in the fortunate place of holding about as many work forces as they can conveniently manage at this minute. There are, nevertheless, certain classs of service in which work forces are instantly required, both for Military and Civil Defense. These will be announced in item through the imperativeness and the BBC.

The chief and most satisfactory point to detect is that there is today no demand to do an entreaty in a general manner for recruits such as was issued by Lord Kitchener 25 old ages ago. That entreaty has been anticipated by many months, and the work forces are already available. So much for the immediate nowadays. Now we must look to the hereafter. It is indispensable in the face of the enormous undertaking which confronts us, more particularly in position of our past experiences in this affair, to form our work force this clip upon every bit methodical, just and economical a footing as possible.

We, hence, suggest instantly to present statute law directed to that terminal. A Bill will be laid before you which for all practical intents will amount to an enlargement of the Military Training Act. Under its operation all fit work forces between the ages of 18 and 41 will be rendered apt to military service if and when called upon. It is non intended at the beginning that any considerable figure of work forces other than those already apt shall be called up, and stairss will be taken to guarantee that the manpower basically required by industry shall non be taken off.

There is one other allusion which I should wish to do before I end my address, and that is to enter my satisfaction of His Majesty & # 8217 ; s Government, that throughout these last yearss of crisis Signor Mussolini besides has been making his best to make a solution. It now merely remains for us to put our dentitions and to come in upon this battle, which we ourselves seriously endeavored to avoid, with finding to see it through to the terminal.

We shall come in it with a clear scruples, with the support of the Dominions and the British Empire, and the moral blessing of the greater portion of the universe.

We have no wrangle with the German people, except that they allow themselves to be governed by a Nazi Government. Equally long as that Government exists and pursues the methods it has so persistently followed during the last two old ages, there will be no peace in Europe. We shall simply go through from one crisis to another, and see one state after another attacked by methods which have now become familiar to us in their sickening technique.

We are resolved that these methods must come to an terminal. If out of the battle we once more re-establish in the universe the regulations of good religion and the repudiation of force, why, so even the forfeits that will be entailed upon us will happen their fullest justification.

Neville Chamberlain & # 8211 ; September 1, 1939

On September 3, amid the go oning Nazi lightning onslaught ( Blitzkrieg ) against Poland, Chamberlain announced that a province of war now existed.

Chamberlain remained Prime Minister until May of 1940. Following Hitler & # 8217 ; s invasion of Norway and Denmark, Chamberlain was driven from the House of Commons amid the hoots and chants of even his ain protagonists. He was replaced on May 10, 1940, by Winston Churchill.

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