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Speech about art and industry BY baptil 13 Good afternoon guys. Before I have my speech begun, please let me introduce myself to you guys. Sculpture is what I major in. I feel a little bit nervous upon my first speech in front of you now, but I am going to try my best. Since 21st century, we have seen a lot of creativity on every field. Every one emphasizes the creative power. As we see that Apple, which always stresses “innovation and creativity’, is a one of the biggest companies around the world, creativity is a key to success these days. To me, Creativity is an abstract idea.

Maybe it is to you people as well. Anyway, everyone probably has different thoughts of what is creative. But I think creativity comes from how it looks in a way, I mean artistic fgures. Let’s compare ones we use with ones we used to use. Take cell phones for example, when cell phone was firstly shown up to the public they were literally a sensation. Who could think they would take a call outside with a wireless phone, even though they looked like a tank or something at that time. As we know, those cell phones at the beginning were technically amazingly convenient at the very moment.

However, as time goes by, people have tended to find ore creative ones than ones that are even much better in hardware. Actually, I have heard a lot that many people like iPhones instead of others because iPhones look more beautiful than others so it seems to be more creative. As a result, their beautiful-looking makes themselves more creative to people. What if iPhone or other Apple’s products had the same function and hardware with an ugly shape, people would still think they are creative? I don’t think so. Nowadays, not only the industrial products but also cultural industrial like movies or books also need creativity to succeed.

Actually, according to some statistics a creative book cover helps its sales whether the contents of the book is good or bad. When we see those books in a bookstore, what we see first is the book cover and we get the first impression of it from the cover. So people annually make a new version of old ones which have old cover that we would feel corny now. The most important thing of a good movie is definitely its plot, and l, personally, think the secondly important thing of it is creative visual aspects. The way of shooting every scene and brand-new visual effects, they all ake a movie as “a good movie”.

All in all, now we live in a creative life. Everything has evolved day by day. We can find and enjoy creativity everywhere. There are thousands of same thing, but what makes one of them standing-out is creativity. For me, what make one of them looking creative are artistic figures. It is, for sure, much better to buy something looking better and looking more creative than others, even if they are a little bit more expensive than others. So I think we need to pay more attention to these creative idea and artistic fgures to geta success. Thank you for your listening.

Proactive and Reactive Immigration Policies

Identify a Proactive and Reactive Immigration Policy during the Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump administration. Looking for policies that benefited immigrates but yet; another policy established afterwards that hurt them. Answers should be in Chicago style and include at least 3 references for each policy. A visual of the data should be represented on a third page that supports the answer. My paper will be written in support of immigration so please do not accept assignment if your answers will be opposite, please don’t take the assignment. I also also looking for someone who is willing to stick with me through this research ongoing. Thanks