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Southern New Hampshire University Indirect Proof Techniques Question

Southern New Hampshire University Indirect Proof Techniques Question.

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Choose one of the proofs below and use one of the Indirect proof techniques (reductio ad absurdum or conditional proof) presented in Chapter 8 to demonstrate the validity of the argument. Your proof may utilize any of the Rules of Inference or Equivalence Rules given in Chapter 8.F → (O • B), S ↔ ~B, , W ↔ ~S, therefore F → WB → (F ⋁ ~R), (I ⋁ P) → ~F, P, therefore B → ~R~P ↔ Q, ~(Q ⋁ R), (P • ~R) → S, therefore SS → T therefore (U ⋁ S) → (U ⋁ T)X → Y therefore (Y ⋁ X) → YIn mathematics, it is very common for there to be multiple ways to solve a given problem; the same can be said of logic. There are often a variety of ways to perform a natural deduction. Now, construct an alternate proof. In other words, if the proof was done using RAA, now use CP; if you used CP, now use RAA. Consider the following questions, as well, in your journal response:Will a direct proof work for any of these?Can the proof be performed more efficiently by using different equivalence rules?Journals are private and between you and the instructor only. Approach these activities as (a) an opportunity to practice and apply what you learn each week
based on the assigned readings and activities, and (b) an opportunity to ask questions of your instructor regarding any areas you may need additional support
with. The journal entries in this course are graded separately.
Guidelines for Submission: Submit journal assignments as Word documents with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.
Southern New Hampshire University Indirect Proof Techniques Question

Reflective Summary: Review and reflect on the Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO) Discussion Board. Based on your review and reflection of new learnings in this course, write at least 400–600 words on the following: What have you learned from others’ responses? What were the most compelling points from the interaction with your fellow students? How did participating in this discussion help in your understanding of the Discussion Board task? What approaches could have yielded additional valuable information in the students’ networking? What is still unclear after the discussion with your classmates that needs to be clarified?
Table of Contents Introduction Renewable and non Renewable Resources Ways of Reducing Population Growth The Manufacture and Use of Paper Conclusion Works Cited Introduction Sustainability can be defined as the ability to carry on with something or simply to endure .When this term is applied in ecological studies, “it describes how biological systems remain diverse and productive overtime” (Cunningham 13). A lot of evidence currently indicates that the world’s population is increasing at a very fast rate especially in the developing countries. This also means that the current population is almost going beyond the earth’s capacity to accommodate human beings. This high population growth rate is likely to strain further the already scarce resources. According to the 2008 report that was made by Footprint, there is already a 30% deficit on the resources needed to sustain human beings. Even though the world resources are getting depleted, we can still sustain the ecosystem of the world through the following measures. Human beings should strive to reduce environmental degradation. The scarce resources should also be utilized properly. Human beings can also diversify their resources. For example they can use other renewable sources of energy instead of relying much in fossil fuels. Renewable and non Renewable Resources A renewable resource can be defined as a resource which can be replaced through a natural process. Solar and wind energy are two common examples of resources that can be renewed. The industrial revolution has led to over exploitation of the renewable resources. A non renewable resource refers to those natural resources that cannot be replaced ones they have been exploited. The rate of consumption of their consumption is also seen to be relatively high as compared to the consumption of renewable resources. Examples of non renewable resources include the following: petroleum, coal and uranium. Ways of Reducing Population Growth Population growth refers to the pace at which the size of a particular place increases. There is also a close connection between population growth and fertility. The rate of population growth should be put under control because of the few resources at present. High population growth rates can lead to serious environmental degradation and food scarcity. Reduction of the rate of population growth refers to the artificial methods of controlling population growth. Various countries have experienced serious problems associated with high levels of population growth and their governments came up with mechanisms to manage their high rates of population growth. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In china there is a policy of having only one child in a family. Giving birth to more than one child is totally discouraged. People who give birth out of marriage or illegally are always penalized. For example they can be fined. This policy was introduced in china around 1978. It was aimed at solving China’s social-economic problems which were triggered by the high population. This policy has however faced much criticism in and outside China. This is because it has been recklessly implemented and mismanaged. In India the same policy has also been practiced. In this case they encourage the citizens to have two children in a family. Only those people with two children and below are legible to vie for public offices in India. Apart from this measure, they have also been using contraceptives. Iran has been successful in reducing its population growth rate. In Iran, it is compulsory for people to attend family panning courses before they can be given marriage certificates. The government of Iran has greatly stressed on the importance of having small families. It also encourages the citizens to use contraceptives. In USA the government made reproductive health care and education accessible to its citizens. This helped in solving cases of unwanted births. The Manufacture and Use of Paper Paper is a product which is manufactured by combining fibers derived from timber. The manufacturing process is quite elaborate. The fibers from wood contain cellulose. Hydrogen bonding is what holds the fibers together. Wood is cut into various sizes and the process called plumping begins. At this stage, the wood fibers are divided. After that the product is placed inside boilers. The wood chips are then compressed using a special machine. Chemicals are then added to the materials. The product is then dried and finally the paper is cut into different shapes for use. Papers are always used for different activities ranging from writing to printing depending on the paper quality and grade. Waste papers can always be recycled and used for making other papers of low quality like tissue papers. Conclusion Due to the high level environmental degradation that stems from poor environmental management, the world ecosystem is really changing. Scientists have envisaged serious environmental challenges if the current global environment is not properly managed. For example global warming is on the increase and this will adversely affect the human race if not properly checked. For example ice that is melting from the Polar region is already causing floods in some places. I strongly believe that if human beings across the world can be taught how to manage the scarce resources, then they can be able to protect the environment from further degradation. We will write a custom Essay on Environmental Science: Biology specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Cunningham, William. Principles of environmental scince. New York: Mc Graw-Hill, 2010.
3-6 Assignment 1 – Writing plan This module will help you in putting a solid framework together for your persuasive essay. You will be exploring the types of sources that are available and how they should be used when writing a research based essay. You will be shown how to evaluate those sources and to see if they are credible enough for you to use in your academic work. Your writing plan is an important piece to writing a successful persuasive essay. You will be addressing the same areas that you did in 2-2 but you will revise that assignment and it will create a writing plan. 3-6 will also ask you to add two sections: one on revisions and one on feedback. Remember that the purpose of this essay is to persuade readers to agree with your argument. If you aren’t sure what your position is you will not be able to argue your points very well and you won’t persuade your audience. You want to keep this in mind so you can avoid writing an informational essay instead of an argument/persuasive essay. You want to review the comments that I make on your 2-2 assignment (I will try and get them back to everyone by Tuesday or Wednesday) and make adjustments where you need to. I also want to remind you that when you are writing a persuasive/argument essay you want to keep in mind your audience. Your audience will be your peers in this class (there will be a peer review later on), myself, but others as well. If you are trying to persuade or argue a point remember that your audience includes people that have a different view than you or have not decided how they feel about a topic. This is just something I want you to keep in mind when completing your writing plan. Another thing to keep in mind is that the actual essay will be written in third person point of view. The essay will not use I, we, us, our, your. This makes your essay more formal. Column-writing in the Internet age is much better. And much worse – The Boston Globe Remember to answer all the questions that are asked and review the rubric for the assignment. I always recommend that you view the rubric and use it for your assignments. They are tools that I use to grade the assignments so they can assist you in making sure that you have included all areas that are needed.

Healthcare Administration

Healthcare Administration. Help me study for my Health & Medical class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

A common misconception is that a nurse has the same role and uses technology in the same way in every healthcare institution. But the reality is that a nurse in a hospital does not have the same role or use technology in the same way as a nurse at a healthcare insurance organization or a practitioner’s office. In the healthcare information technology field, it is extremely important to understand the roles and users of the technology. In the discussion forum, consider the following:

How are roles and functions of those roles different depending on the industry?
How does this affect the management of information?

Support your answer with relevant resources.
Healthcare Administration

PSYC 3002 WU Wk 5 Insomnia Variance Data Values & Correlation Analysis Worksheet

essay help online PSYC 3002 WU Wk 5 Insomnia Variance Data Values & Correlation Analysis Worksheet.

please show all work and explain any steps taken. Assignment: Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)In Week 4, you explored t-tests, which allowed you to compare a sample to a population or compare two groups to one another. For example, you might want to compare the effectiveness of two types of treatment for insomnia, but what if you want to compare the effectiveness of more than two groups? A one-way analysis of variance, or ANOVA, allows you to do just that—compare multiple groups (called levels) of one independent variable (called a factor). For example, in a study about insomnia treatments, you might compare a level that receives muscle relaxation training to a second level that receives visualization training and, finally, to a third level that receives deep-breathing training. An ANOVA allows you to compare all of the levels at once to see if, in general, the type of treatment influences how long it takes to fall sleep. If results are statistically significant, post hoc analyses then provide even more information by identifying which specific levels differ from one another, ultimately showing you which specific treatments are more effective than others.This application will allow you to continue your practice with hypothesis testing by comparing scores with ANOVA in order to determine if results are statistically significant. Download the data set that you will use for this Assignment from the Weekly Data Set forum found in the Discussions area of the course navigation menu. Be sure to watch this week’s instructional video in the introduction or Learning Resources folder before beginning your Assignment.Scenario: Imagine that a psychologist working with veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder wants to compare the effectiveness of several therapies focused on reducing symptoms of anxiety. The psychologist randomly sampled 20 veterans who recently returned from combat and randomly assigned each of them to receive one of four interventions for 8 weeks. A survey was used to measure the participants’ anxiety at the end of the 8 weeks. Higher anxiety scores indicate more anxiety. You can find the data for this Assignment in the Weekly Data Set forum found on the course navigation menu.By Day 7To complete this Assignment, submit answers to the following. Use SPSS to compare the mean anxiety scores with a one-way ANOVA.Before computing any analyses, state the null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis in words (not formulas).Identify the factor and dependent variable.Name the levels of the factor.State the degrees of freedom between groups and explain how you calculated it by hand.State the degrees of freedom within groups and explain how you calculated it by hand.Identify the obtained F value using SPSS and report it in your answer document.Identify the p value using SPSS and report it in your answer document.Explain whether the F test is statistically significant. Explain how you know.Explain what the psychologist can conclude about the relationship between different types of therapy and anxiety before conducting post hoc tests.Should the psychologist conduct a post hoc test? Why or why not? If post hoc testing is needed, conduct a Tukey HSD post hoc analysis in SPSS. Explain what the results tell you.Be sure to fully explain the rationale for your answer to each question, including evidence from the text and Learning Resources.Provide an APA reference list.Submit three documents for grading:Your text (Word) document with your answers and explanations to the assignment questions, your SPSS Data file, and your SPSS Output file.
PSYC 3002 WU Wk 5 Insomnia Variance Data Values & Correlation Analysis Worksheet

Research and Current Events

Research and Current Events. I’m stuck on a Business question and need an explanation.

This course is related to the Project Management Risk and Quality segment of the PM discipline.
You will need to bring into class and also post on the FORUM , at least 2 relevant current cases and current events (that can be supported/referenced or discussed) around Project Risk and Project Quality.
In yesterday’s class, I’d cited examples from Boeing 737 Max, the MTA, and news of buildings collapse in China. These examples show the importance of Project Risk and Quality throughout a project engagement that will impact multiple stakeholders and in this case have huge financial and reputational repurcussions.
Research and Current Events

Module 2 Active Reading Exercise

Module 2 Active Reading Exercise. I need an explanation for this Writing question to help me study.


Joan Didion, “On Keeping a Notebook”
Nicholas Carr, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”

Answer both questions
100 words each
1. Considering what this unit has said about the genre of nonfiction, identify the primary subject matter of the readings. For instance, a piece might have some description of one genre but might primarily be another.
2. In a paragraph, discuss how the two essay meet the criteria for literary nonfiction. Use specific information from the content of the unit and quotes form the readings.
Module 2 Active Reading Exercise