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Southwest Airlines is a well-known company featured in our textbook. Over the next 4 weeks, you will take on Essay

Southwest Airlines is a well-known company featured in our textbook. Over the next 4 weeks, you will take on the fictional role of intern at Southwest Airlines Human Resources. You will utilize the textbook and other professional resources to complete your assessments.

Your first week on the job is filled with learning the ins and outs of Human Resources and the industry. Your manager told you that one of your projects is to assist with a new HR strategy for the company. This strategy is broken down into 3 parts that you will work on throughout the course. They are:

Examining current practices
Talent recruitment and selection
Strategy recommendation

Complete the HR Design Decisions chart with your review and rationale of the elements listed below to decide where Southwest Airlines’ HR practices fall. Support the analysis with evidence from sources on the web.

Employees as expenses vs. employees as assets
Compensation below market, above market, or competitive
Spontaneous training and development or planned training and development
Specific job descriiptions or general job descriiptions
External or internal recruitment, or both
Limited socialization of new employees or extensive socialization
Collective bargaining or individual bargaining

Possible sources for information include but are not limited to:

Organization website and associated websites
Websites that specialize in company reviews and job postings
Magazine and journal articles from the Internet

health informatics

health informatics.

Health informatics is a multidisciplinary field that utilizes technology to deploy information to other systems and to patients. For this assignment, you will explore the various pieces and options that go into this. Using peer reviewed literature from the PMI library or Google Scholar, explore and explain the history of health informatics, the areas it is currently being used, and some future options. Include an explanation of the regulatory role of the Office of National Coordinator.

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Health Sciences: Stem Cell Research

Southwest Airlines is a well-known company featured in our textbook. Over the next 4 weeks, you will take on Essay Health Sciences: Stem Cell Research.

 Using analysis and argumentation, write a researched, argumentative paper in which you: Introduce the problem and its relevance to the chosen field State your position with regard to the problem Provide evidence to support your opinion Anticipate and address/refute common counter-arguments Make recommendations for further exploration or solution Develop an annotated bibliography in which you will research and summarize data sources available to inform your paper. You must cite at least 10 credible sources within the paper. If you list a reference on the reference page, you must have cited it in the text of the paper. Formatting Directions: APA format. Use double-spacing, one-inch margins, and a font size of 12 pt.

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Poems on Enemies

Poems on Enemies.

 Choose three poems that address a similar theme. Write an essay comparing and contrasting their treatment of that theme. At least one of the research sources should provide information on the historical and cultural background of the poems or poets. Use the following links,

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