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History & development of children’s camps & special options: adventure, tours, wilderness experience, ranches, space camps, artistic, academic, computers, sports.

Each summer, an estimated seven-million children attend one of more than 12,000 day and residential camps in the United States. Some of these camps are set-up to provide educational opportunities for attendees, while other are designed to provide specialized opportunities in education, sports, or other specialized activities.

This research examines the phenomenon of special summer camps. A special summer camp, as the term is used in this research, is a camp that focuses on a primary goal or has a special focus, as opposed to the more general type of summer camp that is devoted primarily to recreation.
As a part of this research, a historical background of summer camps general…

Clash! How to Thrive in a Multicultural World

According to chapter 3 of CLASH!, what are some of the negative consequences of women entering male-dominated institutions? What are some of the benefits? What are some of the characteristics of organizations that have yet to reach the 40 percent tipping point? What phenomenon described by Claude Steele explains these characteristics?