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Southern New Hampshire Week 10 Four Week Simple Moving Average Worksheet

Southern New Hampshire Week 10 Four Week Simple Moving Average Worksheet.

Camm2 Problem 8-10United Dairies, Inc., supplies milk to several independent grocers throughout Dade County, Florida. Managers at United Dairies want to develop a forecast of the number of half gallons of milk sold per week. Sales data for the past 15 weeks are given below. The data are contained in the datafile Week 10 Homework Data File. WeekSales12,75023,10033,25042,80052,90063,05073,30083,10092,950103,000113200123150132850143200152900(a)(Excel Use) Construct a time series plot. Copy and paste the plot in the space below. What type of pattern exists in the data? Give reason for your answer. Note: Use scatter plot with lines and markers for the time series plot.undefined(b)(Manual Calculation) Use four-week moving average to compute forecast for Week 16. Note: Show all steps and calculations. Use equation editor to word-process your calculation.(c)(Manual Calculation) Use four-week weighed moving average to compute forecast for Week 16. Use weights of 1, 2, 3 and 4. Apply the largest weight to the most recent data. Note: Show all steps and calculations. Use equation editor to word-process your calculation.(d)(Excel Use) Use four-week moving average to compute forecasts for Weeks 5 through 15. Compute the MFE, MAE, MAPE, and MSE for Weeks 5 through 15. Copy and paste your Excel calculations in the space below.undefined(e)(Excel Use) Use four-week weighed moving average to compute forecasts for Weeks 5 through 15. Use weights of 1, 2, 3 and 4. Apply the largest weight to the most recent data. Compute the MFE, MAE, MAPE, and MSE for Weeks 5 through 15. Copy and paste your Excel calculations in the space below.(f)Summarize the accuracy of the two forecasting methods in the following table.MethodMFEMAEMAPEMSESimple Moving AverageWeighted Moving Average(g)Which method (simple moving average or weighted moving average) produces better forecasts? Give reasons for your answer based on the numbers in the above table.
Southern New Hampshire Week 10 Four Week Simple Moving Average Worksheet

Sunbelt University Case Study(communication networks).

This case study project involves two parts. [Submit both parts as one assignment in the assignment folder for Week 6 – Saturday May 20, 2018]PART I – Part 1: Imagine you are a communications director writing the communications plan for Dean Wilson’s re-launch of her Outreach Strategy. The plan should include: a vision statement regarding where Dean Wilson wants to lead the EHBJ College (her vision and her objectives)what she expects from her senior leadership team,what she needs them to do to achieve the objectives, andthe communication channels that will be used to help communicate and achieve the objectives. The communications plan should reflectyour understanding of the audiences,your understanding of the major communication concepts we studied in class (the Action Equation – Know + Feel = Do and the People Channel,communications structure [vertical, horizontal, external], etc.).Length of Part I – 1,000 to 1,200 wordsPART II – Part 2 is a 250 to 350-word letter from Dean Wilson to her direct reports — her executive leadership teamDIRECTIONS:Write a personal letter launching her new outreach communication strategy to her senior leadership team (senior team and department heads) in the College of Education, Human Services, Behavioral Sciences, and Justice (EHBJ). The letter should include her vision and her expectations of her team — where she wants to take them (lead them) and what she wants them to do to achieve the objectives of the plan (execution).
Sunbelt University Case Study(communication networks)

Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells Difference and Similarities. The similarities and differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells Prokarytotic cells Eukaryotic cells Similarities Nucleus The DNA floats within the nucleus of this cell. The division of the cell happens via mitosis. The nucleus is known as a nucleoid which isn’t a true nucleus like eukaryotic cell. (John Wiley and Sons. (2014). How Cells Work: Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes. Available: Last accessed 11/11/2014.) (Rene Fester KratzProkaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells Difference and Similarities

Prepare an office memorandum

Prepare an office memorandum. I’m studying and need help with a Law question to help me learn.

Prepare an office memorandum to answer this question:
You are a paralegal working in Plentibux & Moore, a boutique Miami firm that specializes in white-collar criminal defense. The senior partner in the firm, Bob Plentibux calls you into his office and tells you that he has a hot issue for you to research. The United States Attorney, Dirk Lynch, has indicated that he intends to call the firm’s best paralegal, Jack Starr, as a witness in a case pending in New York City. For the past six months, Jack has conducted witness interviews, case research, and document review in the most important murder case in the firm.
Mr. Plentibux is concerned about what they can make Jack say and wants to know what the limits of paralegal confidentiality are in Florida. He tells you to look at Florida’s applicable law and to conduct a Nexis Uni search to find some cases and applicable Rules to answer the question. Mr. Plentibux also hands a handwritten note containing a website page that he said might help start your research as well as a website containing a sample internal memo.
Below are the two websites written on the paper:

Rules Regulating The Florida Bar

Sample Memo

Be sure to cite your sources using proper Blue Book format. Your Memo may not exceed three pages single-spaced and please note if we need to locate any additional information to assess the situation. Also, please remember that all parts of the memo must relate to the facts of the paralegal’s situation.
Prepare an office memorandum

Chromatophores in Crustaceans and Fish

custom writing service Chromatophores in Crustaceans and Fish. To identify the type, shape and abundance of chromatophores present in Crustacea subjected to different colour backgrounds To identify the shape, type and abundance of chrmatophores on the scales of fish subjected to different colour backgrounds The ability of an animal to change their coloration, according to their background, allows protection from predators through camouflage and mimicking. Chromatophores possess numerous granules in which pigments are stored. The different types of pigments account for the different colouration seen in the animal. Melanophores are chromatophores that store the black pigment melanin, thus this allows the animal to appear black. By storing carotenoids instead of the melanin, a yellow pigment is obtained. This pigment is now known as a Xanthophore. Erythrophores store the red pigments, pteridine, while Leucophores lack pigments. Iridophores store guanine or other purine crystals which reflect light giving an iridescent or shimmering appearance. (GelfondChromatophores in Crustaceans and Fish

UOPX Payment and Consumers Satisfaction with Primary Health Care Response

UOPX Payment and Consumers Satisfaction with Primary Health Care Response.

Reply to each response with a minimum of 150 words each and a reference each.1. Satisfaction surveys are one of the best ways to get feedback from patients and providers. It allows specific questions to be asked of every person that receives one. How would you rate your experience from 1-10? Would you recommend this facility to a family or friend? More in depth questions can be asked as well. Please explain what you liked most about the facility? What could have been improved? Those are just a few examples of what could be asked to patients. All patients will have different opinions and perspectives because their experiences were all different. That is a good reason to try to collect a lot of surveys to get an average of opinions. A provider could also be given surveys with different questions. Such as, do you feel that you are given all the tools needed to perform your job properly here? They can look at that provider’s statistics or data from the facility, see where things could improve and ask for their opinion on how to get better moving forward. It can be hard to measure quality of care accurately through perspective because it is only based on perspective. Specifically, patients do not see all the time and effort it takes to do their care and that sometimes the patients do not feel that the results were satisfactory, but to a provider, they were.2. Quality of care from a patient perspective can be measures in many ways but one we all know is with patient surveys. This measure “value-based patient quality care” (Fuchajager et al, 2021) that helps the health care facility to know about their patient flow and feedback from the care. These “surveys are what generalized the patient perspective on quality of care based on their experience with the facility and the provider” (Fuchajager et al, 2021). We as health care consumer and for those who do not have health care behind them would not know the extent of those post care patient surveys that facilities send out. Hence, how important it is for health care consumers to fill this information out and mail it back in a timely fashion.Quality of care from a provider’s perspective would be to “mindful of waist within their health care facility” (Lee, 2016). When using Lean and Six Sigma within your company this also helps providers to measure their patient’s quality of care from a provider’ perspective. One of the things that “health care providers also utilize is peer review groups to reflect on ways they can improve their practices (Rohrbasser, Harris, Mickam, Tal, & Wong, December 17,2018).Quality of care from a purchaser’s perspective would be based off of the patients rating from a health care website. Patients surveys are also used from another perspective for people who are in the health care market seeking out the best alternative for their health care services.3. I think that patient satisfaction is the most important thing to all three groups. Patients value quality services that are efficient, high quality, and cost-efficient. Physicians and healthcare providers value the ability to quickly and efficiently diagnose health issues. This means utilizing their resources wisely, wasting as little as possible. Purchasers care about the bottom line. Patient volume, financial stability, and a positive reputation. They want people to continue to utilize their hospital for their health needs. Quality of service is how many organizations retain their patients over time. At the end of the day, patient satisfaction is the goal for every group. With the advancement of technology, people now have the ability to make more informed decisions about their healthcare. Patients can research information on their health conditions, facilities, basic quality measures, and reviews of different healthcare organizations. Patients value excellent service that is efficient and high quality. They want professional physicians who take the time to answer questions and treat them like an individual (Their & Gelljns, 2019). Patients value quick and efficient service, affordable healthcare, and innovative technology. Based on the quality of services provided by a hospital, patients will choose one provider over another. Healthcare providers value the ability to quickly diagnose while conserving as much of their resources as possible (Their & Gelljns, 2019). This includes only performing necessary tests and procedures, accurate reporting, and preventative care. Purchasers value the business aspect of the hospital. They care about the bottom line. They want revenue to continue to flow in, patient volume to stay consistent or increase, and a good reputation
UOPX Payment and Consumers Satisfaction with Primary Health Care Response

Sinclair Broadcast Group’s Strategic Plan Essay

Table of Contents Executive Summary Introduction Expected Outcomes of the Strategy Risks of the Strategy Plan for Evaluation of the Proposed Strategy Summary and Conclusion References Executive Summary The dawn of the internet age brought about shifts from traditional to modern media channels. Consequently, Sinclair Broadcasting Group faces stiff competition from technological advancements in the telecommunications sector. In the current paper, the author highlighted the company’s history in terms of performance and projected growth. In addition, a SWOT analysis was conducted on the firm. The threats and weaknesses identified called for a strategic plan to put SBG back on the growth trajectory. A two-pronged strategic plan was proposed to help SBG achieve this objective. The strategy was made up of diversity and incentives. Diversity was given a three-year implementation plan, which will help SBG bridge the employment disparities associated with gender and age. On the other hand, the incentives plan was proposed to motivate employees and increase their output. The strategic plan was meant to trigger growth through innovation. It was evaluated on the basis of associated benefits and risks. Information from the literature review supported the proposed strategy and highlighted its growth potential. Introduction In this chapter, the various strategic plans proposed for Sinclair Broadcast Group (SBG) are outlined. In this section, the author discusses the expected outcomes of the selected strategic plan, which was highlighted in chapter 3. The risks associated with the preferred strategy are discussed. In addition, an evaluation plan for the strategic choice is outlined. Companies develop a strategic plan to counter some of the challenges faced in the industry. Sinclair Broadcasting Group is facing a technological threat. An effective strategy should be able to address these problems. Strategic plans come with various benefits and costs. In this chapter, the potential benefits of the proposed strategy are discussed. The risks associated with the implementation of the plan are outlined. The strategic plan is later subjected to an evaluation mechanism to establish its feasibility. A summary and conclusion of the presentation are also outlined in this chapter. Expected Outcomes of the Strategy In chapter 3, the two components of the selected strategic plan were highlighted. The first element involves the improvement of diversity in SBG. On its part, the second aspect touches on the review of the incentives given to the employees. Each of the two components is associated with a number of benefits. For example, according to Russell (2004), diversity will help to increase productivity at SBG. Increased productivity will have a positive effect on the financial standing of the organization. The proposed strategic plan intends to address issues of gender, age, and professional diversity. The resultant effect will be a pool of employees who can meet the set targets and reduce redundancy, which is costly to the company. Another expected outcome is creativity. Diversity in an organization spurs creativity. Brown (2011) argues that a diverse workforce is heterogeneous. Such a team of employees exhibits ‘cross-fertilization’ of skill, which brings about the aforementioned creativity. The benefits realized will impact positively SBG’s marketing campaigns. Fred (2013) points out that marketing requires a creative environment. In light of this, the problems faced by SBG in terms of reduced viewership will be dealt with as a result of the efforts made by the creative marketing team put in place (Yan

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