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Space and Aeronautics Market in Saudi Arabia Report

Table of Contents Introduction Political and Economic Development Context Market Needs and Information Space Needs Conclusions Works Cited Introduction Space and aeronautics constitute one of the most perspective fields of manufacturing and research in the transportation industry. The world’s growing economy requires more planes, components, and systems to navigate around the world while reducing the costs and times of ferrying goods across the continents. Aviation market in Saudi Arabia is growing rapidly, following the liberalization of economics in the commercial flight sector. The growth rates for the country exceeded 8% in 2017, which is expected to increase further in the following years. It also represents the largest aerospace market in the Middle East, with nearly 30% of all commercial and military airplanes registered in the kingdom (“Connecting the Aviation”). The purpose of this paper is to analyze and outline the market needs for space and aeronautics technology in Saudi Arabia. Political and Economic Development Context In 2017, Saudi Arabia adopted the Saudi 2030 vision program, which suggested large-scale investments meant to diversify the economy and provide additional sources of revenue. This strategy is meant to reduce the dependence on oil prices and transform the kingdom into a global transportation hub between Europe, Africa, and Asia, taking advantage of the strategic positioning in between the continents. Between 2017 and 2018, the Saudi government increased the investment spending into space and aeronautics to 293 million USD, with expectations of generating revenue of 77 million dollars (“Connecting the Aviation”). Aviation is an important position in the diversification and expansion of the Saudi economy. The country took a lesson from the UAE that invested heavily in its aviation sector in Dubai, which provides between 27% and 35% of the city’s entire revenue flow (“Connecting the Aviation”). According to the development plans, aviation will be an important catalyst that would propel the Saudi economy forward by helping establish new airports and promote the expansion of existing facilities. The country hopes to attract additional investors, entrepreneurs, and participants to the project. Market Needs and Information Saudi Arabia has a well-developed infrastructure to support the burgeoning aerospace industry, with 27 airports dotting the kingdom (“Connecting the Aviation”). Out of them, six handle international flights, eight provide support for regional transportation, and 13 are dedicated to domestic, commercial hauls. However, one of the primary market needs in this area revolves around the upgrading of existing airports and the construction of new ones. These trends are justified by financial and market forecasts, which anticipate significant growth in the number of passengers traveling to or through the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, following the growth of the tourism industry. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimates an increase in passenger demand from 3.8 billion in 2016 to 7.8 billion air travelers a year by 2035 (“Connecting the Aviation”). The major aircraft producers and operators are already preparing for this eventuality, as evidenced by the Global Market Forecast of 2017-2036, provided by Airbus, which claims that the Middle Eastern region will add substantial capacity to the market (“Global Market Forecast”). Boeing’s Current Market Outlook 2017-2036 estimates that between 5,000 to 6,000 new aircraft will be delivered to the Middle East in the next 20 years, roughly split between the major producers and competitors (“Current Market Outlook”). Smaller companies are also preparing to meet the needs and demands of the region. With Saudi Arabia constituting around 30% of the entire market, the needs of the region by 2035 are estimated at around 2,000 airships; This makes the Kingdom a very desired investment target in the future as well as a competitive platform for numerous aircraft producers. Space Needs While the majority of the country’s aerospace needs are revolving around aviation, Saudi Arabia also has a developing space industry. The recently-created Saudi Arabia space agency is already addressing the country’s needs for space exploration by acquiring over 1 billion dollars in yearly investments. This agency addresses the primary demand in Saudi Arabia, which includes space satellites to be used for commercial and military purposes. The primary needs of the local companies and agencies include geolocation, weather prediction and control, satellite TV and the Internet, as well as various military purposes. The latter is understandable, as Saudi Arabia and the countries of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) remain some of the only stable governments in the region. Saudi Arabia is also engaged in localized conflicts with Yemeni religious rebels, further increasing the need for independent satellite reconnaissance. Saudi Arabia is cooperating with NASA and Roscosmos in order to get these satellites to orbit. Conclusions Saudi Arabia’s market needs for avionics and aerospace products is already large and is expected to grow considerably in the next 20 years. The industry attracts significant investments from all over the world in order to ensure the upgrading of the local infrastructure, the provision of over 2,000 planes, and the creation of various satellites to be launched into orbit. The country’s market needs are estimated to grow even higher, as motivated by the increase in population numbers as well as the overall tourism activity around the world. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Works Cited “Connecting the Aviation and Aerospace Industry to Saudi Arabia.” Saudi Airshow, 2019, Web. “Current Market Outlook 20117-2036.” Boeing, 2017, Web. “Global Market Forecast 2018-2037.” Airbus, 2018, Web.
Purdue University Global Public Relations Manager Letters.

For this assignment, respond using the following scenario:You are the public relations manager for the new art museum that is opening in Midtown, Montana. The Gifted Children Museum is hosting its grand opening a month from today and it is free to the public. The event will include an art auction with pieces from children ages 7–15 who live in underserved communities throughout the United States. All auction proceeds will support education and health care programs within these communities. There will be food vendors and a gift shop available during the event. To promote the grand opening, you need to create media messaging through a media alert, pitch letter, and a news release.You will write a separate Word document for each of the tactics below:Media AlertMedia alerts are advisories that notify reporters in advance about special events. Create a media alert using the formatting provided in the textbook example. Your media alert should be no longer than one page and meet the following requirements:At the top, include a one-line headline.Next, provide a brief paragraph outlining the event.In a bulleted list, provide what, when, where, who, and contact information.Pitch LetterCreate an email pitch letter to send to reporters to get press coverage for the art museum’s grand opening. Your pitch letter should be no longer than half a page and meet the following requirements:Create a subject that tells the reporter about the event. Avoid being gimmicky.Keep the message brief. Use only a few paragraphs.Present your major point or idea in the first paragraph.Provide supplemental information in the subsequent paragraph.Be sure to include a link to the museum website or press page.News ReleaseA news release is a way for public relations professionals to make official statements or announcements to the media at large on behalf of a company, organization, or public figure. Create a news release using the formatting provided in the textbook example. Your media alert should be no longer than one page and meet the following requirements:Use single spacing.Keep the body of the news release to 200 words or less.Use the inverted pyramid style with the most important information first.Include the name of the organization and logo at the top of the release.The second line should give the date.The next line is a centered, boldface headline that is at least two points larger in font size than the body text. Use 20 words or less for the headline.Provide a dateline with the city of origination before the start of the lead paragraph.Include the who, what, where, why, and when in the lead. Use no more than 2 sentences for the lead.Provide additional information throughout the rest of the news release.You can include a quote from a leader at the museum.Include a link to the museum website for more information.The last paragraph should be a boilerplate that provides basic information about the organization.The release should end with your name, title, telephone number, and email address.
Purdue University Global Public Relations Manager Letters

ECT 250 University of Illinois Social Networks User Research Survey and PPT.

Please conduct a user survey on user experience of using social networking websites such as Facebook using the following questionnaire:Question 1. Which social networking website do you use most often?Question 2. How many months have you been using this website mentioned in Question 1?Question 3. How many times do you usually visit this website in a week?Question 4. How many hours do you stay on this website in a typical sitting?Question 5. Why do you use online social networking websites?Question 6. Are there anything/features you dislike on this website? If yes, what are they?Please find at least 10 participants among your friends who actually use online social networking websites and conduct the survey. When introducing this survey, make sure to mention the purpose of this survey, that the participation is voluntary, and that the participants will be kept anonymous. When you finish the survey, please submit a report summarizing your findings. The report should include the following items:A brief description how you conducted survey: where and when, etc.List of the top 5 social networking websites and the number of participants mentioned it in Question 1.Use a table to summarize mean and standard deviation of Questions 2, 3, and 4.List of the top 5 reasons why people use online social networking websites based on Question #5.List of the top 5 things/features that users don’t like based on Question #6.A brief discussion about what you’ve learned from the survey.
ECT 250 University of Illinois Social Networks User Research Survey and PPT

FIT Inside the Bizarre World of Internet Trolls and Propagandists Article Analysis.

Inside the bizarre world of internet trolls and propagandists | Andrew MarantzJournalist Andrew Marantz spent three years embedded in the world of internet trolls and social media propagandists, seeking out the people who are propelling fringe talking points into the heart of conversation online and trying to understand how they’re making their ideas spread. Go down the rabbit hole of online propaganda and misinformation — and learn we can start to make the internet less toxic.Respond to 3 questions:(5 points each. Support your position with examples or citations from reliable sources)1. What are the two kinds of skepticism?2..What responsibility do social media platforms have in moderating hate speech or misinformation?3.How can social networks change their platforms to de-incentivize hate speech?
FIT Inside the Bizarre World of Internet Trolls and Propagandists Article Analysis

I make up a fake famliy on the frist one .Fake name is Naomie Williams 45 years old Born in jamaica I will provide details as u go

I make up a fake famliy on the frist one .Fake name is Naomie Williams 45 years old Born in jamaica I will provide details as u go. I’m studying and need help with a Nursing question to help me learn.

The student will complete a family history and will then design a genogram on this patient using Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, or genogram software. The following guidelines should be used:

Prepare a three-generation (four if there are children) genogram indicating family structure, family information, and family relationships.
Include the following information in the genogram:

Age or year of birth of each family member, including parents, grandparents, siblings (full and half) and children.
Illnesses and age at diagnosis.
For anyone deceased, age at death and cause of death.

Review the completed genogram and make assessments and conclusions based on what you find.
Submit a written summary of your conclusions along with the completed genogram.
Evaluation of the genogram will be based upon the use of symbols, clarity, completeness, and neatness.
The following are websites that you may find interesting:

Symbols used in genograms (Links to an external site.); this site includes a printable list of the symbols
A famly health portrait tool (Links to an external site.) from the Department of Health and Human Services

I make up a fake famliy on the frist one .Fake name is Naomie Williams 45 years old Born in jamaica I will provide details as u go

Grand Canyon University Reading Strategy Differentiation Worksheet

essay order Grand Canyon University Reading Strategy Differentiation Worksheet.

To maximize learning in reading, reading selections and strategies must be differentiated to meet the needs of a range of student abilities. For this assignment, you will design differentiated learning experiences that align to literacy standards and meet the needs of individual students. Complete the “Reading Strategy Differentiation” template by describing differentiations and interventions appropriate for students below, at, and above grade level in their reading abilities. Include the following:Select a grade level K-3 and a state reading standard on which to focus.Write a learning objective describing desired student outcomes.Select a genre of children’s literature to teach the standard.Describe three reading strategies to address targeted skills based on the selected standard.For each strategy, identify a grade level appropriate work of literature that supports the targeted skill. Summarize differentiation of the learning to support below and above grade level students.Describe a summative assessment opportunity to verify student learning. Be sure to differentiate the assessment for students above and below grade level.In a 100-250 word rationale, explain why you selected each strategy and how each aligns with the standard. How does each work of literature you chose support the targeted skill?Support your writing with 2-3 scholarly resources. -Non PLAGIARIZED -PREFERRED GRADE LEVEL KINDERGARTEN
Grand Canyon University Reading Strategy Differentiation Worksheet

Saint Peters College Professional Medical and D&O Liability Risk Insurance Exercise

Saint Peters College Professional Medical and D&O Liability Risk Insurance Exercise.

Exercises 12. Professional, Medical, and D&O Liability12-1. Professional liability insurance covers lawsuits alleging intentional misbehavior. Does this make sense to you? Explain your reasoning.12-2. MedMal and E&O insurance have different views on deductibles. What is the difference? Do you agree with it? Explain your reasoning.12-3. Why do you think disputes arise between the insurance company and medical doctors with respect to whether a MedMal lawsuit should be settled?12-4. Do you agree that the business judgment rule should be used as a shield so directors are not personally liable for their decisions that are harmful to the organization? Explain your reasoning.12-5. A hospital with a large endowment deposited the funds in an investment bank that also held considerable funds for one of its board members. The board member became suspicious that the bank was involved in a Ponzi scheme. He withdrew all his money but said nothing at board meetings. Six months later the investment bank went bankrupt and the hospital lost its entire endowment. Shareholders sued the board. Are they likely to win? Is the single board likely to face criminal charges? Explain your reasoning.12-6. If you were a board member for a U.S. public corporation, would you insist on having stand-alone side A coverage? Explain your reasoning.Exercises 13. Specialty Lines13-1. Boiler and machinery coverage is not included in property and liability insurance policies. Does this make sense? Explain your reasoning.13-2. Do you agree that consequential damage should be excluded in a boiler and machinery policy? Explain your reasoning.13-3. If you were the risk manager for a television manufacturing company, what would you recommend to management with respect to business interruption insurance? Be specific.13-4. If you were the risk manager for a commercial bread and bakery company, what would you recommend to management with respect to inland marine insurance? Be specific.13-5. If you were the risk manager for an antiques auction house, what would you recommend to management with respect to fine arts insurance? Be specific.13-6. If you were the head of human resources for billion-dollar food processing company, what would you recommend to management with respect to the various crime insurances? Be specific.Exercises 14. Reinsurance.14-1. One of the objectives of reinsurance is to increase the capacity of the primary insurer. How does reinsurance achieve this goal? 14-2. Suppose you were the risk manager for a company with extensive mining operations in Peru. Would you use reinsurance fronting? Explain your reasoning.14-3. Suppose you were the risk manager for Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. How would you use facultative reinsurance? Be specific.14-4. Suppose you were the risk manager for Samsung U.S.A. How would you use treaty reinsurance? Be specific.14-5. Some reinsurance companies see no need for umbrella insurance. Do you agree that it can be unnecessary? Explain your reasoning.
Saint Peters College Professional Medical and D&O Liability Risk Insurance Exercise

5-6 PowerPoint slide about coca-Cola how distributes thier products

5-6 PowerPoint slide about coca-Cola how distributes thier products.

I see that a good model to follow would be Coca Cola’s distribution strategy. They use vendor managed inventory, it uses over 250 bottlers worldwide to distribute its product. We can basically overview how they do there distribution. We’ll break the project into 4 parts. And my part is Logistics-Logistics This will cover how the product gets from the manufacturer to the distribution center to the customers.(So, you’re just going to look at how Coke distributes their product be most efficient. Try to incorporate that into your answer. Like a Coca Cola dispatcher creates a load allignment to. Try to use like practical examples for excel to be used in its transportation).Just google the data
5-6 PowerPoint slide about coca-Cola how distributes thier products