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The saying “spare the rod, spoil the child” is well-known. It means that children need to be punished for any wrong doing. Some people take it too far and think that it means they should hit their children whenever it is decided they are bad. However, children should not be abused. The saying means that punishment is needed for bad behavior. When asked about the origin of the phrase, people will say that it comes from the Bible. It is true that the notion of “spare the rod, spoil the child,” comes from the Bible.

The verse is found in Proverbs 13:24. However, none of them say, “spare the rod, spoil the child. They all say that those who spare the rod from their son hate the son. They go on to say that those who chastise, discipline, or give punishment to the son love him. Even the Hebrew, ” ???????? ” or transliterated “musar” is translated at “disciplines. ” The proverbial idea of “spare the rod, spoil the child” is from at least 1377. This can be seen in the writing The vision of William concerning Piers Plowman by William Langland. In it he wrote, “Who-so spareth ye sprynge, spilleth his children. ” “Spryge” could mean “sprig” which would be like a rod.

“Spilleth” at that time meant “spoil. However, it is probably older, as can be seen since the idea is probably from the Bible. None of these say, “spare the rod, spoil the child,” though. It was Samuel Butler’s poem, Hudibras , from 1662 that is the origin of the exact form of the phrase that we use now. It is a satirical poem about factions in the English Civil War. It goes, “Love is a Boy, / by Poets styl’d, / Then Spare the Rod, / and spill the Child. ” Spill was a commonly accepted form of the word “spoil” in 1662. The phrase probably became popular and evolved as the English language evolved.

corporate venture plan

corporate venture plan.

For this third assessment you will develop and present, in the format of a management report of approximately 3,200 words, a corporate venture plan for an organisation of your choice.


Important: In this assessment you have to choose an organisation you are going to develop a corporate venture plan for.






The brief

Task 1: The Report
things to consider

  • Is the report comprehensive in terms of the areas that it covers?
  • Does the report have a theoretical underpinning?
  • Have you followed a systematic approach in presenting your recommendations?
  • What is the quality of your recommendations?
  • Are all sources clearly referenced?
  • What is the perceived practical value of this report to Management?
  • What is the novelty value of this report?
  • Does the report follow a good structure and layout?
  • Is the report free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes?

Assessment criteria

Writing Guidelines and Marking Schedule

Please present your report in the following format. Some content guidelines are provided within each section but feel free to change this as you see fit. Please also refer to the rubric for this assessment item.


1. Introduction

Purpose of the report; Company overview.

2. Theoretical Concepts

A brief introduction to and overview of key theoretical concepts and definitions that will enable the reader to understand the report. Keep it short and simple and don’t make it read like a text book. 

3. Corporate Venture Plan

Your plan should address the content areas of Table 13-6 in Chapter 13 of your prescribed textbook.

This course requires the use of the “Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation” (3rd edition).

AUTHORS: Morris, M; Kuratko, D; Covin, J. PUBLISHER: Cengage; ISBN: 9780538478922, DATE: 2011


5. Conclusion

Synthesise all of the above sections into a cohesive whole. Suggest next steps.


Task 1: Your findings must be documented in the format of a management report. All information must be supported by references and this assignment must include at least five references to credible academic journals.Please refer to the report template here

Task 2: The video presentation must be provided on either YouTube or Vimeo. Please ensure that you make it available for viewing by your tutors, otherwise they will not be able to access it. You must specify a clickable link to your video on the front cover of your report. Your group video must include ALL group members, and flow in an order that does not resemble a simple copy and paste narrative. 

You can use either Zoom or a narrated PowerPoint to record your presentation, this document will help explain how you can do that. 

Report Length

3200 words, excluding references and appendices. All group members are to equally contribute to the report. The report must flow in a cohesive and readable manner (not simply additions from each group member).

Video Presentation: maximum 5 minutes.

Assessment criteria

Please refer to and be guided by the rubrics for this assignment.

You can find the rubric here


The report and video presentation carry a combined weighting of 50% (40% report; 10% video).

Submission requirements

One student should be nominated by the team to submit the assessment on behalf of team. Submit the final report via Moodle (TurnItIn) before or on the due date. Your cover page MUST include the following information: The names and student numbers of team members; Word count, clickable video hyperlink.

Report Format

All three assignments must be presented in the format of management reports that comply with the following:


  • Format: Microsoft Word.
  • Font: 12 point, Times New Roman.
  • Text [Including references]: 1.5 line spacing, left-justified.
  • Page Layout: 1-inch (2.54cm) margins on all sides with page numbers in the bottom right corner and no header/footer.
  • A front cover page that contains the report’s title, author(s), submission date and word count.
  • An executive summary of no longer than one page.
  • A table of contents (TOC). Main and sub-sections must be numbered and linked to page numbers.
  • The report must be paginated.
  • The report must be spell-checked.
  • All Figures/Tables/Graphs must be sequentially numbered and captioned.
  • All Figures/Tables/Graphs must be referred to and discussed from within body of text.
  • In-text citation of sources must be done correctly with the prescribed style.
  • A reference list must be provided and comply with prescribed style.
  • Appendices must be sequentially numbered and appropriately captioned.
  • Each report must have an introduction and end with a conclusion.

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